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Putting the theory into practise Looking at the bigger picture, with regard to the whole subject of change management theories, the Practitioners' Masterclass emphasises the need for a change model, and change methodology, that bridges the gap that exists [with most popular change models] between the high level a€?big-picturea€? strategic vision and a successful implementation at the front-line. How do companies in the third category manage to leverage these changes into strategic advantages? It is natural and common for people to respond to change with emotions of fear and resistance.
Resistance is a natural, universal, inevitable human response to a change that someone else thinks is a good idea, and resisting change or improvement does not make someone bad or narrow-minded.

There may be a number of external and internal forces acting on the organisation due to which the need for the change is being felt. Those who master these two techniques have learned a trade that will be in demand for the foreseeable future. Raj Aparna (2000), The Human Side of Change, '8M', Journal of Jagan Institute of Management Studies, New Delhi,  Vol.
What we need to do is to recognize and understand many factors from the person's point of view in order to overcome any resistance.

In particular, he should understand how the business in which and on which he is working works. Such organisations ride on the new technologies and the opportunities provided by them to forge ahead of others and build competitive advantage.

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