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This personal development plan sample (pdp) uses a simple but powerful tool called the Growth Framework. Questions focus on checking that we create a powerful experience of the new career as if it were happening in the room right now. One of the benefits of this simple framework is that it has a great blend of structure, flexibility and adaptability. Personal development plan sample key coaching issue: be completely clear about the means to get from the current post to the future you've just imagined. Can you write competency statements, describe achievements, tell 'point-reason-evidence-point' stories? Key coaching issue: Are you clear that you have the personal resilience to continue to lead yourself and your family through what might be a stressful time? Questions and prompts focus on the ability to bounce back, maintain focus, keep a balanced perspective, maintain health and vitality, pacing. Personal development plan sample key coaching issue: Have you made sure that everyone you need to be pulling with you knows what they can do? If you've left or are leaving work, your team is your immediate family, friends, neighbours, fellow members of sports clubs, faith and community organizations and other social groups. A great place to practice telling your career change story, especially if you've been through a job loss with closure or downsizing. Key coaching issue: Have you set up routines and systems to ensure that basic, repetitive tasks are taken care of? Questions and prompts focus on keeping quality time free for the important leadership tasks.
What can you measure or count that provides feedback to you about whether the strategy is bringing the results you want? This is a much more open ended starting point from which to develop a personal development plan. This particular personal development plan sample could go in many directions as the coaching dialogue takes shape. Any images from fantasies, dreams, books or films that help you see or imagine what the new you will look like, feel like?
There are other articles on the site that describe different personal development plan samples.
HOMEPERSONAL CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN EXAMPLEStaff and development thenova scotia government career by the career individual development. We aim to bring out the best in you, through a series of sessions we will; help hone exisiting skills, provide you with important business and personal tools and develop methods of working that will give you the edge.

These should be realistic within the context of your personal and professional goals (taking into account those of your employer) and should include SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results oriented & Timely) objective setting.
Carry out the activities you have planned and monitor the progress of achieving your objectives against that plan.We recommend you update your CPD records within the BCS Personal Development Plan, ensuring your activities are linked to your goals (where appropriate) and marking them as "In Progress" once you have started them. Once you have completed your activities, identify the results and the achievements and record them.
Once you have been able to put what you have learnt into practice (which may be after a few weeks or even a few months), look back at the experience as a whole; identify learning points both positive and negative to help prepare the next cycle. In planning your CPD you need to have a number of CPD cycles (which may be quarterly or annually) within a longer time period, perhaps 3 years, which provides the context for your career progression.
Your personal development is unique to you, so it is important to plan and monitor your CPD. Over time, your career aspirations may change and your career direction may change, so you will need to modify your development plans to reflect those changes. Your career aspirations provide the context for your CPD and allow you to focus short-term CPD activities within your chosen career path.
In general you should not be too precise, but have more general objectives and be looking around 3 years out.
It is likely that your career aspirations will change over time and you should keep this career plan up-to-date. This is likely to be a mix of activities including formal and informal training, networking events, private study and stretch tasks that contribute to your development in the role you are currently performing and the roles you aspire to.
Specific Identify a specific development activity; something that addresses a particular need and that can be clearly identified. Measurable Ensure that the activities identified have a clear objective and that it is possible to determine whether you have achieved it. Achievable Ensure that the activity is achievable; it is not way beyond you in terms of your ability, and that it is not something you would not be allowed to do.
Results oriented Ensure you have an expectation of the outcome of your CPD activities – if you can't identify the results you hope to achieve, perhaps you should look for other CPD activities.
Timely Ensure that the objectives can be achieved in an appropriate time-frame and that any sequencing is appropriate.
There may be a single, large CPD activity that effectively is the CPD plan for the next 12 months, an MSc or MBA for instance. For those with Chartered IT Professional (CITP) status who wish to renew their certificate of current competence (every five years), the revalidation process will look for evidence that you have continued to work in the IT profession using skills equivalent to SFIA level-5, for 3 of the previous 5 years.
Continuing Professional Development is also a core part of Science Council and Engineering Council registration.

On a compatible smartphone, tablet device or PC, record your Development Goals and Activities. Do this by ensuring that as many routine tasks as possible are incorporated into systems: for basic household needs and career change needs.
Look here to see how to use it in your personal marketing strategy.How to Make a CVYour CV is there to get you to the interview. You can learn more about this by clicking the below link.Career Aspiration PlanningWe recommend you record your activities and goals in the BCS Personal Development Plan, and use the Desired Outcome field to record your SMART objectives. Some types of development may be particularly beneficial to you whereas others may be less effective.
Planning your CPD will ensure that time doesn’t just go by without you getting the development you need, but it will also ensure that you get the high-value development that is going to give the greatest contribution to your longer-term career aspirations. If, for example, your employer will not fund specific training there is no point planning to do it unless you have some other means of achieving it. Clearly this is planned, in which case your short-term plan may identify particular modules or any additional aspects not covered by the former. We will also look for evidence of appropriate professional development activities which you have undertaken. Although BCS does not prescribe the specific CPD activity to be carried out for revalidation, following a structured process and recording your CPD activities and outcomes is recommended in order to ensure the maximum benefit. This step helps you to develop your own CPD programme.The BCS Personal Development Plan is designed to help you reflect on what you have gained.
This helps identify work activities, the knowledge and skills required, training activities, Professional Development activities and potential qualifications. You should look to enhance your capabilities in the areas most important to you, and seek to use the type of CPD that suits you best or suits your current situation. More details on how to make a revalidation submission will be provided to those holding a certificate of current competence in advance of their certificate expiry date. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht.
All completed goals and activities show a "Review" button until you have entered a Reviewed Date. You can then, if you wish, record a brief synopsis of what you have gained in the Outcome Achieved field.

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