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Technically, both Nintendo DS Legend of Zelda games could be placed here, but we're choosing Phantom Hourglass.
We understand that the mainstream media does not have a lot of time to play every game on the planet fully, but with The Wonderful 101 it seemed like many journalists did not properly take the time to learn the controls (and they do take a little time to learn) before shooting down Platinum Games' latest. Movie-based games are generally garbage, but we liked what Activision did with 007: Quantum of Solace.
Another movie tie-in game, The Amazing Spider-Man released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 two summers ago.
A modern story of "Sorry, but your princess is in another castle", White Knight Chronicles: International Edition is an RPG that plays well enough. It's not very often a much loved Gameboy game gets a second bite of the cherry 10 years later, but that's just what is about to happen when Shantae is released on Friday. Shantae Risky Revenge (DSi-ware) brings back the classic platform gameplay, with a fresh adventure and visual from WayFoward. Although I am still very taken by the likes of PopIsland (DSi-Ware), Pulse Pinball (DSi-Ware) and Starship Patrol (DSi-Ware) it really does look like this will easily best those other impressive DSi-Ware titles.
Happily, just a few days to wait until Shantae Risky Revenge hits DSi-Ware on 11th February. With so many different perspectives it can be hard to know where to start - a little like walking into a crowded pub. But so far we've not found a way to streamline our review output - there's basically too much of it. At first, we were playing through Sonic: Lost World, not knowing really what we were doing. The concepts of having 100 wonderful heroes to move about and each mission being crazier than the last made for a game that we had trouble putting down.
The game combined missions of the 21st and 22nd James Bond movies into one nice and neat package. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity is seen as a beginner's entry into the genre, and it shows. Some say the combat isn't deep enough to keep players interested for long, and yes, there is a lot of grinding for experience and levels to accomplish.

They received severe disappointment due to their assumptions and then tore the game to pieces like a pack of zombies.
Its classic platforming gameplay, exquisite execution and sense of style impress as much today as they did back on the Gameboy in 2002. It was released right at the end of the life of the Gameboy Colour around the time the Gameboy Advance was released.
So, rather than dilute things for newcomers we have decided to live with the hubbub while helping new readers find the columnists they will enjoy.
However, we sometimes go outside the norm with our reviews, bashing titles that many others enjoyed, and heralding other games that have received poor scores or negative feedback within the gaming community. The two biggest problems were the touch screen-based controls and the Temple of the Ocean King. The Wonderful 101 is a nowhere near a perfect game, but it's also nowhere near unplayable or broken either.
It might just be the source material that makes us enjoy this game, or it might just be our lack of playing every shooter under the sun. Nonetheless, we found ourselves enjoying the game, regardless of how fashionably late it was.
However, playing both the offline campaign and going online with your custom character for some online quests is something that we enjoyed. Despite offering classic platforming gameplay and comely characters it never found the audience it deserved.
Regardless, we spent a lot of time playing through the fun campaign, and then hopping online to mow down some randoms from around the world. The open world setting of New York returned, and while the mission variety was limited in its locale choices, Spider-Man controlled splendidly.
When the player moved to that position, the colored circle denoted what kind of shot the player should hit for maximum efficiency. Maybe our enjoyment came from the fact that at the time we were dying for something new to play on our PlayStation 3's that was a JRPG. It is such a rush having a feeling of true sense of fear as you run from the undead, never knowing if where you're going will lead you to your death.

As the title suggests, this is our second go at representing the games that a sizable chunk of gamers and critics lambasted yet we still enjoy. However, once we got through that, the only worry that we had to deal with was some questionable design choices. Sure, the web-swinging didn't have the same amount of technicality in it as Spider-Man 2, but The Amazing Spider-Man entertained us despite that. This didn't sit too well with a lot of players, but we at SuperPhillip Central managed to get over 25 hours of playtime with Mario Tennis Open regardless.
For instance, the story is interesting, having Pokemon join your team shifts completionists into overdrive, and the gameplay is accessible to almost anybody. Meanwhile, the Temple of the Ocean King had players returning to it multiple times, heading deeper and deeper into its depths upon each visit.
We enjoyed the courts, the four mini-games (though we wished there were more), and dressing up our Miis in unlockable gear. Issues like the game's difficulty, lack of much variety in dungeon design, and talkative Pokemon didn't really phase us, but they are important to note (which we did in our review). Few games have ever made us legitimately afraid, but ZombiU is one of those rare titles that absolutely did. No doubt maddening to many, but for us perhaps we can tolerate annoying gameplay better than some.
For heaven's sake, one of us got all of the achievements on the Xbox 360 version of 2006's Sonic the Hedgehog!
When we finally figured out some of Lost World's more obtuse design decisions, the game became much more fun in subsequent play-throughs.
We definitely don't agree that Sonic: Lost World is anywhere near the lack of quality of Sonic and the Secret Rings.

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