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Flak Secuter is simply ideal to be used as a security key in Google 2-step verification procedure.
The cyber world came recently into the realization, especially after the well-known celebrity photo hacking scandal, that password based protection of user accounts is too weak and can very be easily hacked.
Using Flak Secuter as a security key in 2-step verification for Google services adds this very much needed second layer of security.
FLAK secuter is all-in-one Linux based computer developed specially for user security in Internet. The Card Security Code (CSC), sometimes called Card Verification Value (CVV or CV2), Card Verification Value Code (CVVC), Card Verification Code (CVC), Verification Code (V-Code or V Code), or Card Code Verification (CCV)[1] is a security feature for credit or debit card transactions, giving increased protection against credit card fraud. The first code, called CVC1 or CVV1, is encoded on the magnetic stripe of the card and used for transactions in person.
Contactless card and chip cards may supply their own codes generated electronically, such as iCVV or Dynamic CVV. The CVC should not be confused with the standard card account number appearing in embossed or printed digits.
Press your menu button and find the option to bookmark this page (a star icon for some browsers). NEW YORK – The White House appears to have dropped a bombshell when it explained to the press why White House staff in Washington enrolled President Obama in Obamacare instead of Obama himself. The Fox News report,  noted by the Gateway Pundit, set off a round of speculation on the Internet. What information was so sensitive for Obama that it had to be excluded from government databases? Clearly, the information was not his Social Security Number or his birth records, because the White House has claimed to have made public both. On May 5, 2010, WND published a report documenting that WND researchers were able to find, through an ordinary search of the Social Security database online, the Social Security Number Obama has been using. In the same article, WND also reported Obama was using a Social Security Number set aside by the Social Security Administration for applicants with addresses in Connecticut.

The White House also releases annually on a timely basis the income tax returns for Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, with the Social Security Numbers missing. The website says the only information required for applying for health-care coverage on the government exchange is a Social Security Number, employer and income verification, and the policy numbers of any current health-insurance plans. As indicated above, WND reported after Obama took the oath of office that the Social Security Number he currently is using could be found through a public search on the Social Security website.
While the policy numbers of existing health-insurance plans covering members of the household would be protected for all citizens under various state and federal privacy statutes, the information does not appear to reach the threshold where national-security concerns would require keeping the information secret for the commander in chief under a national-security classification. As seen below, Obama’s Social Security Number produced a mismatch that warranted a visit to the Social Security Administration to investigate the discrepancy. Yet, WND has independently verified that Obama is using the Social Security Number in question. America Saves Week, February 22-27-2016, reminds us all of the importance of saving and investing for the future. The Social Security Administration is one of many public and private organizations participating in America Saves Week. Recent posts touched upon starting Social Security retirement early, meaning reduced because you are younger than full retirement age (FRA).
The maximum monthly Social Security retirement amount payable in a year generates a lot of interest.
Since 2003 I have served as the Social Security Public Affairs Specialist, essentially a teacher about Social Security, for all of North Dakota and western Minnesota. We as simple internet users can partially blame ourselves, because we do not tend to follow the rules to create safer passwords. With FLAK secuter you will be verified in Google service within the secured session where all traffic is encrypted. These codes are not printed or embedded in the card but are manually entered at the time of transaction.
Yet for the purpose of filing the IRS return, there appears to be no exception allowing the president or the vice president to omit their Social Security Numbers.
12, 2011, WND reported the Social Security Number being used by Obama did not pass a check with E-Verify, the electronic system the U.S.

2, 2011, that Obama’s Social Security Number links to Obama in the online records maintained by the Selective Service system. 30, 2010, WND reported that the Social Security Administration has decided to randomize all future Social Security Numbers issued, beginning on or about June 25, 2011, in a move that will eliminate state-specific assignment of the Social Security Numbers.
A: The SSA-1099 tax form is mailed each January to everyone receiving Social Security benefits. Rather than just tossing it on the table until needed for completion of your taxes, make sure your W-2 is correct now. It allows you to use solution in public WIFI networks and blocks all types of Internet attacks such as main in the middle or fishing. In many countries in Western Europe, due to increased attempts at card fraud, it is now mandatory to provide this code when the cardholder is not present in person. Gregory Hollister, retired, obtained from the Social Security Administration verification that the Social Security Number currently being used by Obama is a number that was never issued to him. Inserting Obama’s Social Security Number into the online Selective Service search engine produces a valid Selective Service Number identified with Obama. For tax purposes, it shows the total amount of benefits received by you from Social Security in the previous year. Deciding to retire is a major decision and Social Security benefits are just one part of that decision. To be clear, this will be the maximum amount payable to a person retiring exactly at full retirement age (FRA) in 2016. It is important that your name and Social Security number (SSN) be correct on your W-2 form. Department of Homeland Security created to verify whether or not prospective employees have the required authorization to work legally in the United States.

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