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Cheever definitely has a bias and a narrow focus, based on her family and personal history, and her upfrontedness about it helps the reader keep things in perspective. Historical events and people don't act in a vacuum and it's impossible to present it as such.She was very convincing in her presentation, however. The harsh climate they found themselves in no doubt had an effect on the settlement character and any actions they made with rippling repercussions through American history.Reading about authors tends to bore me, but Cheever naturally focuses on it because it's of personal interest.

However, I did find it interesting that the author profession was pretty dry in the 19th century aside from Poe, and then it ramped up to liver-crushing proportions after Prohibition and through the post-WWII years.
Oddly enough, Cheever doesn't really tie in the undeniable psychological damage from the Great War with the hedonistic embrace of alcohol.
She seems to make America be the exception to the rest of the planet when it comes to booze, but one could argue that Weimar Germany had just as many problems with substance abuse in the same time period.

But Cheever's thesis is that it's a uniquely American disease and phenomenon, and so she doesn't stray outside the borders for any meaningful compare and contrast.I don't know if her assertions are anything you can take to the bank, but for a leisurely cultural history with some anecdotes and facts, it was agreeable enough and short enough so that it didn't overstay its welcome too much.

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