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How to do self hypnosis? Easy - just follow the 10-step self hypnosis instruction below. Many ask if the verbally guided Hemi-Sync exercises are like self-hypnosis or can be used to that effect. If you are serious about self-exploration, and really want to become an expert in how to do self hypnosis, then the Gateway Experience is something you could greatly benefit from. Spread the word, share this page and support this website by leaving a donation if you happen to enjoy what you find here.
Your token of appreciation keeps me going and motivates me in turn to share with you more of the secrets on how to become a successful, happy and accomplished human being. Fun at Work Jan 14, 16 05:11 AMI now have fun at work by building an online business and working from home! As I touched on in the last post, there are certain self-hypnosis risks that you need to know about. Since Hypnosis and sleep are so closely linked, it’s best to treat Hypnosis and self-Hypnosis like you treat a nap. You will quickly learn to use Self Hypnosis to hypnotize your self, increase the pleasures in your own life. Practising and mastering self hypnosis gives you the amazing power to be at cause in your life. When you pretend ( alter your state go into a self hypnotic trance ) and go into the future and bring back a memory of something that has not happened and may not happen.
Can you now understand that most of the anxieties in life are just fantasies, or day dreams, or self hypnosis. These secrets are Secret because they are not widely known and some out there want you to remain in the dark ,not me. Self hypnosis tapes and cd’s are a great way to develop your skills and abilities in self hypnosis, but you need to know which hypnotic tapes and cd’s to use. The tapes and cd’s that I recommend I have listened to and only recommend them if they are very good.
I am currently writing a free self hypnosis course that you will be able to down load free from this site. Contact positive hypnosis here for more information or to make an online appointment with a therapist who uses CBT, NLP, hypnosis, to treat depression, anxiety, self harm, confidence and addictions alongside other emotional problems via Skype or face to face appointments in Sheffield UK. Homo sapiens, the closest to us as humans, first appeared, according to fossil evidence, about 200,000 in East Africa. The Renaissance was a cultural movement that spanned the period roughly from the 14th to the 17th century.
Why, you may well be asking, are we considering the speed of what we humans have achieved in such a short amount of time?

One – We can learn to unlearn our inappropriate unconscious responses, over which we feel we have no control, to certain stimuli or ‘triggers’ in our daily lives.
Two –  We can discover how to heal and free ourselves from our emotional wounds where we got ‘stuck’! We need to discover the right way to clear our mind – to experience our ‘inner’ world as pristine.
We’ve had a really great response from readers of Time Out London, brilliant and a very warm welcome to you all. I’ve been thinking about how we get ‘stuck’ in patterns of thinking, beliefs and behaviours, which do not actually validate our self and do not fully celebrate our life. And basically a few of these same people have carried on to say: “What’s the point in getting out of my rut? This really is the Essence of why we stay stuck in the rut – it is a place or state to be safe. Let’s take a few moments to consider a few symptoms to help make sense of this wonderful metaphor of the stuck frog. All these symptoms are actually searching for the problem – and the problem is that at certain times in our life we got ‘stuck’ The issue is that this problem is a paradox – in that being ‘stuck’ – was originally a protection, a safe space to live a part life – never- the-less a ‘safe’ space at the time.
Self Hypnosis is best done while relaxing and listening to some music or a special recording.
In this quick post, I want to outline a few of the ways Self-Hypnosis can be dangerous or pose a risk to you or your loved ones. Self-Hypnosis is a powerful tool for changing your behaviors and your psychological patterns, your habits, attitudes, and abilities… Yet, it can also let you tap into areas of your own mind that you may not want to go alone. Have you ever woken up with plenty of energy, only to lose it all before 3:00 and have to drag yourself through the day? As far as I know, there are no good reasons to believe that Hypnosis can cause any negative health effects. Every day you drift in and out of various self hypnosis trances, and experience various forms of self hypnosis. I want you to have the power to create a happy wealth lifestyle for your self and those you love.
As we know the use of steam-powered machines lead to a massive increase in the number of factories and so on – amazing feats of engineering. And I got resolution, thru’ my kind of therapy work, so I know you can, or your friend or family member can. Eventually our ‘safe’ space begins to feel more like a prison, we feel disconnected from life and from our vast potentials. It teaches you effective self-hypnosis skills, how to give yourself suggestions and to better capitalize on your strengths in all situations.

You can record the relaxation text onto a device and then play it to yourself while sitting comfortably in a chair or while lying down.
And, I’ll give helpful suggestions to keep you safe when you practice self-hypnosis at home.
It’s important to do a little homework into the right ways to phrase your suggestions. I don’t mean to sound too dramatic, but imagine reliving a traumatic experience from your childhood with nobody around to console you.
Well imagine how terrible you’d feel if the refreshing self-hypnosis session you indulged in actually left you feeling more tired and listless than you were to begin with! It is the clearing of the clutter of negative or destructive beliefs gained or learnt thru’ life.
Once the self-hypnosis process is mastered, you can work on any area of improvement at almost anytime. This ritual of self protection serves the purpose of reminding yourself that nothing fearful or dangerous can happen to you.
Negativity, confusing grammar, and unintentional embedded commands can all sabotage your otherwise helpful suggestions.
If you use self-hypnosis for age regression or repressed memory retrieval then you run the risk of opening a pandora’s box inside your own mind. So as we continue to suffer with our problem, from lack of self worth to being overweight, to feeling perpetually angry with the world, to not being able to sleep, to feeling nervous, anxious, frightened and upset……… we are ‘blinded’ and ‘deafened’ to some of the really truly great good opportunities in life. Especially if scary images should emerge from your subconscious, know that nothing can harm you.Begin the relaxation process. Sometimes, it’s even possible to make your problems worse by choosing your wording poorly.
Think motivation and inspiration, behavioral changes, health and fitness, financial prowess and happiness and you’ll reap what you sow. Because we have to keep our ‘eyes and ears’ on our problem, we do this in the hope that our problem doesn’t get worse. And when we do see and hear these opportunities we feel ‘frozen’ unable to do anything, unable to respond.
Whatever comes up - thoughts, images, memories, dialogues - let them come, observe them and then let them go again. That way you record it into your long term memory - and now you can analyse to your hearts content.

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