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There are no difficult postures, there are no chants to be sung, there are no strict adherence to principles. Funny it is that most people even though they are eating the food on their plates yet their minds are scattered at places almost everywhere except the plate or the food. The Appreciation (Mindful Eating) – The Raisin of Life exercise of blessing the food and becoming aware of the food you eating, watching with vivid senses, the taste, the smells and colors and you can be sure the relationship between you and food will never be the same again.

As I go deeper in being aware of awareness and witness emotions arising and settlling it’s fascinating how such a simple act of being mindful can change  life without really doing anything. If you want to enhance your practice of mindfulness, the book has interesting exercises to play with. You can decide for yourself if you consider the amount of money and time spent on psychotherapy and rest of the therapies of mind.

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