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The room doesn’t have to be small to justify placing a bed closer to the ceiling (aka a loft bed). Two important points to remember: safety railings are still a must, even for teens, and they must be able to sit upright in bed so be sure to check the dimensions between the mattress and ceiling.
With the bed off the floor, an amazing amount of usable storage and play space is created in this small, odd shaped room. Moving the bed up high, leaving the floor space open for entertaining, dressing or homework, creates a private retreat. With so much space made useful, it’s easy to see why loft beds are so popular for college dormitories. Teens require more space for stuff collected over the years….and since bodies grow (and rooms don’t), placing the bed up high dramatically increases usable floor space below.

I was wondering if you could tell me where I could purchase that bed, the seconed one with the closet underneath.
The second bed shown with the closet underneath is a custom built platform bed using standard lumber that has been painted. Give them a bed sheet or a table cloth, and theya€™ll spend hours building tents and hiding spots.
They love having their own secret space, away from the adult world, in which their imaginative minds can fight monsters, creatures, or pirates and pretend play away, without any adult interruption.Here is a collection of inspiring spaces where kids can freely save the world and be their own superheroes.
Bonusa€”you wona€™t have to ask them to give you back your table cloth, bed sheets, and other borrowed fort equipment!
Secret Space Bunk Bed via HGTVCustom-made bunk beds add some privacy and allow your child to hide and invent amazing adventure stories.

Sleek Blue Bunks via Vartnya HusBunks can either blend or standout like this one painted in sleek bluea€”a fresh, modern touch to a white-walled room.
Headboard Hideaway via Emily Sans ChichiIf you can’t see the monsters, they can’t see you either!

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