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Of course, like all non-factual claims, the contact lens have no basis on real equipment currently in use nor are the specs available. So aside from mysterious stealth helicopters, dogs with titanium teeth, and OBL being dead for a few years prior to the Abbotabbad raid, throw this story in with the rest of the speculation surrounding the year’s greatest covert mission gone public. The article from which mention of contact lens night vision originates is a candid discussion of new night vision equipment being used by the U.S.
Williams reprised his role of President Theodore Roosevelt in the threequel, one of his last completed projects before committing suicide in August.

While the cast was sad Williams couldn't be with them to introduce the movie, they celebrated his life and performance at the premiere. It should come as no surprise that Williams was always making people smile and laugh on set.
Anyway, consider this the latest addition to the myths surrounding the Bin Laden raid two months ago.
Especially the public weaned on Call of Duty antics and overblown specops missions that are actually classified.

11 to celebrate the family flick's release – but they remembered their late costar Robin Williams, too. So, Williams and Stiller helped act out a skit the teen actor had written to record and ask his then-girlfriend to the dance.

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