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The Ancients of many cultures have been using techniques for centuries to take them to that place of silence, stillness within, where we can experience that state of oneness and higher states of consciousness.
Meditation is not a technique, a doing; it is an awareness, a state of being, living in the present moment, here and now In the West, we think more of meditation as a technique, however the use of techniques in meditation practice can help us to connect to this inner state of being.
Methods are needed only until the state of meditation, of relaxed awareness, of consciousness and centering, has become not just a passing experience but as intrinsic to ones’ own breathing. Not necessarily – sportsmen know this space, which they refer to as “the zone.” Artists know it – through singing, painting, playing music.
Breath-watching is a method that can be done anywhere, at any time, even if you have only a few minutes available. Now start counting: Inhalation – count 1 (don’t count the exhalation), inhalation – 2, and so on, up to 10.
In our busy hectic world, we are very often tense and tight in our physical body Our mind is racing with many thoughts and feelings. Active meditations can include movement such yoga postures, tai chi, drumming, using the voice, such as singing, chanting, toning. We offer  OSHO Active Meditations; such as OSHO Kundalini, Nadabrahma, Nataraj, Dynamic, and more. Osho Multiversity has been created by Osho as a place where people can learn a simple thing: how to live meditatively. Having one name, Osho Multiversity, around the world provides a global connection between all similar Osho-based works, just spiritually recognized by the Osho Multiversity, Pune, India which is the international center of this work. Another school’s base is the esoteric sciences, chakras, energy readings, sounds – many things from China and especially from Tibet. The Osho approach to therapy is that it can never be the ultimate solution to human problems, but it can be used as a tool to help prepare the ground for meditation. Uniquely simple and effective, these methods involve a minimum of interaction among the participants, but the energy of the group helps each individual go more deeply into his or her own process. Meditative Therapies are processes for freeing old, stuck energies, to renew vitality and to create space for silence.
We do personal  special spiritual retreat,   meditation, course,    for loose weight Personal meditation or training.
We often need time to replenish and rejuvenate from stress, allowing time to heal and repair. You receive concentrated, caring, professionally supported time with a seasoned, skillful guide to create a new life vision and a plan to enact it. You reframe and clear unresolved past experiences and limiting beliefs that hold back your magnificence. You immerse yourself into your goals for your life, relationships, spirituality, and personal meaning.
You discover exhilarating new insights and clarity about your life, work, and relationships which make a quantitative positive shift in your life.
You create a powerful new vision for your life path and craft a practical, step by step plan to actualize it.
You discover your magnificence and deep worth in the presence of a guide who sees your highest potentials, believes in you, and helps you arrive where you want to be in your life. You have fun, laugh, do rituals, share deeply, feel empowered, get energized, and feel lighter.
Zaki De luca experiential workshop facilitation is grounded in  29 -years of experience leading transformational, personal growth workshops for thousands of participants nationally. We offer a serene and supportive environment to quiet the mind, connect with  yourself  and renew the spirit. A  Group & personal  spiritual retreat provides an opportunity to get away from hectic daily life and renewal at your leisure.
Osho meditation Center & Multiversity of California   has created “our sacred earth” as an interactive social meditation.
She works individually with people, leads groups, training’s and seminars and has a broad range of expertise including teaching counseling skills. He is currently pursuing his PhD degree in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Osho Asheesh Meditation Center, Tahachal, Kathmandu is the first Osho Meditation Center in Nepal. Newly built Osho Temple and Buddha temple was inaugurated by Sw Anand Arun on the occasion. The Ancients in the mystery schools of Egypt, India, Middle East, Shamans of different cultures, Aborigines, Shamans, Native Americans, Indonesians all practiced forms of meditation.

Meditative methods, techniques, are means by which to create an inner ambiance that facilitates disconnecting from the body-mind so one can simply be, in pure stillness – silence within ones’ center. The benefits of meditation are many, the ability to relax, release stress, connect to ones’ own inner being.
Effort and control involve tension, and tension is antithetical to the state of meditation. We can know it through gardening, playing with the kids, walking on the beach or making love. Do these four steps for two to three times – just watching the breathing cycle, not changing it in anyway, just watching the natural rhythm. You have to be aware, otherwise you will start counting the exhalation, or you will go over 10. Using a more active meditation technique can help us to get rid of tense energies, and stresses we are holding in the body, so we are able to go inward to that quiet still place within us. As mans’ consciousness evolves, so too should his techniques. The meditation is scientifically designed to help you get out of your mind and into experiencing life itself. We offers a large variety of courses all designed to provide a bridge to meditation, and ultimately a bridge to oneself. So besides the meditations, we offer a wide range of classes, workshops, intensives, and events to enhance your knowledge & understanding of yourself.
Very important is that this be combined with meditation, or else esoteric science can be misused. For well over a decade we have been welcoming people for courses, training’s and meditations and offering them the chance to stay with us and experience the art of living   is a warm, friendly, creative, meditative space. It encompasses all the current western therapy approaches, the healing arts of East and West, esoteric sciences, creative arts, centering and martial arts, Tantra, Zen, Sufism, and Meditative Therapies. Based on this understanding he has created a series of “meditative therapies” that give participants the opportunity to dissolve the tensions and repressions that keep them from being able to sit silently and observe the mind that creates problems in the first place. No “therapist” is required, but only a facilitator who has gone through the process and has been trained in conducting it.
We also offer spiritual counseling, intuitive readings, and advice on all matters of your life journey. We have a group meditation room, a private room for individual sessions, and private rooms for overnight accommodations. She has been working with people as a therapist, spiritual counselor and friend since 1987. She has been practicing meditation and transformational therapy for the last 27 years here in the states and at the residence of the Osho Multiversity and Meditation Resort in Pune, India.
She also does Osho Active Meditation facilitation, hypnosis for meditation, no mind, talk with your body.
As Co-founder of the Osho Meditation Center & Multiversity of California, his vision is to create the space where others can come to learn, grow, meditate, and to just be together with other souls of like mind.
He has delivered numerous speeches, lectures, and workshops around California and has been a featured guest speaker at the annual Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles and several of the Holistic Living Expos throughout California. Meditation is the state of simply being, just pure experiencing, with no interference from the body or mind. While initially it is helpful to put time aside to practice a structured meditation method, there are many techniques that are practiced within the context of one’s everyday life, at work, at leisure, alone and with others.
To be aware of what is happening around you and to flow in life without effort and struggle.
What you can discover through meditation is the knack of finding the distance between yourself and these actions, so that the mind, with its constant circus of thoughts and emotions no longer intrudes on your inherent state of silence. We can bring our full awareness to our work that we our doing, into our relationships, and to loving someone.
Every meditation session and workshop is an opportunity to explore and expand your self-awareness. Lasting from one day to a few weeks, they are based on many different approaches, from Western psychology to contemporary meditative therapies.
Whether you are looking for personal growth or further professional training, your experience here will help you get to know yourself and transform your life on all levels. The Multiversity offers individual sessions, as well as group activities including classes, training, courses and intensives. A breakthrough to meditation, a speeding up process to connect with our natural state of being. They are therefore clear, pure processes where individuals are connecting directly with their own energy, without any interference or intervention from a facilitator (except in rare circumstances where guidance is needed).

Outgrown beliefs and patterns that have held you back from your greatest joy, unhealed past experiences calling for resolution, careers or relationships that no longer fulfill you, can all open doors for healing and transformation when positively explored with  Zaki  experienced guidance and facilitation. She’s  challenging and creative approach allows people to move beyond self-imposed limits into a fresh understanding and grounded self-confidence She is an experienced meditator and teacher of meditation. This center is the largest personal growth center in the world and has thousands of visitors from over 100 countries each year. She is also trained in Multidimensional Bodywork, Energy Reading, & chakra readings, aura some light pen (healing with light and color), aromatherapy, hypnosis, energy work, tuning forks and shamanic techniques all of which create a very special environment for healing the mind, body and spirit. The meditator does not need to tame his mind, to become more mindful, but to grow more in consciousness. The contemplator is focused on an object, perhaps a religious object, a photograph or on an inspiring aphorism.
Meditation is a natural state and one that you have almost certainly tasted, although perhaps without knowing the name of the flavor. You can take individual classes on a variety of subjects, or you can enroll in more formal training in our Reiki Mystery School or The College of Inner Knowledge. The Multiversity teaches a reverence for life and the sense of one humanity, one world, dissolving all barriers of race, caste, and color. Even more unique than this amazing diversity, is the fact that all the methods used, whether relating to the body, the mind, the emotions or the subtle energy bodies, have meditation both at their base and as their objective.
And all of them are basically meditations – even in the active phase, one is in a moment-to-moment encounter with oneself. Over many years, she has used many different meditation techniques and has helped hundreds of people to get the knack of meditation.
She is a certified Osho Breath Therapist, Reiki Master, and Osho Transformational Therapist, which includes certifications in a variety of healing modalities including counseling.
Zaki facilitates Osho Active Meditation classes, Shamanic Tarot, groups and retreats, and Reiki class. He believes we can change the world when we work on ourselves and then work together, focusing our energies as one.
These can all help in the beginning, to help quiet the mind and bring your awareness to the present moment. Whether working on the computer, engaging with people, working in the garden, work with awareness, where you are totally present, alert in the moment. Throw off your tension, open a playful heart and drop into the silent silent witness. That’s why OSHO designed these meditations specifically for the modern man. The function is to bring all climates and flavors together, even if they are contradictory.
Before we can hope to access our inner powerhouse of consciousness, we need to let go of our tensions. If you are serious about learning meditation and establishing a regular practice, private lessons are the best way to learn. As these activities nourish your body and mind, you will be led naturally into a space of stillness and meditation.
She has been on the journey of meditation with the Indian mystic, Osho, the Buddha of our times, who developed a science of transformation for the modern man.
She has helped thousands of people to transform their passion to live happy, peaceful lives, into their daily reality. She has lived and studied in Tibet, Nepal, Singapore, India, Italy, Germany and Thailand, seeking out the masters of energy healing. Once you have evolved more on the path of meditation, learning the knack of simple awareness, you are simply aware, but not of anything in particular.
And most fundamental are the Osho Meditative Therapies which Osho himself   developed – these are energy-based processes for deeply cleansing body, mind, heart and soul. Our lesson packages are designed to firmly establish new meditators in a fabulous meditation practice. She finds the most efficient route to creating and sustaining a beautiful and powerful life. Inwardly you will become ecstatic, but outwardly it can’t be guaranteed that you will become rich, that you will become successful, that you will become very healthy. She is an excellent model of what a ‘Marketplace Mystic’ actually looks, sounds, and behaves like when moving through the mundane activities and challenges of daily life.

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