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The more grateful i am about things, people challenges, situations, material things, experiences the more joy i feel and draw more of the good stuff to me.
And the good news is that anyone can access its power to bring themselves health, wealth and happiness. She followed with The Secret book, a global bestseller, available in 50 languages and with over 25 million copies in print worldwide.

Fragments of The Secret have been found in oral traditions, literature, religions and philosophies throughout the centuries. A number of the exceptional people who discovered its power went on to become regarded as the greatest human beings who ever lived. Beautiful in its simplicity, and mind-dazzling in its ability to really work, The Secret reveals the mystery of the hidden potential within us all.

By unifying leading-edge scientific thought with ancient wisdom and spirituality, the riveting, practical knowledge will lead readers to a greater understanding of how they can be the masters of their own lives.

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