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Star Coin 2: When Mario reaches the first platform which lowers when standing, the player needs to lower it completely to open a path to the Star Coin while ensuring that Boohemoth stops moving.
After the player sees or collects the second Star Coin, Mario needs to go forward to the lowest floor (not the platform) and trigger a hidden block to the left. This level takes place in the mountains during sunset, and the floor is mainly made up of pipes, mainly infested with Piranha Plants. In this level, Mario needs to navigate through a rather difficult course of parachuting Bomb-ombs and rotating and stationary electric Amps, while preventing falling down the large abyss. This level takes place in a forest, where toxic waters can be found with a Porcupuffer swimming in it trying to attack Mario.
The player can wall kick up the left side of the ledge using the purple block, or just run and jump from the right to the Star Coin. When Mario reaches a small part of the floor which is higher than the rest, he needs to bounce high to the Star Coin which is rotating about the ceiling. There are three normal levels, a Ghost House and a Castle on the main path and an additional two levels along with a Cannon which can be found by secret exits in the other levels.

It is the first Ghost House in the game, and also marks the first appearance of the monstrous Boohemoth. As in World Mushroom, this world has a generic design, having a background colour of green.
This is an optional world to completing the first goal of the game (that is, beating Bowser) and serves as an alternative world to World 4.
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The cannon in this world takes the player immediately to World 6, thus skipping World 5 as well. Note that a player can skip almost all normal worlds in the game (except World 1 and World 6) by taking the cannon of every entered world until the battle with Bowser (World 1-, World Mushroom-Cannon and World Flower-).
Similar to a Boo, it will move when the player is facing away from it, and the screen scrolls with its movement.
The player cannot go through the Boohemoth because of its huge size, and if the Boohemoth obstructs them near an obstacle, they will die.

Also, Mario and Luigi cannot defeat the Boohemoth, even when powered up with a Gold Flower, Invinciblity Leaf or Super Star.
Just after that, the floor, which seems to be a normal floor, will turn into bouncy blocks similar to Jump Blocks.
Dash Coins follow with more bouncy blocks, where another platform can be found which lowers when Mario stands on it. This is followed by more bouncy blocks, another purple tilting platform and the door to the next area. The real door is located at the bottom of the area hidden in a platform on the right which lowers when Mario stands on it. The door leads outside of the house, where several Peepas circle a platform which helps Mario reach the top of the flagpole.

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