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The public has long held an image of stiff dudes in suits, sunglasses, and earpieces with limited verbal skills guarding our president. Certain people get agents no matter what — the president, the vice president, the rest of the First Family, former presidents, etc.
When agents accompanied the Kennedys to Palm Beach, they’d often wear khakis and polos to better blend in with the crowds. Most government agencies have strict drug policies, but the Secret Service lays it down right on its official FAQ page. Some people falsely believe Secret Service agents can’t marry at all, doomed to live as virtual priests.
Most major Secret Service operation changes happen after the ultimate agency nightmare: an assassination. One perk of the job is getting to bring your spouse, mom, or other plus-one of your choosing to the White House Christmas party.

When a new president arrives at the White House, the Secret Service assigns a single letter that will serve as the basis for every First Family code name. And while some of the stereotypes are true, there’s a lot more to the Secret Service than dark Ray-Bans. There are several steps to the training, and it never truly stops (agents protecting the president go through refresher courses every eight weeks to stay sharp). And Bill Clinton famously caused a security headache with his jogging habit: because he wanted to be out with the people, Clinton refused to use the White House track and would go on routes around DC, with several Secret Service personnel in matching short shorts following behind. The Secret Service wasn’t even formally protecting the president until William McKinley was killed in 1901, and obviously there was a lot of revising protocol after JFK was shot in 1963.
The First Lady didn’t like to publicize her nicotine habit, so she frequently hit Hill up for smokes during their drives together. But obviously, there’s a lot of practice with guns, including revolvers, shotguns, and Uzis, a weapon the Secret Service still legitimately uses, according to Emmett.

It’s unclear if the practice continued on in other administrations, but we know Laura Bush privately enjoyed cigarettes in the past, so maybe? Some past examples include Ted Kennedy, who got a detail while he stumped for Walter Mondale in 1984 because of his family history, and Rajiv Gandhi, who got agents the same year when he visited New York, also due to his family history and direct threats. But if you’re working in a field office, this stuff is going to take up way more of your day-to-day than following visiting heads of state around.
That way if an attack occurs, the Secret Service will have a clear picture of what happened.

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