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This point-and-click adventure game features some pretty realistic artwork and will take you to new and vividly designed environments where unusual things happen. The game presents Sam Peters, a journalist that works for Uncharted, a magazine that deals with everything related to science.
From the very beginning, players will notice that she is quite the adventure junky as she presents her latest journey in Indonesia and what she has gone through. This time, her boss sends her to Africa to meet a professor about something related to the Ashanti legends.
Soon enough, strange things start to happen at the cryptic Bosumtwi crater lake triggering a number of events that will make use of her every skill.
As opposed to other point-and-click adventure games, Secret Files: Sam Peters delivers an experience based more on the thrill of adventure rather than just simply solving puzzles. There are a lot of twists and turns in the story, as you move from one place to another, dealing with various puzzles that require attention as well as creative thinking.
You can use the magnifying lens incorporated in your inventory bar to show all the active spots and avoid spending too much time on figuring out where to look for your next clue. The inventory is your typical one, giving the possibility to combine items as well as to obtain information about them, useful in figuring out hints.
Speaking of puzzles, they range from some that require attention to details, like putting a ripped piece of paper back together to some that deal with the mechanical side of things. The interface is exactly what you would expect, left and right click to interact with things, combine items and move your character across the setting while listening to her sassy comments. The developers seem to have created her as a female version of the great Indian Jones or Nathan Drake (remember the name of that magazine I mentioned earlier?), ready to run into wild jungles with just her backpack and a few choice items.
In the graphics department, this episode of the Series brings a lot of improvements and delivers some captivating environments. The pallet of colors is quite extensive, with the developing team using a large number of vivid nuances to try and make things pretty close to reality.
I also like the way the camera switches from front view to a top-down, giving players the chance to look at things from perspective and actually enjoy the great artwork. Mixing this with one creatively designed storyline and you get quite a nicely put together playground for adventure fans. Sound-wise, the game unfortunately doesn't offer too much except for the environment sounds.

Things get a bit better with the voice acting, although at times Sam might sound a bit too much of a college girl. Right when you feel as though things are going to get even more interesting, you get cut off. Secret Files: Sam Peters can actually be described as a treat for adventure fans, especially those that are newcomers. Although it has some minuses in the sound department, a very abrupt ending and a few exaggerations here and there, it should still find its way into the libraries of adventure game fans. Nikola Tesla Secret PDF is a brand new guidebook, created by Ben Miller, giving readers techniques and tips on how to create a power generation system at home. Nikola Tesla Secret PDF book review shows readers general information about a brand new e-book that guides people on how to create a home-made power generation system.
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About the writer of the full Nikola Tesla Secret PDF review – Lien Nguyen: Lien Nguyen has been working for the Vkool Company for years as an editor.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Terms and Conditions More Reviews Festivals Sonar Reykjavik 2016 Wrap-Up By Elliott Brandsma01 March 2016Where music has no boundaries.
As you will come to see, she is one blond bombshell that has the brains to match her looks and she isn't afraid to say it. She'll have to escape vampiric humanoids, solve relatively interesting puzzles and survive to tell the story. Gamers will see how the main character is willing to risk her life for the sake of a byline. The devs have done a good job in obtaining the exotic feeling of being on a beach in Bali or the thrill of a Ghana jungle.
I'm saying this because a lot of effort seems to have gone into mixing a fictitious story with real historical events and brought forth legitimate scientific facts.
If people want to reduce their monthly electric bills, they should try the Nikola Tesla Secret system.
The author provides users with a lot of simple yet effective tips and techniques that they can apply right away.

Nikola Tesla Secret PDF is a brand new guidebook, developed by Ben Miller, offering tips on how to create a home-made electricity generation system. Nikola Tesla Secret PDF full package contains 2 main e-books that are presented in the PDF format, including “Nikola Tesla Secret” and “Nikola Tesla Secret FREE Energy Patents”. The author provides customers with a 100% money back commitment within 60 days, so users should not worry about it.
If people want to ask Lien Nguyen anything about her writing, they just need to send her an email. Now people mostly frequent the area to visit the sport stadium and hall, to go to the pool, ice-skating rink or petting zoo.What’s great about the location is that it’s in the middle of a residential area, but feels miles away.
You'll be able to hear your footsteps, the sound of a volcano erupting, animals in the forest and even a warthog grunting. The author has researched and studied for a long time to create this entire program, helping people save money. In addition, people will receive 5 additional bonuses, including “Scooters, Mopeds, and other Fuel Efficient Vehicles”, “Gas Saving Devices”, “Living Green – Tips For Reducing Your Carbon Footprint”, “Phone 4 Energy”, and “The Renewable Energy Handbook”. The full package of Nikola Tesla Secret PDF contains 2 main manuals and 5 additional bonuses.
Unlike other guidebooks in its field that are currently sold on the market, the Nikola Tesla Secret e-book is not wordy.
Rappers, such as Gisli Palmi, whose recently released album set a record here in Iceland for the most copies sold in one day, and Blaz Roca will also hit the stage.International highlights include Flight Facilities, the Danish singer MO, the captivating FKA Twigs, and of course, headliners Wu-Tang Clan.
After Ben Miller launched this product, he received a lot of good comments from his customers. This guide just contains 122 informative pages, which are divided into 12 smaller sections.
Kelis will also perform and I am certain her songs and milkshake will “bring all the boys to the yard.”Grab a ticket, check out the impressive line-up and stay up into the bright night!Secret Solstice runs from June 19-21. All of the tips and techniques contained in this system are proven effective by many users all over the world.

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