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DEMONIC FRIENDS “for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth” –Genesis 8:21 The world always seems to have something good to say about something bad.
Forums member wcnut noticed that his easy-to-use Mac launcher for Standoff and Secret Ops no longer works on the latest release of OS X. Using existing tools and some help from other Mac gamers on the web, forums regular wcnut made his own Mac wrapper app for both Secret Ops and Standoff ! 2016-05-15 -- Janne Rautiainen tipped us off about a really cool July 1992 article on the development of Wing Commander for the Amiga platform. 2016-05-14 -- There's a new PC World interview making the rounds that takes a moment to pull Mark Hamill away from Star Wars Episode VIII filming to talk about some of the other sci-fi ventures he's been involved with over the years.
2016-05-13 -- Stinger's WCDX patch streamlined and fixed a lot of minor annoyances with Kilrathi Saga WC1, and even improved the graphics rendering and compatibility with newer versions of Windows. 2016-05-12 -- The Video Game Database website posted an interesting video of Wing Commander Arena in action.
2016-05-11 -- DefianceIndustries has added another ship to the Cerberus' roster with the completion of the Shrike "Class B" torpedo bomber.
2016-05-10 -- NinjaLA saw Klavs' recent Concordia update (pictured right) and was so inspired that he had to personalize it on his own.
2016-05-09 -- We haven't mentioned his project in a few months, but capi has been relentlessly adding to his WC RPG the entire time.

2016-05-08 -- Klavs' history with the Concordia goes way back, but his latest take suffered a serious mishap last year. 2016-05-07 -- The Big Box PC Game Collectors group has conducted another nifty Origin-themed interview, and the star this time around is Billy Joe Cain. 2016-05-06 -- Forums member YPersonified has kindly provided a brief summary of the Korean Prophecy spread we reported on last month. 2016-05-05 -- DefianceIndustries has made another cool tweak to the Secret Ops Model Upgrade Project.
2016-05-04 -- DOSBox Turbo has long been a popular option for getting classic PC games to run on modern Android devices, but it's not the only choice out there. 2016-05-02 -- DefianceIndustries has recently decided to take a stab at rendering an odd prototype in the CIC archives. 2016-04-30 -- There's a new poll out today that challenges you to think about what Wing Commander product fans would most like to have by their side if they were stranded on an island. 2016-04-29 -- The aptly named Emotional Multimedia Ride blog has posted classic reviews of both WC1 and WC2. 2016-04-27 -- In addition to his guide to Wing Commander 3, PhilsComputerLab has published helpful "tweak guides" for Wing Commanders 1 and 2 as well as Privateer. While many conspiracy theorists and researchers of revisionist and alternative histories have confirmed a Secret Space Program, little has been said in major media outlets about the topic.

He's put together a new bundle that includes a newer version of the Wine emulator, and now everything runs smoothly again on OS X 10.9 Mavericks. That means playing those games is now as easy as clicking on the package file (.DMG), dragging the Secret Ops and Standoff icons whereever you want it stored on your Mac and click to play !
There is an early, playable version of the patch that fixes some of the issues plaguing the Wing 2 port, but getting KS WC2 up to the same level of refinement is proving to be a major undertaking. In a forums post, Stinger provides some insight into one strange aspect of the Windows port, namely its framerate. Scientific American and Reuters both published articles that suggest not only a Secret Space Program, but also the realization that war in space is inevitable. However, there are few have discussed this matter from a biblical standpoint, and that is something I hope to do in a future documentary on the subject of the Secret Space Program from the view of biblical prophecy.
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