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If you would like to know how Ron found inner peace, his book The Way is Within discusses his 15 year journey to find his own inner peace, and the simple truths he learned about life along the way. Get the free Zero Dean mobile app and gain streamlined access to the original content you love -- from Zerosophy personal development & motivation, to the Zero Talking webcomic, to Zero Dean photography -- in a convenient, easy to use, AD-FREE app. To be an experienced and formidable guide as a Life Coach, and create inner peace, requires the Coach himself to be willing to go through any process to create positive change that he is recommending to his clients.
Over the last decade, Chris and I have done exactly that: a process of transformation that has provided us with the ability and expertise to understand every human condition. Each of us, though the names, faces, stories and situations may appear to be different, is seeking the same end result. Like unconditional love, inner peace is not some condition we achieve by creating what we want for and in our lives.
Many people, in search of peace, have decided to drop out from the mainstream, believing it is the world that blocks and prevents them from experiencing inner peace. For those individuals who move away from society, there exists a belief that inner peace is not achievable if one remains a part of the dysfunctional whole.
Ultimately, through forgiveness, all the requirements for peace I listed above, will be fulfilled. In the book Overachievement, author John Eliot is offers a convincing argument that relaxing under pressure is the wrong way to go.
The right balance between demanding stresses and detachment from the material plane seems to be essential for a healthy human life that is both productive and fulfilling.
I think it’s certainly a balance, but I agree that stress is needed in order to get better.
I explore the idea further in a post called Why Stress Isn’t a Bad Thing if you want read more on that concept.

But I think the human body mechanism needs some downtime just for the nervous system to function properly. If you’re bored you might want to examine the purpose of your life and see if you are living that way. That end result is a return to our natural state of being, and for each of us that natural state is inner peace.
Up until this point, you went through a process, that over time, has created inner turmoil. Oh sure, you might go around smelling the flowers and noticing the unique chirp of this or that bright yellow bird in the backyard, but will you get anything done? He counsels would be superstars to forgo the deep breathing and give in to the glorious pressure, trusting it to propel you toward greater achievements than you can accomplish with diligent goal setting and plodding work. Is I-work–better-under-pressure a valid strategy, an ill-advised delusion, or just a hopeless cliche?
After all, when I was in school, the years I had less overall activity, the worse my grades were.
Yet, we are conditioned to search and seek outside ourselves for everything to complete us: be it love, happiness, success, and yes, even peace of mind. Others, will go to an ashram, a monastery, or some other form of communal living where worldly possessions are visibly absent. Inner peace is just that: it is an inside job that has nothing to do with external factors or forces. It is peace that will change your perspective and assist you to realize what’s really important to you.
In fact, the process is one which all the requirements are simultaneously met and experienced.

However, if I’m involved with something I loathe but have a deadline I must reach then I probably feel miserable and have a brain-busting headache.
Some people just don’t handle stress very well, while others thrive on bucketloads of it. Similarly, monasteries and rehab facilities are full of people who spend lots of quality time with their own souls, but don’t engage very productively with the material world. You have been an unwilling traveler, duped into believing there is honor and nobility in struggle, chaos and suffering. I’ve noticed that when I become compulsive about work (workaholicky, for lack of better words), that means I could use rest.
Like many things in the Western World, overachieving is overrated by overachievers, who gain access to the media because of the notoriety of their overachievements and then give us all advice from behind the mask of their public persona. You will realize during some fleeting moment that peace is becoming, by degree, your dominant emotional state. You can now become the willing traveler who is open and ready to end the struggle, chaos and pain. Try living with and loving an overachiever and then you will see where the lack of balance actually leads. You may find that The Middle Way is the most desirable path with the most enduring satisfactions.

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