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I agree to assume full responsibility for not exceeding my personal physical limits during my participation in Osho Meditation . Note - 'caravanserai' is a urdu word and it means a resting place or guest house on the way.
The king could not believe what kind of madman could be on the roof of a palace searching for his camel.
The king immediately said, "Bring that man in," because he was arguing with the guard in front of the gate that he wanted to stay in the caravanserai.
After they had gone a short distance, the dervish noticed that he had forgotten his KASHKUL, the begging-bowl.
The Sufi has a totally different approach, far healthier, far more whole, far more human, far more natural. Escape or no escape, if you are forgetful you will miss God anywhere you are, in e marketplace or in the monastery. And again let me repeat that the Sufi does not believe in any fairy-tales, so there is no question of being motivated.
A young bank clerk stole five thousand pounds from the bank and was unable to reimburse it when caught.
Feeling very pleased with himself, he turned back to make his way home to get the five thousand pounds, the mansion and the Rolls Royce. A loving invitation for a group Osho Dynamic Meditation experience at Decatur Healing Arts. I am introducing cathartic methods, so that first what the civilization has done to you can be undone, so you can become primitive again.
1: When laughter comes out of silence you are not laughing at anybody's cost, you are simply laughing at the whole cosmic joke.
But my approach towards life is utterly nonserious, playful, because in my experience this is how the ego disappears.
5: If you look around, if you are watchful enough, then you are bound to stumble again into something so beautiful and so ridiculous.
You are taking the whole existence as a screen, and then you project your own mind on it and you see things which are not there, and you don't see things which are there.
And the whole, the cosmos, cannot have any purpose, because purpose means something outside.
The participant agree to assume full responsibility for not exceeding my personalphysical limits during my participation in Osho Meditation .
Dallas Meditation Center is dedicated to wellness education, life enrichment and the art of mindful living. This Japanese facial massage combines traditional East Asian medical concepts with massage techniques.
It creates an improvement in the appearance of the facial tissue, as well as a deep relaxation of the body-mind.
It is my responsibility to ascertain that there is no medical reason to prevent my participation in meditations and celebrations. It is not that the Sufi renounces the world, but that he attains to God a€“ and the moment God is attained, the world disappears.
And because the unreal is renounced in that very knowing, it leaves no scars and wounds on you. Seeing his affluence, the dervish thought to himself, a€?How can Sufism and such prosperity go hand in hand?a€? After staying a few days with the master, he decided to leave.
Because whenever you escape from something it is out of fear, and out of fear there is never any transformation.
If you are not forgetful, if you are mindful, alert and aware, then God is everywhere a€“ as much here as anywhere else, as much now as then. His second wish was to be the owner of a large mansion, and his third, the owner of a Rolls Royce. He made love to her in a great hurry and pulled his trousers up and was about to leave when she stopped him yet again.
The event started with active meditation, which was demonstrated by a few members and everyone followed along as they picked it up. And the teachers who go on teaching Vipassana directly dona€™t belong to this century; they are two thousand years backward.

You would like me to talk about serious things: astral planes and how many bodies men have, seven or nine, and how many chakras. When I was saying last night that life is a game, a play, and God is playing this whole cosmic joke, one friend immediately wrote a letter saying that it cannot be conceived that Jesus being crucified is just God's play.
Christians may think that he had a purpose -- salvation was the purpose, to liberate humanity from the sin that Adam committed was the purpose.
That's why Jesus can go to the crucifixion so easily, not disturbed, as if it is just a drama, as if he is just acting a role. The DMC functions as home for the growing Dallas and Fort Worth community of mindfulness practitioners. And the next day when he was sitting in his court he heard the same voice again; he recognized it. The tree may not even become aware that the fruit has disappeared, the fruit may not become aware that the tree is no more there.
All that you need is to fall into the silence of this moment, no trying to achieve something tomorrow. The master replied, a€?I departed from all my possessions, but you cana€™t even leave behind your begging-bowl.
If it happens to be that he is a king, it is okay; if it happens to be that he is a beggar, that too is perfectly okay. When something drops of its own accord a€“ not that you drop it, but simply that it has become nonessential, unimportant a€“ then there is freedom.
There is no question of going anywhere; one can simply relax here and fall into a kind of watchful silence. All that is needed is your falling into a kind of attunement, your falling inwards into a kind of at-one-ment. As he was about to jump he was tapped on his left shoulder, and upon turning around he spied an especially ugly lady who claimed to be his fairy godmother, and granted him three wishes. When everything stops: no thought moves in your head, your breathing slows down, a moment comes when there is almost no breath. Yes, sometimes they may help one or two persons out of one hundred persons, but that cana€™t do much. The crucifixion of Jesus cannot be conceived of as just God's play, it must have some purpose.
And whenever we think that God must have some purpose we are talking in deep absurdities, because if God has any purpose, he is omnipotent so he can do it immediately. The meetup group is not part of or afiliated to any formal organization in the USA or abroad. And the mystic finally said, "If you really want to know where your home is, go to the graveyard where finally you will have to settle, where your grandfather is, where your father is.
It is the very fundamental of Sufism that the creator can be reached only through the creation.
The Sufi does not escape from the world, but a moment comes when the world disappears and dissolves.
Although, slowly slowly, the quality of his life goes on changing, it is not that he tries to change it. As he comes closer and closer to the ultimate reality, the ordinary reality is no longer attractive; it starts receding back. He is not ripe yet, otherwise the fruit would have fallen without leaving any scar on the body of the tree. His simplicity comes out of his understanding, not out of cultivation; he does not practice it. They lived in a dream, in a sleep, intoxicated completely by desire, and through desire they looked at the existence. It creates theories, philosophies, systems, just to feel comfortable, that nothing is wrong. The question is not whether any particular thing has some purpose or not, the question is whether the whole has a purpose or not. The meetup group is not part of or affiliated to any formal organization in the USA or abroad.
If you can look for blissfulness sitting on a golden throne, if you can look for God while continuously conquering and butchering and burning living human beings, what is wrong in searching for a camel on the roof of the palace?

You need not renounce his creation to get to him; in fact if you renounce his creation you will never get to him. If the fruit is unripe and you pluck it, it hurts the tree, it hurts the fruit; both will remain wounded. Seeing life, he becomes aware of the austerity of a roseflower, how simple it is, and the beauty of its austerity.
Yes, that is what simplicity is: not a cultivated character but a life which is uncluttered by the nonessential, by the unimportant, by the mundane, by the trivial. One laughs at the sense of humor that God must have or the existence: that we have it with us already and we are searching for it.
But when you have a really heartfelt belly laugh, all the parts of your being -- the physiological, the psychological, the spiritual -- they all vibrate in one single tune, they all vibrate in harmony.
All philosophies exist to make life convenient, so that everything looks okay, nothing is wrong -- but everything is wrong while you are asleep. Purpose may exist for individual egos because egos cannot exist without purpose, but for the cosmic there is no ego. Now I am arguing with you and someday I will come back again and I will be arguing with your son and you will be in a grave. When you have found the real diamonds you will automatically drop the stones, colored stones, that you have been carrying all along. But the simplicity is not cultivated, because a cultivated simplicity is no longer simplicity; it is already complex. So those who are thinking to attain to heaven or to nirvana after death are very greedy people. There are people who are attached to wealth and there are people who are attached to poverty. The dancer is in the dance, so he has no idea of a personal God sitting somewhere above the clouds. One laughs at one's own ridiculous efforts, long long journeys, pilgrimages, for something which was never lost in the first place. And if he also thinks that whatsoever he is doing is very serious, purposive, then he belongs to the same business mind as you. There is neither good nor bad, there is neither in nor out, there is neither beginning nor end -- but this happens only when you have disappeared. When you cultivate something, there is motivation, there is desire, there is longing; you are hankering for something. This has to be understood, because for centuries religions have been teaching you renunciation. You are a king and acting like a beggar in the streets; not only acting, not only deceiving others, but deceiving yourself that you are a beggar. Prayer may not destroy your ego; on the contrary, it may make it holy, pious, but laughter certainly destroys your ego.
I don't laugh with you because that is part of telling a joke: the person who tells it has to be very serious, he cannot laugh with you. Laughter brings you to the earth, brings you down from your stupid ideas of being holier-than-thou. One should not laugh to make somebody else happy, because if you are not happy, you cannot make anybody happy. I understand that I will follow the parking guidelines and other instructions and I am participating by my own will and I understand that I will take care of myself, my health, and well being during the whole event.
Even if you are happy, it is very difficult to make somebody else happy because it depends on that somebody else as to whether he will accept it or not. And unless you understand it as a cosmic joke you will never be able to understand the ultimate mystery.

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