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Goldwyn film adaptation of his 1939 short story The, but the Technicolor musical comedy proved to be a cash cow at the box office. The film stars as a young daydreaming proof reader for a magazine publishing firm and Virginia Mayo as the girl of his dreams. In New York the clumsy is the publisher of pulp fiction at the Pierce Publishing house owned by Bruce Pierce.
He lives with his overbearing mother and neither his fianc?e Gertrude Griswold and Details about The DVD NEW [1947 ] is a 1947 Technicolor comedy film, loosely based on the short story of the same name by James Thurber.

First published in 1939, he had it in mind as a vehicle for rising star, a popular stage singer, dancer, Photo gallery of classic comedy, The - his in movies and song, with pictures of and a filmography by Hbo Home Video, Norman Z.
The film stars as a young daydreaming proof reader (later associate editor) for a magazine publishing firm and Virginia Mayo as the girl of his dreams (1947) starring, Virginia Mayo, Boris Karloff December 23, 2013. Ben Stillers forthcoming remake of has inspired a handsome new DVD from Warner Home Video of the from 1947 starring. It all began when I was born a month too soon My ma was frightened by a runaway saloon Pa was forced to be a hobo Because he played the oboe And the oboe it is clearly It will be very difficult for the new version of to top the original film which made so famous.

Ben Stiller directs and stars in this tame take on the James Thurber story of a man with a fantasy, last filmed with in 1947. Train Passenger Definitive Fan Site offers over 200 articles and interviews on the beloved entertainer, It is rumoured that not only did author James Thurber try to persuade Samuel Goldwyn from making this movie but he also disliked interpretation of.

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