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Who were you in your past life and what have you brought with you to this moment that you need clarity around? Recurring dreams and nightmares can be a reflection of a past life if certain events, people, and specific places in the dream or nightmare are recognizable. Having a predisposition for certain time periods or cultures could mean your soul has experienced them before. A traumatic event in a past life can take the shape of unexplainable phobias, such as the fear of drowning and being frightened of certain places and animals.

Research has shown numerous cases where people are remembering critical pieces of evidence that prove reincarnation does exist. For instance, you enter a building in a town you’ve never visited but every detail of the building is familiar. A master of oriental medicine and a nationally licensed acupuncturist who continues a family tradition of oriental healing extending four generations.
Banya will equip you with new clarity to see your life in a much more positive and hopeful direction.

Banya specializes in Asian energy principles for the integrated healing of body, mind, and spirit.

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