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Released in autumn 2003, "The artwork is done in the same style as the latest version of Clue; however the game board is a more stylized country estate rather than a true representation. Released in the US in April 2005 and Europe in Summer 2006, this game is a cross between Clue and the 80s boardgame: "The Mysteries Of Old Peking". All six usual suspects join a 29-year old John Boddy, his uncle Sir Hugh Black, the 5 new suspects of Clue FX (Rusty Nayler, Prince Azure, Lord Gray, Lady Lavender and Mrs.
It is heavy on character backgrounds for hints on whodunit, relying on ideas thrown in the aforementioned editions, such as: Ms.
Clue Mysteries marks the first time in America the character of Green is referred to as "Reverend Green". The object of the game is to decipher enough witness statements to identify who the culprit is and confront him in the "scene" he is hiding in.
The board features a starting point in the middle, the abodes of the six usual suspects (Scarlet Theatre, Mustard Lodge, White Cottage, Hampshire Church (Rev. There are also "scene tokens", the Cart, the Fair, the Parade and the Bus, which players must circumvent or go to once they feel ready to make an accusation. Players must race around the board, visiting the abodes of the six usual suspects; using a mirror, code key, or a transparent red plastic magnifying glass to decipher statements leading to the solution of one of the 50 mysteries contained in a quest book. Once a player feels ready to accuse, he must journey to the scene token he thinks the culprit is hiding in, and verify his accusation in the quest book. Clue Mystery cards, drawn when a player lands on an open road square, keep player pawns and scene tokens in frequent motion by bearing instructions to "Go directly to the Scarlet Theater", or "Move any one scene token to any open road space". Gameplay is fast and addictive, but the simplicity of it makes one wonder if this should not be considered a "Junior" game rather than an advanced version of Clue (the fact that there are no murders in Clue Mysteries, mostly theft, support this). The uncanny resemblance to MoOP also takes a lot from it, as the inspiration drawn from MoOp is more than just the concept.
The graphic design of the game would also appeal to a younger audience, as the 1920s art-deco feel which revitalized the 2002 US Clue edition, here draws undoubtedly on the childish. In October 2005, the Cluedo DVD Game was released in the UK; shortly followed by a French edition.
This is a 3 to 5 player game, but is playable by two players (choosing 3 from the menu and then just not using one piece). The components to work out are Whodunit, Where, When and What Item (in this game you are unveiling a theft, not a murder). There are the normal nine rooms from the original game plus two outside venues (Rose Garden and Fountain) and a central location - the Evidence Room. There are 10 playing pieces (the original six, plus four from SFX) making the line up: Colonel Mustard, Reverend Green, Professor Plum, Prince Azure, Rusty, Mrs. There are 10 set mysteries (which always have the same solution) and then a "General Case" which will always be different, meaning that the game doesn't run out like Clue Mysteries. Later on in the main stories, you can read notes from Inspector Brown to help with your deductions. Also in the main stories, you can Summon The Butler (Ashe) and he will tell everyone a hint such as "The women were seen in the conseravtory at tea time", to help solve the case. These two things (above) are really neat, but unfortuantely would not be possible in the General Case - and thus are absent from that game's play along with a couple of other things. In the main stories, the item cards are not dealt out, but put aside in the the Butler's Pantry (a space in the corner of the board). In the General Case, the Item cards are not used at all, meaning that you are only trying to solve Who, When and Where (a real shame in my opinion). Throughout the game (and speeding up with time) players have to place a card face up in the evidence room - adding a great feeling of being up against the clock! There are 3D CGI cut scenes (mainly for the main cases) showing a bit of the story; but also whenever Ashe or Brown talk to you, they are animated. Random things happen whenever you go through the secret passages - such as being sent back to where you came from, seeing cards or ending up somewhere else. In the main stories, if you accuse and get the wrong answer then you are not out of the game - you just lose cards instead.

Can I have a show of hands from my fellow health care workers on the danger and illegibility of handwritten doctor prescriptions and medication charts?Yes?
Regardless of whether I write in print or cursive, my handwriting is chicken scratch that many people can't read.
I think, if the handwriting is very heavy on the cursive, reading it becomes more knowing where certain letters fall in a word rather than being able to read every individual letter. Is is just in America or is there a debate about writing in print characters in England, too?
In Australia I was taught to write in that semi-cursive (joining letters) when I was in primary school.
I only use cursive as part of my signature and my print writing is pretty difficult to read (well, not illegible, but yeah), so I use typed. Exploding with holiday décor, this English manor-style home was definitely ready for Christmas! Pamela brings in jalepenos from the garden for her Texas tree and adds on cute boot ornaments and reindeer antlers – so fun! The dining room offers additional views of the English garden and carries over the stained glass from the entry. When it’s set for the festivities, the dining table becomes a jolly yuletide landscape with a combination of Christmas china, a red tablecloth and lots of holiday accessories. One of Pamela’s favorite things is designing large, ceiling-high centerpieces for the kitchen. Next week I will show you my redo or my kitchen den and breakfast areas!!  A new look for the new year!!
The locations are now the garage, the garden, the gazebo, the tennis court, the swimming pool, the gate house, the stables, the boathouse and the mansion. However if you choose to 'Search', you may search and interrogate the suspects in a location. The board is identical, if Clue-themed, and the props are likewise identical, so seems to be the gameplay (Refer to Globetrotter Games for more info on the original game) except for witness cards which have been replaced by witness wheels - on which players decode the clues. Boddy reveals where the culprit is hiding, and the local police station where Inspector Brown tells the players which (if any) suspect is lying.
Although the fun of the game still resides in finding out whodunit, the game's accent on deciphering statements with ridiculous props, rather than deducing which cards are in the murder envelope or other players' hands, make this more of a race than an investigation in the Clue tradition.
Despite similarities in idea, "The Great Museum Caper" stood alone, and apart from "Scotland Yard". Click on the picture to the left for the UK cover and see Cluedopédie for information on the continetal European versions.
The image to the left is the released cover in the UK; the two images to the right are concept box covers. The pieces are a little disappointing and very similar in style to SFX and recent editions. You use the red magnifying glass to unveil a number on the screen and then look up that number in the booklet. This means that once the 10 main games are played, the game will probably lose some of its fun - but having had a brief look at the General Case, it should have enough to be like playing an original game, but with some added interactive fun - meaning that it shouldn't run out of steam all together. The obvious tactic from SFX of collecting the missing cards first, happens again here - but as some item cards get moved into rooms (where you have to pass observation tests to be able to look at them) this isn't quite so simple. The quality isn't exactly "Toy Story" or "The Incredibles" but it is adequate for the game. There are no dice, so you move immediately from one room to another via these passageways (a bit like in SFX). They secrete a stone dissolving acid from the tips of their follicles that they use to etch symbols into slabs. It was always easier and more useful for me to write in print, because I can at least count on everybody knowing all the characters in print. It gets better if I slow down to try but that distracts from the actual act of thinking about what to write.

Not forced to, just taught how to do so and chose to after that because my parents write in cursive.
The daughter of an artist and a chemical engineer, Pamela loves exploring the right side of her brain and using her creativity to decorate for the holidays.
The Christmas décor even seems to enhance the English manor style – so beautiful! Pamela used an assortment of ribbon and fruit for this one – locally grown apples and pears were traditionally used to adorn trees, wreaths and garlands throughout Europe and Britain and then were later eaten from the branches as part of the Christmas feasting!
Each with its own theme, the home has a fairy tree, a Santa tree, a bird tree, a redware tree, a Texas tree, an heirloom tree, a 12 Days of Christmas tree, a princess tree and a diva tree!!!
I love the different sizes and shapes of the avian ornaments combined with snow-covered pinecones, berries and nests! The hand-painted murals over plaster were inspired by a garden room which were from one of Pam's books on English Manor houses.
The new weapons are the dangerous-looking hammer and garden shears, the impractical horse shoe and bucket, and the whimsical tennis racket and garden gnome. Peach (who had previously appeared in Master Detective and the VCR games), as pre-eminent citizens of Hampshire. Plum's purple take on the Disneyland Castle is enough to make any fan of the original game wince in pain. But twelve deceitful characters are plotting their demise and turning Hampshire into a hotbed of petty crimes! After buying an acre lot that had a run-down original farmhouse 17 years ago, they remodeled and added over 4500 square feet!
We plastered the walls and then glazed the ceiling, highlighting the unique squares in gold to bring out the details. Each of the main roads leading from the starting point features a "shortcut spot", from which you can go anywhere you please on the board. Inspector Brown’s casebook is bulging with unsolved mysteries and he needs your help to solve them.
The rooms all continue the "architecture blue prints" idea from SFX, which is lovely to see.
As for it being legible, it just depends on how often you read cursive and how neat the handwriting is.
Completed by architect Danielle Gingrich, the house pays homage to the English architecture that the homeowners love.
A rusty-orange pawn seems to represent Rusty Nayler, and a sickly lavander-colored pawn is more reminiscent of Lady Lavender than Prof. Choose one of the 50 mysteries, then travel from location to location to question witnesses and decode their clues. I really like the representation of the times of day on their cards; and the items are very reminiscent of Super Sleuth. Cursive can be perfectly legible if people put in a little bit of effort into making it so.Did you know that cursive alphabets are different in different countries?
Remember to visit all witnesses, as Inspector Brown will tell you if anyone's lying and Dr. Several of the letters are completely different, and many of the letters resemble each other too closely for me to read them easily. Contents - 1 gameboard, 6 movers, 6 detective notebooks, 1 pad of notebook sheets, 24 cards, 4 scene tokens, 8 character wheels with plastic buttons and stands, 1 spyglass, 1 secret mirror, 1 location key, 1 die, label sheet and instructions with casebook. Apparently it's easier for a young mind to learn to read and write if the letters in a word are joined together. You never have to go back to cross a T, for example, and most of the letters with closed circles are open in cursive to save time.

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