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Adults have more specific needs for coloring books than children, I, for one, must have crisp white pages… none of those thin brown pages, no thank you!If an adult buys a coloring book everyone assumes it’s for a child in his or her┬álife, but who set age limits on coloring anyway? The list is based on a compilation of rankings at eight major domestic online and offline bookstores. The popularity was fueled by people who posted pictures of their colored pages on social media," Kim Kyong-tae, CEO of KL, the publisher, told The Korea Times.KL started out by printing 2,000 copies, but began printing in larger numbers due to high demand.

The book, which is filled with intricate hand-drawn illustrations of flora and fauna, has more or less kept its position on the bestseller list for the past four months. It first made it on the list of 20 bestsellers two weeks after the book was published in Korea on Aug. Korea is the 14th market the book has entered since its first publication in the United Kingdom in 2013.

The publication rights were purchased for a mere 2 million won, a spokesman for the publication organization said.

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