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A day-long seminar exploring why and how to forgive, with Frederic Luskin and Jack Kornfield.
This seminar, part of the Greater Good Science Center’s Science of a Meaningful Life series, will feature presentations by two of the world’s leading experts on forgiveness, Frederic Luskin and Jack Kornfield. The seminar will also feature a presentation by psychologist, author, and Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield, a founder of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Attendees should park in UC Berkeley’s Underhill Parking Facility (Channing Way, between Bowditch St. Chemical Dependency Counselors Provider approved by CAADAC, Provider #4N-00-434-0210 for (6) CEHs.
Occupational Therapists: Occupational therapists will receive a certificate of attendance for 6 CE hours. Nurses - CA: Provider approved by the CA Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #CEP12224, for (6) contact hours.

According to Dacher Keltner, there are important evolutionary reasons: It's good for our minds, bodies, and social connections.
Diana Divecha describes how your mind, body, and life will change with the arrival of a baby. Finds that feeling gratitude produces kind and helpful behavior, even when that behavior is costly to the individual actor.
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Luskin will teach participants the forgiveness training methodology he has validated through successful studies, including his famed Stanford University Forgiveness Projects. ZakA look at the hormone oxytocin's role in trust and how that may be the basis of a well-functioning economic system. This research, as well as others’ research, has consistently shown that forgiveness increases physical vitality, optimism, hope, compassion, and self-confidence while reducing anger, blood pressure, hurt, depression, and stress.

Participants will explore forgiveness with the goal of reducing hurt and helplessness, letting go of anger and grudges, and increasing their feelings of confidence and hope. Kornfield will teach the art and practice of forgiveness, drawing on modern Buddhist exemplars and traditional Buddhist psychology. They will also learn how to facilitate forgiveness through a combination of cognitive therapy and narrative approaches, intermixed with mindfulness and guided imagery practices.
Through texts, stories, and practice, he will help attendees awaken the three essential directions of forgiveness: forgiving oneself, forgiving others, and being forgiven. Zellerbach Playhouse is located right off the plaza, across from Alumni House and Haas Pavilion (near the corner of Bancroft and Dana streets).

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