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Join Mario and friends Peach, Luigi, Toad, and a special secret 5th playable character in all-new and exciting levels.
And we can’t forget about those special Miiverse Stamps that are hidden throughout the different levels.
There are tons more new additions to the game, but we’ll let you discover them for yourselves.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 showed us that Nintendo is not afraid to bring back old levels in future Super Mario titles.
It’s very important to remember that levels in Super Mario 3D World require multiple players to play on one screen. The worlds of Super Mario Sunshine are even more open world than Super Mario 64, and one can argue that none of the levels would work well in Super Mario 3D World. Not only is this a pretty and beautiful stage to play in, it also fits the 3D World vibe quite well.
Again, the fixed camera angle has a huge impact on whether or not a level will make a good 3D World stage.
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The game dedicated an entire galaxy to a redone version of Whomp’s Fortress, a classic Super Mario 64 stage.

For the most part, this makes open world levels much harder to transfer over to the more linear style of 3D World. But if we had to pick, Pianta Village’s flat design and simple concept helps form something more along the lines of a linear level.
The camera can essentially be fixed on one side of the mountain, zooming in and out whenever players begin to move away from each other.
With Clockwork Ruins, the camera is almost always fixed in one position, and the level is designed to zoom out nicely without going too far. Almost every level from 3D Land can be thrown into 3D World, the only adjustments needed are those for multiplayer functionality. Players returning to the series will see familiar item such as the Mega Mushroom, Boomerang Flower, Cannon Box, and much more.
In fact, there’s at least 85 confirmed Stamps that are scattered throughout the Mushroom Kingdom.
He may be pushing 40, but his wife often still catches him playing Pokemon while cross-legged in his birthday suit.
The enhanced level featured enemies and mechanics added in from Super Mario Galaxy 2, along with an orchestrated version of sound track and all new star missions.
With Lethal Lava Land, players are still able to explore whatever part of the map they like, but they are forced to move together as the design of the map features tons of barriers, also known as lava.

There aren’t any major branching paths (aside from the giant palm trees), and few of the structures will get in the way if an isometric or top down view was put into place. Issues come in when players fall from a higher area in the level, but this can be fixed by cutting off lower sections of the level once everyone has made it up to that point.
This particular level has great platforming and the theme is one of the more interesting in the game. World 4-1 was picked for it’s basic theme and design for good multiplayer fun, but truly, any other level would do. It also helps that the paths will either go left, right, up, or down, making it easier to create a stable camera angle.
A lot of Super Mario Galaxy levels could work in 3D World, making Clockwork Ruins one of many possibilities. Like in NSMB you see the land in the background and know that you are actually advancing forward in distance and not just getting to the end of a random level.
Not Mario running through some no-where weird thing and then jumping onto randoming floating pieces of land.

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