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On the morning of June 9, 1946, the 20-year-old Ananda Mahidol, King Rama VIII of Siam, was shot through the head and killed in his bedroom in the Barompiman Hall building in the Grand Palace complex in Bangkok.
Officially, the killing is described as a mystery, one of the world’s most extraordinary unsolved crimes of the past century. Within minutes of Ananda’s death, the crime scene was deliberately tampered with to hide the evidence of what really happened. The investigation deliberately excluded a fourth possibility: that Ananda was accidentally shot by somebody else.
Despite the destruction of evidence, and the fact that those involved lied about what happened, it is possible to reconstruct how Ananda died. In the immediate aftermath of Ananda’s death, it was widely assumed that he had commited suicide. But the story that Ananda shot himself by mistake was never remotely plausible. The Colt is a relatively heavy handgun, weighing more than a kilogram when fully loaded, and to be fired it requires considerable pressure to be placed not just on the trigger but also simultaneously on a safety panel on the back of the butt.
Suicide was a slightly more credible theory, but for many of the same reasons that ruled out Ananda accidentally shooting himself, it seemed desperately unlikely. The death of Ananda Mahidol may well be recorded as one of the unresolved mysteries of history.
The Prime Minister spoke to me very frankly about the whole situation and ascribed the King’s death to an accident, but it was obvious that the possibility of suicide was in the back of his mind. Yost wrote in conclusion that Pridi “still intended to endeavor to work with the new King and his mother”.
The Foreign Minister…informed me that he an audience this morning with the new King in which His Majesty had inquired about rumours in regard to his brother’s death are still being spread about. Yost also reported that Seni Pramoj was explicitly attempting to smear Pridi by sending emissaries to the U.S. The Department may also be interested to know that within 48 hours after the death of late King two relatives of Seni, first his nephew and later his wife, came to the Legation and stated categorically their conviction that the King had been assassinated at the instigation of the Prime Minister. The cable noted that the British Ambassador, Sir Geoffrey Thompson, told Yost he had been visited by several politicians telling a similar story.
Faced with this rumourmongering, Pridi’s position became increasingly difficult. On June 18, his government up a commission of inquiry tasked with finding out the truth about Ananda’s death. As the doctors were carrying out their investigations, royalists spread rumours that Bhumibol’s life was in danger too. And in their most audacious attempted power grab of all, they tried to use their scaremongering to win support from the British ambassador for a palace-sponsored coup against Pridi Banomyong and his government. A member of the Royal family a few days ago sought from the British Minister support for a coup d’etat, claiming otherwise the Dynasty would be wiped out.
Also on June 27, a secret cable from British ambassador Geoffrey Thompson noted remarks from Direk suggesting there had been a deliberate cover-up in the palace after Ananda was killed.
On August 19, a date set by royal astrologers, Sangwan and Bhumibol set off for Lausanne in a plane provided by the British.
Meanwhile, investigations into Ananda’s death were increasingly pointing to the overwhelming likelihood that Bhumibol was responsible. On November 8, 1947, Thailand’s royalists allied with the militarist clique of Phibul Songkram overthrew the government. In the days that followed, royal pages But Patamasarin and Chit Singhaseni were arrested, along with former royal secretary Chaliew Pathumros. In February 1948, Thompson discussed the death of Ananda with Admiral Thamrong Navaswadhi, who had been prime minister from from August 1946 until he was deposed in the November 1947 coup. The plan was foiled by military strongman Field Marshal Pibul Songkram, who deposed the Khuang government in a coup in April 1948. Bhumibol finally returned to Thailand briefly in March 1950 for his brother’s cremation, his formal coronation, and his marriage to Sirikit Kitiyakara. Bhumibol knew that But Patamasarin, Chit Singhaseni and Chaliew Pathumros had nothing to do with his brother’s murder.
During the 1990s, Bhumibol cooperated with Canadian author William Stevenson in a semi-official biography that put forward yet another story about how Ananda died. The repeated changes in Bhumibol’s story are another clue about what really happened on June 9, 1946. One of the curious things about the secret of how King Ananda died is that, in establishment circles in Thailand, it has never been a secret at all. During their years in Siam, Margaret Landon had become fascinated by the life of Anna Leonowens, a woman of British and Indian descent who had been a tutor to the many wives and children of Mongkut, King Rama IV, in the 1860s. When World War II ended, Kenneth Landon was sent to Southeast Asia to join tense negotiations with the Thais and British over the postwar status of Siam. In two previous articles, here and here, I shared the private comments of Kenneth Landon on the death of King Ananda. The handwritten note by his wife Margaret was based on conversations with her friend  Lydia na Ranong, a woman born into China’s aristocracy who married a Thai and became a confidante of senior royals in Bangkok.
The version Lydia na Ranong heard from Prince Rangsit’s circle is extraordinary for several reasons. The story is hearsay, and some of the details are suspect — Margaret Landon clearly jotted it down in haste.
When she arrived in Thailand with Chok, she was received as royalty, and the King granted her the immunity from arrest without his consent that the Royal Family enjoys. The story begins in America where Mahidol’s mother, Phra Pan Wassa (ask Winit about use of this word.
There was consternation in the RF when the two reached Bangkok and the real purpose was discovered. The dowager Queen’s palace was Pathumwan, and she never permitted Sangwan to cross the threshold.
P poured out his terrible story, and events began to take a course for which the RF blames Sangwan. Curiously enough, the logical candidate would have been Prince Chumphot, but he, too, had no sons and only a daughter, who married a Frenchman. Lydia says that Luang Pradit now has in his possession a letter from Luang Pibul, written a year before his death, acknowledging that the charge of complicity made against Pradit in the King’s death was false and that he, Luang Pibul, always knew this. This is an interesting article, but the facts do not support the conclusion that the King was responsible for his brother’s death, mostly because the possibility of suicide is too readily dismissed. David, you’re right that my dismissal of the suicide theory was rather peremptory, for reasons of concision. It’s also worth noting that both scenarios are profoundly tragic for Bhumibol and Sangwan, who deserve considerable sympathy for the ordeal they suffered. As you can probably imagine, LG and Samsung aren't the only smartphone manufacturers in South Korea. That's the sad truth about Android: hardly anything economically feasible can be built around it. Here, we round up the most effective tear-inducing films ever, telling you, dear readers, why they made us cry all the tears. There's no shortage of busted relationships in movies, but none is as authentic or heartrending as the one seen in Derek Cianfrance's acclaimed indie "Blue Valentine." The story, which pairs an unhappy pre-med student named Cindy (Michelle Williams) and a high school dropout named Dean (Ryan Gosling), chronicles the marriage they launch into upon discovering Cindy is pregnant. To be honest, I haven't watched the movie in years because I'm afraid of the waterworks that will flow when Jena Malone rejects cool-photographer-stepmom (Julia Roberts) in favor of dying-of-cancer-real-mom (Susan Sarandon). You sit down to watch an uplifting animated little Pixar gem, and no later than the opening credits you're bawling. As a child, my cinematic intake revolved almost entirely around "The Land Before Time" series. Luca Guadagnino's 2009 film about an aristocratic Italian family could have been yet another study about a snooty set of society with too much money. It was a hot summer’s day as I sat in the cold dark theatre at Lincoln Center watching a screening of “The Bridges of Madison County” as part of a Clint Eastwood retrospective.
Now here Maggie and I sat watching one of our now-favorite films on the big screen, and I knew the waterworks were coming. The Simple Sabotage Field Manual was published in 1944 by the Office of Strategic Services, the agency that came to be the CIA: it outlined simple tactics for putting bureaucratic grit in the wheels of occupied countries, for example, by referring key decisions to committees and then obstructing the work of those committees. It's become a modern classic because so many of its recommendations are eerily similar to the kinds of measures we see people getting up to in our corporations and governments, seemingly without the explicit desire of destroying society.
Charlie Stross notes that, while the OSS's original recommendations still hold, the world of software development has opened up all kinds of new opportunities for bureaucratic sabotage, much of which can be readily observed in the wild. The initial 8-book run was so popular that the series continued, and was licensed as a live-action movie from Fox. The first two books tell a single long story that introduces the many Lumberjanes mysteries -- and the many badges that a Lumberjane can earn during her summers at camp. The comic has moved from strength to strength during its run, sensitively and intelligently tackling one character's trans identity and a romance between two others, in a way that's both sweet and age-appropriate for the youngest readers of the series (Boom Box, the publisher, rates it for eight and up). What's more, the creators are building out a huge, satisfying world with many well-drawn peripheral characters (I want to go to a camp with counselors like the ones we only meet for a panel or two in book three!).
Always fast-paced, always funny, Lumberjanes nevertheless is a story about characters, about intense friendship, and about overcoming personal challenges with help from your friends. KTLA, a local TV channel in Los Angeles, slut shamed their weather forecaster on live TV by telling her to put on a sweater to cover her dress. The administrators of the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport are apparently considering getting rid of the TSA and replacing them with private contractors, similar to the setup at San Francisco International Airport. The frustration with the TSA comes as the agency has been allowing security lines to grow to three hours long, with no end in sight, apparently in a political game to secure more funding and drive more fliers to sign up for Precheck, which helps fund the agency's operations. The breaking point was a TSA technical error that caused 3,000 checked bags to be stuck at PHX last Thursday, with airline ground crews complaining that the TSA had "No Plan B" for technical failures.
Since checked baggage fees were a response to the burgeoning fuel costs of 2008, the senators argued, the current decline in oil prices should allow airlines to safely drop them now. A study by the Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration found that half of American Internet users are "deterred" from engaging in online transactions because of fears over privacy and security breaches. The report calls for improvements in security and cryptography (a controversial position, given the anti-cryptographic stance of America's surveillance and law enforcement agencies). The survey's respondents cited the risk of identity theft as their main source of anxiety, followed by privacy concerns over data collection by online services and the US government. In addition to a reluctance to shop online, the survey respondents indicated a chilling effect on their personal expression, especially when it came to expressing controversial opinions or participating in social networking. The NTIA has a Request for Comment where it is inviting Internet users weigh in on "the potential benefits and challenges of these technologies and what role, if any, the U.S. It is clear that many Americans have serious concerns about privacy and security on the Internet.
Online households were even more likely to refrain from a particular activity when they had privacy or security concerns related to the activity in question. Iceland's elections are publicly funded, with funds awarded based on polls of the electorate; the Pirates have consistently polled higher than any other party, and the incumbent coalition (whose parties are polling in the single digits) has been scrambling to avoid a general election after the Panama Papers revealed that he had secret offshore accounts that benefited from his bailout of Iceland's planet-destroying banks. She is also the founder of the International Modern Media Institute, which has called for Iceland to establish itself as a "Switzerland of Bits" where whistleblowers and the documents they leak would find safe havens. She has previously expressed her desire to extend asylum to Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. The Pirates do not have a formal leader, but poet and activist Birgitta Jonsdottir MP is the chair of the Pirate parliamentary group and their de facto spokesperson.
The Nebula Awards -- voted on by members of the Science Fiction Writers of America to recognize excellence in science fiction and fantasy -- were given out in Chicago yesterday, and every prose award went to a woman (the film award went to the writers of feminist action film Mad Max: Fury Road). Best novel went to copyfighter Naomi Novik for Uprooted and best YA novel went to Fran Wilde for Updraft.
Inbox by Gmail combs through your email looking for frequent correspondents and puts the people who email you the most in a "speed dial" sidebar (that you can't edit) that puts their names and pictures front-and-center for you every time you go to your email. Which is great, unless one of the people who emails you the most is a vicious harasser who sends you a constant stream of angry, belittling messages.

If you purge the harasser from your address book (meaning you can't find him if he crosses a line and you need to give his details to the police or your employer, etc), then, finally, Gmail will relent. It's not that Google wants to do this, it's that they didn't anticipate this outcome, and compounded that omission by likewise omitting a way to overrule the algorithm's judgment. I've got a few different bicycles and motorcycles I like to mount GoPro cameras on, and different diameter handlebars make that a pain. Gaze upon this year’s Beyond Brookledge giclee poster (which will be gifted to event attendees along with a few other treasures May 20-21st at the Mission Inn in Riverside). As always, visual treats will be abound throughout the weekend-long whirlwind of magic, music and comedy.
Event co-producer Bob Self says, “You’ve never experienced anything like this… except maybe in your most spectacular dreams. In a new scientific review paper published in World Neurosurgery, a group of Oxford neurosurgeons and scientists round up a set of dire, terrifying warnings about the way that neural implants are vulnerable to networked attacks. Most of the article turns on deep brain stimulation devices, which can be used to stimulate or suppress activity in different parts of the brain, already used to treat some forms of mental illness, chronic pain and other disorders.
The researchers discuss some of the ways in which the (dismal) state of medical implant security could be improved. The paper has a delightful bibliography, which cites books like Neuromancer, anime like Ghost in the Shell, as well as papers in Nature, Brain, The Journal of Neurosurgery, and Brain Stimulation.
Jonathan Mathew is one of the bankers at Barclays who participated in the Libor rigging fraud, which cost people all over the world trillions of dollars in higher payments on mortgages, government bonds, student loans, and other assets totalling $350 trillion. Mathew said Johnson also had a 12-inch baseball bat on his desk, which he sometimes used to hit him on the back of the head or knuckles.
Despite his ordeal, Mathew said he had learned a great deal from Johnson who, in October 2014, admitted fixing Libor rates. FBI Director James Comey told reporters that "viral video effect" (which is his latest term for what used to be called the "Ferguson effect") is responsible for increased violent crime in some US cities, in that police are scared to do their jobs because they might end up on Youtube in an unflattering video. Comey says he's seen secret reports indicating that Chicago, Las Vegas and some other US cities have experienced surges in violent crime, and that anaedoctal evidence from officers has convinced him that it's because cameraphones have made the police too timid for effective policing. The campaign to free the police from accountability is just one of the controversial projects that pits Comey against the White House -- another being the war on effective cryptography.
Also dissenting from Comey's position is the National Fraternal Order of Police, which represents 330,000 rank and file police officers. If you like tech (and if you’re reading a post here on Boing Boing, that’s a pretty safe bet), then you already know of - and likely love - Newegg. If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll get $1,000 shopping spree to either upgrade your current rig or maybe even just start over from scratch. Just sign up via Facebook or email and then be that lucky person who gets their name randomly selected. You can even earn yourself an extra shot at the big prize if a friend of yours (whose 21 or older, of course) also enters the Sweepstakes by following the Additional Entry instructions on the screen.
Those who were in the Barompiman Hall that morning have never publicly revealed the truth of what happened, and only one of them remains alive: King Bhumibol himself.
It is clear he has suffered a lifetime of shame and sorrow because of what happened that morning in 1946.
The large assembly of princes and politicians who gathered downstairs in the Barompiman Hall after Ananda’s death did not spend much time debating whether he had been assassinated by an intruder — as they surely would have done if there were genuine suspicions that this had been the case — but instead fretted over how to explain Ananda’s death to the public. The chances of Ananda doing this by accident, while the gun was pointed at his forehead, were extremely slim. It is almost unheard of for somebody to commit suicide lying on their back, and the trajectory the bullet had taken through Ananda’s skull was also very unusual for a suicide.
He was violently angry at the accusations of foul play levelled against himself and most bitter at the manner in which he alleged that the Royal Family and the Opposition, particularly Seni Pramoj and Phra Sudhiat, had prejudiced the King and especially the Princess Mother against him. The following day, another cable from Yost, “Footnotes on the King’s Death”, discussed the various theories about Ananda’s death, and recounted a conversation with Foreign Minister Direk Jayanama who had just had an audience with Bhumibol. According to Direk, he replied that the rumours are still being circulated widely, that some claim that the King was murdered by the orders of the Prime Minister, some … murdered by former aide-de-camp and some that he committed suicide under political pressure. Thompson had told them he accepted the official account of Ananda’s death and refused to discuss the matter further. Thompson categorically refused to support and warned the petitioner of probable fatal consequences of any attempt of this kind. Most of the doctors ruled out a self-inflicted accident and also considered suicide highly unlikely. Officially, Thailand’s new king was returning to Switzerland to complete his studies at the University of Lausanne.
They used the widespread popular belief that Pridi was hiding crucial evidence about Ananda’s death to legitimize their power grab.
The new government alleged they had been part of a communist plot masterminded by Pridi to murder Ananda. Such a possibility was indicated by an earlier memorandum by me on this subject… This then becomes a deliberate attempt by Khuang to restore the monarchy to some of its former power and to establish Khuang and the Pramoj brothers firmly as the leaders of a royalist party and of the nation.
Pibul wanted to keep Bhumibol on the throne, believing that the secret of his accidental killing of Ananda could be used to manipulate him. In the days immediately after his brother’s death, he vehemently insisted that it was an accident. This time, the alleged scapegoat was notorious Japanese military officer Masanobu Tsuji, who was said to have sneaked into the palace disguised as a monk. In private, members of the extended royal family routinely acknowledge to trusted friends that Bhumibol killed his brother, probably by accident.
She published a semi-fictionalized account of Leonowens’ time in Bangkok, Anna and the King of Siam, in 1944. He spent months in the region, from late 1945 until mid-1946, and met most of Thailand’s key political leaders, plus King Ananda, recently returned from Switzerland.
It totally rewrites the official story of the life of Sangwan Talapat, mother of Bhumibol and Ananda. The account is infused with contempt for Sangwan, the mother of Ananda and Bhumibol, who was born a commoner and was never liked by much of the royal family. She came to know leading members of the Royal Family and mentioned especially Prince Wan and Prince Rangsit. Is it grandmother of a king?) sent two girls from her entourage to study (ostensibly) but also to serve as mia noi to the prince. When he wrote of his intention, his letter was not correctly interpreted, his mother thought that he was coming home to marry and, in the meantime, was taking Sangwan as mia noi.
I believe the old Queen was irreconcilable and that the King refused to perform the marriage but that M tricked a prince (Nagor Svarga) into doing so.
After her death Phumiphol conferred the palace on his mother, as compensation, but the dislike of Sangwan was continued in the RF.
The map of the palace is in the Discus, and the room where the King died is now part of the palace used to greet visiting VIPs. They say that she was proud to be the mother of a King and instantly decided to suppress the truth in order to protect Phumihol and guard his right to succeed his brother, and of her determination, they say, to retain her own position. They believe the death was truly an accident, not murder, and that the people should have been so informed. Indeed, for a long time, local rival Pantech managed to keep the pressure on them and persevere, taking he third spot in terms of total sales.
In fact, judging by the specs sheet of the device, it would have easily made a serious Samsung Galaxy Note 4 competitor. It was not, however, and something we realized after weeping through the poetic beauty of the film's father-son love story.
The vulnerable couple tries their damnedest to make it work, clinging to the spark that first ignited their kindred souls. Released in 1998, this movie was prime Julia and Susan years, when sentimentality ruled and Ed Harris was hunky.
The introductory montage of bright-eyed Carl and his adventurous wife, Ellie, as they go from painting their first mailbox to wrinkled, grey and saying goodbye to each other in a hospital room -- with their dreams of adventure never being realized -- is simply devastating.
While all 12 sequels are beautiful and necessary chapters of the history of dinosaurs, nothing strums my heartstrings quite like the original.
Instead, told through the eyes of Tilda Swinton (outstanding as family matriarch Emma Recchi), the film swiftly and sometimes violently unravels in the name of love and sexual passion. In addition to its valuable message about the death penalty, it really got the emotions going.
Though I was (as every human is) a huge Meryl Streep fan, this 1995 film (directed by Eastwood) had been off my radar until my friend Maggie came out of her room one day a year earlier, eyes swollen from crying and shoved the DVD in my hand. It's as if the OSS just did a survey of the foibles of modern culture and wrote them up as a sabotage manual in a work of weird, classified satire: "Just look at your co-workers and bosses.
Obviously, engineers and software developers (who require deep focus time) need to be kept in touch with the beating heart of the enterprise. Teams are better than individuals and everyone has to be aware of the valuable contributions of employees in other roles. Senior managers should all be "A" Players (per Jack Welch's vitality model—see "stack ranking" above) so we should promote managers who are energetic, inspirational, and charismatic risk-takers. It's easy to see why: there's rarely been a more likable cast of characters in kids' comic history, each one with her own distinctive personality, quirks and challenges. The third book is an anthology that features guest contributions from some of my favorite comics creators, like the incredible Faith Erin Hicks, whose affection for this story shines out like a lighthouse beam (specifically, like the beam of the enchanted lighthouse in the first two books).
It's no wonder that the comic has spawned such a huge fandom, producing their own Lumberjanes merit badges (which you can wear on this official $48 Lumberjanes denim jacket).
Find a photo of your favourite HR Giger painting online and trace the basic contours in a drawing program. Sprinkle the finished pie top with flour, add another layer of cling wrap and put in the fridge. Unroll your bottom pie crust, poke vent holes with a fork, cover with an egg white wash, fill with thinly sliced apples, and top off with a mixture of apple sauce and spices until surface level. Have you ever seen a magician pull a table cloth out from a table and leave all the dishes standing?
Private screeners like the ones at SFO lack even the minimal accountability of the TSA, falling outside some Freedom of Information boundaries.
The senators wrote that while this would not be a "panacea," it might temporarily ease the strain on airports as passengers would be de-incentivized to overpack large carry-ons that extend the wait times at security checkpoints. NTIA’s most troubling finding comes from a series of questions about whether households had refrained from participating in certain online activities due to privacy or security concerns during the year prior to the survey. Among households citing identity theft as a concern, for example, 35 percent reported that they had refrained from conducting financial transactions online during the year prior to the survey, compared with 18 percent of other online households. As with other examples of algorithmic cruelty, it's not so much this specific example as was it presages for a future in which more and more of our external reality is determined by models derived from machine learning systems whose workings we're not privy to and have no say in. This someone else had been emailing me a lot, though I think my mom had still been emailing me more.
Other mounts I've tried use various adaptors and sizing rings to try and get a snug, vibration light fit. The art is by Ragnar who also created the imagery for the Beyond Brookledge 2013 and 2014 posters.
Connoisseurs of Walking Your Octopus creator Brian Kesinger’s art, board game aficionados, and devotees of the alternative histories of acclaimed author Tim Powers are sure to be pleased with the event’s mysterious and exhilarating goings-on.
I recently co-authored a set of comments to the FDA asking them to require manufacturers to promise not to use the DMCA to intimidate and silence security researchers who come forward with warnings about dangerous defects in their products. Last year, when Comey made similar remarks, the White House "distanced itself" from his position.

Comey said he rejected that particular term, but added that he continued to hear from police officials in private conversations that “lots and lots of police officers” are pulling back from aggressive confrontations with the public because of viral videos. They’re one of the elite computer retailers on the planet, and a guaranteed place to get trapped in a gee-whiz vortex as you spin through literally millions of ultra-cool items. It seems likely that he will never reveal what happened, and will take his secret to the grave. Many Thais believe the truth should remain buried, because revealing it now will only cause more pain. Ananda’s mother Sangwan begged Pridi Banomyong, the inspirational statesman who was prime minister at the time, to declare that the shooting was a self-inflicted accident rather than suicide. Within hours of Ananda’s death, royalist politicans — in particular Seni Pramoj — began spreading rumours that Pridi Banomyong had conspired to have Ananda murdered. Yost sent a secret cable to the Secretary of State in Washington, entitled: “Death of King of Siam”. He repeated several times that he had been overwhelmingly busy attempting to rehabilitate and govern the country and had not had time to have luncheon and tea with Their Majesties every day or two as had members of the Opposition… Pridi said that the King had always behaved most correctly as a constitutional monarch and that their relations had, in spite of the prejudice planted in the King’s mind, been friendly and correct. King Phumipol thereupon informed the Foreign Minister that he considered these rumours absurd, that he knew his brother well and that he was certain that his death had been accidental… What the King said to Direk does not necessarily represent what he really believes, it is nevertheless interesting that he made so categorical a statement to the Foreign Minister. I felt it necessary to state to both of them in the strongest terms, in order to make it perfectly clear that this Legation could not be drawn into Siamese intrigues, that I did not believe these stories and that I considered the circulation at this time of fantastic rumours unsupported by a shred of evidence to be wholly inexcusable. The commission appointed a medical sub-committee of 20 doctors: 16 Thai, two British, one American and one Indian. But he remained profoundly depressed, rarely attended classes, and never completed his degree.
This story was totally untrue, as Prince Chumbhot, heir apparent to the throne, acknowledged to British ambassador Geoffrey Thompson on November 28, 1947. This inconvenient piece of history is something the modern-day Democrat Party refuses to admit. But in his testimony at the regicide trial, he abandoned this story, and shared several damaging anecdotes about Chaliew. The tale was ridiculous, and there is incontrovertible evidence that Tsuji was nowhere near Bangkok when Ananda was killed. The Landons were college sweethearts who married in 1926 and set off for Siam in 1927 as Presbyterian missionaries.
With excellent contacts and fluency in the language, Landon was to remain the primary State Department point-man for Thailand for years, working from his desk in Washington and making several trips to Southeast Asia.
It says that the killing of Ananda was witnessed by both royal pages, But Patamasarin and Chit Singhaseni.
It cannot be considered a definitive account, by any means, but it may give a glimpse of what happened on that tragic morning that changed Thailand forever. The old Queen was always strongly anti-foreign and was afraid of  possible involvement with a foreign woman. Lydia had a chance to see it as one of the party of a South American diplomat and the guide taking them through showed her the room & location of the bed on which the King died.
After that, they say, Phumiphol should have gone into the priesthood for life and allowed the Crown to pass to some other member of the RF. Unfortunately, after accumulating significant losses six quarters in a row, Pantech was put up for sale in September last year, and companies (or even individuals) had until April this year to buy the company before it was liquidated in order to settle as many of the outstanding debts as possible.
Richard Curtis' film got us thinking: What other movies have held the emotive power to make us not just tear up, but sob in uncontrolled heaves? But their sparring personalities render the relationship impossible, and watching them suffer through the agony of that revelation is like watching a beautiful swan disintegrate back into an ugly duckling. If you don't shed a tear for the pair who never got to put their penny jar to good use with a visit to Paradise Falls, you're not human. The movie tees you up with the birth of Littlefoot -- the sole offspring of a diminishing herd of "Longnecks" -- a scene that will have you squirming with all the cute feelings.
So let's team every programmer with a sales person—preferably working the phones at the same desk—and stack-rank them on the basis of each pair's combined quarterly contribution to the corporate bottom line. So we must have a clean desk policy—any personal possessions left on the desk or cubicle walls at the end of the day go in the trash. They're variously gonzo, timid, adventurous, fearless, cunning, and hilarious, and their friendships leap off the page to skewer the reader's heart. Unroll one of the prefab pie crusts, place on the plate and trace the outline of your pie plate.
I had a brand new camera smashed by a private screener at an SFO checkpoint and discovered that they were fully immunized from any liability for mishandling passenger property. Forty-five percent of online households reported that these concerns stopped them from conducting financial transactions, buying goods or services, posting on social networks, or expressing opinions on controversial or political issues via the Internet, and 30 percent refrained from at least two of these activities. Similarly, 33 percent of online households concerned about credit card or banking fraud declined to buy goods or services using the Internet, compared with 21 percent of their peers who had not expressed that particular concern.
Occasionally, I'd reply when I was obliged to, but I was definitely sending more emails to my mother.
The partially deaf, dyslexic banker says his boss, senior Barclay's trader Peter Johnson, used to hit him with a miniature baseball bat on the back of the head and the knuckles. His boss also called him a 'deaf git' and in emails referred to him as "bick drain", a spoonerism that wouldn't get flagged up by email filters. But 21st century Thailand is mired in an agonizing crisis because of the refusal of powerful factions among the elite to allow open and honest debate about the country’s past, and about its future. This allegation was entirely bogus, and no credible evidence has ever been produced to support it.
He admitted frankly however that his relations with the Princess Mother were hopelessly bad and he feared greatly that his relations with the new King would be poisoned in the same manner as had his relations with King Ananda. In late 1946 he sent word that he would not be returning to Bangkok any time soon for the traumatic cremation ceremony for Ananda. Khuang may be forcing them into each other’s arms by the specter of Chumphot as King. By the 1970s, the palace had quietly dropped the claim that Chit, But and Chaliew — and Pridi — were implicated. After a year in Bangkok learning Thai, they moved to the  southern province of Trang where they ran a Christian school for a decade before returning to the United States. As Daniel Fineman observes in his book A Special Relationship: The United States and Military Government in Thailand, Landon “remained the department’s premier Thai specialist into the early 1950s”. And it suggests that former royal secretary Chaliew Pathumros was having an affair with Sangwan, and was in her bedroom when the fatal shot was fired. The two pages later executed for the “crime” saw the killing take place since, as soon as the King awoke, they had to be in attendance. Interestingly , the suicide angle is ruled out in a haste even if it is just a remote possibility.And so to speak , we can never ignore the curious and reckless nature of a 20 year old young man who has tasted power and gunpowder at a young age. Sadly, nobody found Pantech a worthy investment, and the company is on its way to the grave. Because Pantech, apparently, didn't have enough money on hand to pay for its production.Called Pantech Vega Secret Up 2, the top-shelfer sports a 6-inch display with a Quad HD (1440 x 2560) resolution (490 ppi), underneath which the company was planning to put a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 with Adreno 420 GPU, complimented by 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. The film's final moments cement it as one of the most honest and sob-inducing portraits of human interaction seen onscreen.
Jingles, I sobbed when I found out John Coffey was innocent and every electric chair scene slayed me. In fact, we can go a step further and institute hot desking—we will establish an average developer's workstation requirements and provide it for everyone at every desk.
Privacy and security concerns deterred each of these important activities in millions of households, and this chill on discourse and economic activity was even more common among online households that either had experienced an online security breach or expressed two or more major concerns about privacy and security risks (see Figure 3). The apparent fallout from a lack of trust in the privacy and security of the Internet also extends beyond commerce.
It was a terrible tragic accident or aberration, and it has haunted Bhumibol Adulyadej ever since.
Also the evidence seemed to suggest that Ananda had been lying flat on his back when he was shot. But Ananda’s death was exploited by the royalists to smear Pridi, with disastrous consequences for Thailand. As a British cable reported in December 1946, there were widespread rumours that he would abdicate the throne.
Kenneth Landon studied for a PhD at the University of Chicago, and in 1941, with the threat of war with Japan looming, he was hired by Colonel “Wild Bill” Donovan as a Southeast Asia expert for a new U.S. Professor Clark Neher has described Landon as “the fulcrum figure in Thai-American relations in the late 1940s”. I surmise that the source of her [knowledge?] was Prince Rangsit, probably through members of his family. He was ill preceding his death, he might be playing with the gun out of boredom without noticing the unlocked safety cock because of not having his glasses. As your article mentioned that there were political tension, at the time, among different groups of politician and military.
The maker also had a 1W loudspeaker in mind (alike to that of the LG G3), a hearty, 3,400 mAh battery, a fingerprint scanner, and even a stylus. As Littlefoot's mom lies on the ground in the pouring rain, and tells her son with her dying breath, "I'll be with you, even if you can't see me," all happiness in life ceases to exist. For example, 29 percent of households concerned about government data collection said they did not express controversial or political opinions online due to privacy or security concerns, compared with 16 percent of other online households. I doubt it since he was specifically excluded by King Chulalongkorn because his mother was Russian. So, I believe he has opposed the execution of those men, but the true power was in the hand of those politicians and militaries who tried to create situation to benefit their interests.
Again, this would have made for a fine Galaxy Note 4 competitor.Here's how it looks (looked?).
Between the five young protagonists' ability to bridge the castes of their ancestors, Diana Ross' "If We Hold on Together" and the magical BFF hilltop embrace at the end, this movie will always be my man-crying marathon.
It doesn’t matter what set it off because there I was, sobbing into my arm through the final half hour of the film. It seemed barely credible that Ananda would have been playing with his Colt .45 while lying on his back and without his glasses.
The doctors were told to choose from three possibilities: was Ananda murdered, did he commit suicide, or did he accidentally shoot himself? In 1943 he joined the State Department as political desk officer for Thailand, later becoming assistant chief of the Southeast Asia Division. Furthermore he had married an Englishwoman and had only one child, a daughter, whom [?] says is not his child at all but the child of a young protege, a member of the RF who lived with Chula and [?] and who committed suicide after the birth of Chula’s “daughter”. Sangwan covered the accident thinking it was suicide.young Phumibol got disgusted with the whole cover up, not to mention the loss of a brother in a freak accident and the consequent hanging of 3 innocent persons where he could not do anything. From the moment when Francesca (Streep) takes a bath preparing for her romantic dinner with Robert (Clint Eastwood) to the famous scene when she almost leaves to be with him, to her children finding their mother’s mementos from that romantic weekend.
The fourth possibility, that Ananda was shot accidentally by somebody else, was never mentioned.

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