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Discover your hidden sense of self esteem and self confidence, it’s as easy as putting on a pair of headphones, and relaxing for less than ? an hour!
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Develop Your Self Confidence is one of our top sellers and the CD version was at number 3 in the UK's overall best selling self-help audio charts for 2005. Develop a positive outlook with this superb high quality positive thinking hypnosis affirmation CD and download by Glenn Harrold. If you are looking for your perfect partner or aiming to build more success in current relationships, this relaxing self-hypnosis audio is for you! Cameron Hypnotics attracts Hypnotherapy clients for Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Stress and Anxiety, Children's Issues, Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Anger Management, Fears and Anxieties, from Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens.
Feeling more confident and good about yourself not only shows, it affects the way others respond to you. We use a sound therapy technique called binaural beats, attuned to the Solfeggio tones; this particular program uses a Solfeggio tone of 528 Hz. We combine this science with the art of spiritually healing sound, for wholeness and balance. Developing a positive attitude and a strong inner self belief will give you confidence and motivation to succeed.

Utilising skilled hypnotherapy techniques it will help you to develop a powerful inner feeling of self-confidence. If you are due to go for an interview, make a speech, go on a new date, then this hypnosis recording will prepare you in the best way possible.
Hypnotic echoed background vocals panning from left to right across the stereo range - a deeply relaxing and uniquely hypnotic effect. Developing a positive mental attitude and a strong self-belief will give you great confidence and help you to overcome stress and anxiety. The awake tracks are for daytime use and will gently bring you back to full waking consciousness at the end. Hypnosis has been proven as a positive modality to help people to find the self belief that has been missing. Confident people have a better response during job interviews, make more sales, more raises, more promotions and advancements in their careers. The Solfeggio tone of 528 Hz is associated with your 3rd Chakra, an energy center within your body, associated with your sense of personal power, self esteem, and intuition. Hypnotherapy is uniquely effective in programming the mind to overcome self-doubt and gain self-confidence in a safe and natural way, free of any harmful side effects.
When you are in a deeply relaxed and receptive state you will absorb the multiple layered post hypnotic suggestions for developing real self-confidence.

60 beats per minute digital sound effects & powerful subliminal suggestions - all compounding the overall effect. Hypnotherapy is uniquely effective in programming the mind to overcome self-doubt and to create a positive mindset in a safe and natural way, free of any harmful side effects. The sleep tracks will guide you into a peaceful sleep at the end, making them ideal for night-time use. This guided hypnosis could be the help that you need to start a life of being calm and relaxed, and successful at whatever you put your mind to. A confident and realistic sense of self esteem also is an important ingredient in meeting new people, and forming positive, healthy personal relationships.
Binaural beats work by playing a slightly different tone into each ear, thus inducing a deep, relaxing hypnotic state automatically.
This track can help you overcome shyness, deal with blushing and feel generally more secure and empowered.

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