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A new mobile app used to confess secrets anonymously could be used for cyberbullying without much repercussion, experts have warned. SINGAPORE - A new mobile phone application that allows users to anonymously confess secrets is gaining popularity here, but users have just as quickly discovered an ugly side to it - cyber bullying.Some have found themselves at the receiving end of disparaging posts on the Secret app, such as a victim, who wanted to be known only as Bryan. Apple’s oft-criticized review process for app submissions, which normally takes about a week or more, now takes as little as two days, according to developers who reported seeing dramatically faster App Store review times on submissions. According to Bloombreg, such a notable change in app review times is part of “a broader push to increase revenue from services including mobile applications.” A number of well-known app developers took to Twitter to tell the world how pleased they were by the significnatly shortened review times.
The less time Apple spends reviewing submissions, the faster developers can fix bugs, release critical updates and react to market changes.

Schiller has alwyas been the unofficial steward of Apple’s relationship with app developers, but with his role now official Schiller surely has a greater say over things like the App Store review process. He found that someone had posted his picture, along with comments labelling him as "fat, ugly, and trying too hard to be popular".
And based on 41 reviews in the last 30 days, it now takes about 24 hours to approve a submitted Mac App Store app or app udpate.
As a result, a one-week release cycle developers used to be accustomed to is now a two-day affair. I, for one, am extremely glad that Apple seems to be becoming a lot more developer-friendly.

It can get very nasty," said the 21-year-old student, whose friends have also been attacked.
It topped the social networking app chart in Singapore's iTunes store upon release, and was ranked No. 8 on the Google Play store last Monday, according to app-ranking website App Annie.Users can link their phone or Facebook contacts to the app, which then populates a feed of "secrets" that they can contribute to.

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