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Safe Shopping Guarantee: We guarantee that every transaction you make through WildTangent will be safe. Sichere Einkaufsgarantie: Wir garantieren die Sicherheit jeder uber WildTangent abgewickelten Transaktion. When it comes to finding the right battles to earn a ton of experience points, you can always rechallenge the Pokemon League. Super-Secret Bases make their return in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but this time there are a few new features while keeping the spirit of the original concept alive. Once a secret base has been created, it can be decorated with any base items you have collected or purchased throughout Hoenn.
Once you are Secret Pals with someone, you can have your Pal use a Special Skill to support you on your adventure. More Secret Bases can be found in your game each day by connecting to the internet and updating your BuzzNav. This means you pay nothing if unauthorized charges are made to your credit card as a result of shopping at WildTangent.
Das bedeutet, dass Sie nichts bezahlen mussen, wenn als Folge eines Einkaufs bei WildTangent unbefugt Betrage uber Ihre Kreditkarte abgebucht werden.
Another way to get extra experience points from any Pokemon in your game is to increase the Pokemon's affection in Pokemon-Amie.
The Lucky Egg is a held item that will increase the experience points given to the Pokemon at the end of battle. Yes, you can search for Super-Secret Bases around Hoenn and challenge various people to a battle.

Add items from shops around Hoenn, set traps to trick visitors, and even create your very own Pokemon battle rules to test your rivals. There's even a secret base decorations store in Slateport City and at the Secret Base Guild in Fortree City. You can find a Secret Base with the StreetPass function of your 3DS, or you can create a QR code specifically for your secret base. If you really like the owner, you can make them one of your Secret Pals and bring them back to your base.
Collect 1,000 flags to reach Platinum Rank and obtain the Garchompite Mega Stone from Aarune at the Secret Base Guild. Could someone be using this sparkling ornament to send a clandestine message, or could this be the handiwork of an underground cult? Pokemon received from a trade with a different Trainer ID will receive more experience points than Pokemon you catch in your own game.
If you use this O-Power, Pokemon will obtain even more experience points after battles, but only for three minutes after using the O-Power. You can also challenge a few masters around the Battle Resort, but they only take challenges once a day. Whenever you come across a large tree, a small hole in a wall, or a pile of grass, interact with these secret spots to create a base. To create a QR Code, go onto your Secret PC (the laptop in your base), select Manage QR Code patterns, and select Share a Secret Base.
The types of skills a trainer can learn depends on their secret base guild rank and the type of trainer they are.

The more flags you collect, the more your team's rank will increase, which then alters the color of the flag in your base.
Follow the clues to discover the ancient secrets held by the ruby pendant, and uncover the truth behind the bizarre kidnappings!
You can check a Pokemon's Pokemon-Amie stats when you try to switch to another Pokemon at the Pokemon-Amie menu. Some people even set up bases specifically to help one another gain easy experience points.
If you want to scan a friend's QR Code, select Find a Secret Base instead of Share a Secret Base. Um das zu schaffen, musst du in diesem Wimmelbildspiel das Geheimnis eines seltsamen Rubinanhangers losen. If you wish to change your trainer type, speak to the girl in the back of the Secret Base Guild. You can find these trainers by scanning their Secret Base QR Codes using your Secret PC in your Secret Base.

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