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This collection of music is a huge volume that has been produced to help in regards to concentration, study, focus and work. The great thing about the Thought Sound royalty free music series is that they are all designed to work well with brain wave entrainment and binaural beats programs.
They are designed as carriers for brainwave entrainment, however, don't neccessarily need to be used with this. The music is 100% royalty free, meaning that once you purchase the music, you can use the music again and again with your clients, promotions, CD's etc. This is the program I use to place all of my royalty free music on – and then add brain wave entrainment and binaural beats on them as well.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful music inspired by nature and culture from across the world. I use the Neuro Programmer to load them with, however, the sound tracks already come with Perfect Loop software (For Windows) to extend the tracks and play them for as long as you require them.
In fact, if you take a listen to most of my brainwave entrainment tracks on Relax Me Online, you will find that 99% of them I've used are from Thought Sounds royalty free meditation music package. Perfect royalty free meditation music and OH So Perfect for meditations, brainwave entrainment and binaural beats tracks. Yes, it sounds expensive I know – however, the useage you will get out of 14 hours plus of music is worth that and more.

This music can be used for back drops with affirmations, to lift depression, meditation and much more.

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