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I know this pose looks extremely difficult, but if you've practice doing it with a ball and in front of a couch, then you're ready to try it on your own. Walk your feet as close as you can towards your head and gaze between your hands, not at your feet.
Now lift your right leg straight up and work on taking little hops, so your left foot comes off the ground.
To come into scorpion from this position, slowly bend your knees as you shift your chest forward slightly.

Hold for five deep breaths and then straighten your legs and lower your feet back to the floor. Straighten your arms out, creating a straight line between both elbows, forearms, and middle fingers.
Try to keep your arms parallel, and don't let your elbows slide out to the sides (or you'll end up doing a face plant). If your spine isn't so bendy, you can hold Scorpion pose with your feet dangling above your head.

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