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Wikipedia Commons-Madeleine Price BallThe Guardian has been publishing their list of "Greatest Nonfiction Books of All Time".
The billable hour: Damaging to your brain, detrimental to life satisfaction, and destructive to client trust?
During the Music and Silence Meditation (Satsang), instrumental live music is alternated with periods of silence.
Let music happen as if on its own accord, as if you are just an instrument  of some unknown force that is flowing through you.

Just become listening, just ears and ears and ears, as if your hole body has turned into ears: you have become two big ears and nothing else. Subjects completed dietary surveys and had tests of cognitive function.Subjects were divided into two groups.
Your eyes are listening, your hands are listening, your feet are listening; every fibre of your being is just a listening. Those with seafood intake at least once per week and those with less than once a weekend seafood intake.

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Climate change adaptation indicators

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