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Steve Ball, The Process Guru, Founder and Managing Director of Think Quality Ltd, created this Secret to Successful Business model because so often he sees business owners focusing on the wrong things. You want to do what you like to do, or what you are best at and this is fine to a certain extent. So why do we need to think about Trust, simple really, you have a job that needs doing on your home and you need 2 quotes. The first guy turns up in a beaten old white van, is wearing work gear and has no business card, no signage on his van, no logo on his overalls, looks at the job and gives you a quote on a piece of paper from a pad.
As your company grows you invest in more Things these assets help you to add value to the customer experience.  This is the best business growth strategy.
Selling your idea to current employees, potential employees, partners, suppliers, banks and any other person that is necessary to run the business smoothly is equally important as selling your product. It is therefore time to document everything that is happening in your company, to put order in place.
If you think of your industry as a pyramid, there is only one company on top, a few on the second layer, then the third, and so on… until the bottom, where you find plenty of companies. After Processes are in place, you need to focus on Innovation if you want to take your company to the next level, in which case you go back to Sales in another growth cycle Trust is taking care of itself after this point.
The next question is ‘When and how do I move from one area to another?’ Sign up to receive tips and tricks about successful business and The Process Guru will help you grow your business! A Guy's Post-College Guide To Growing UpAffordable style, how-to's, & self-development for the everyday, 20-something man.
Every day we interact with people we have never met and oftentimes there is little room for error when making a first impression. Let me just put it this way: If you saw Brad Pitt OR the comic book guy from the Simpsons approaching you at a party, which one would you rather listen to? In the end, small talk is about having confidence and understanding that it is indeed small talk. With a packed Saturday – brunch, a game with your boss, cocktails, and an evening spring concert series – you need an outfit that transitions both comfort and dress level.
Until you graduated college, there wasn't much need for a week's worth of suits, dress shirts, and ties.
According to Benioff, Rudnitsky created this sales playbook for the team he ran called the global financial services division. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. But if you want to have a highly successful business, you need to approach it systematically, and change focus according to which stage your business is at. Of course, you can involve experts and you can delegate, as long as this area is where your mind is.

It means that you allocate half of your time to it, while the other half is split between anything else you would normally deal with. Focus on Sales when you are at the beginning with your business, or when you launch a new product or open a new location.
Focus on Things once your product or service sells by itself; in other words, when customers buy your product or service without you having to convince each of them individually.
Now that you know what and how you sell, and for how much, you can create specific objectives and a clear path to achieving them. Focus on Process when you are confident that you have a product that sells and that you can deliver and satisfy your customer. This helps you and your current employees to better understand how things are being done in your company and to become more efficient.
Because if anything destructive happens in the economy or in your industry, or if anything happens that can adversely affect your business, you hardly feel it if you are on top.
There are a few simple rules to keep in mind when approaching strangers if you want them to leave as admirers. If you take the time to dress nicely and stand out in your own unique way, you will have the confidence to own every conversation you step into.
For example, on Halloween I met Sarah Palin (Ok well, I actually met six Sarah Palins but you get what I’m saying if you left your house that night). After a lengthy conversation about her drive cross-country (and then about her desk at the law firm she works at) we parted ways.
Having seemingly pointless conversations is never totally natural but it can become second nature if you go about it the right way. After all, if you're going to build a time machine into a car why not do it with some style? Focus doesn’t mean you only work on a certain area of your business or that you do it all by yourself. Above all, you, as the business owner, must focus on what needs your focus, even if it is not necessarily what you like doing. By ‘Process’, I mean organisational charts, job descriptions, processes, procedures, policies, IT system, and  CRM systems. Having these Systems in place also makes for an easier and more efficient process when you bring new people into your organisation. The crisis resulted in so many companies going bankrupt or being close to bankrupt – this is because they were at the bottom of the pyramid in their niche. That means that, while small talk is huge, the way you carry yourself is the true first step to success.
It may seem odd that making a good first impression requires you to do some homework but it makes a big difference.

When I started talking to this pants-suit Mcgee, I entered into the conversation with the intention of minimizing what I say and finding out what really makes this VPilf tick.
Without this becoming a self help article, you have to ask yourself why people would want to talk to you. You never know if you’re meeting your next best friend or the person who could propel your career to the next level. You never know where first impressions will eventually lead so why not hope for the best and try to impress everyone you meet?
It means you concentrate your efforts on a particular area of your business at a particular time. That is your overall infrastructure: production facility, office space, logistics, as well as your employees and money to buy raw materials and invest in further growth.
In this phase you consolidate what you have; you organise things internally and clean up your mess, Kaizen 5s. If a tsunami comes, or the Council needs to do construction on the road in front of your shop or office, you need to be in such a strong position that your business does not suffer.
If you get into a conversation and the first impression is weird, get out and minimize damage.
People are often turned off by over-eagerness so don’t push it if things are going well right off the bat.
While this is just an example (you don’t have to travel the world), doing things like this in your life not only give people interest in you but are always ways to boost that self-confidence mentioned earlier.
By this stage, you and your staff have tried various ways of producing and delivering value and you now know who does what in your company, and how. As you create your own look and style, you’ll begin to stand out in a room and it will make the first impression on people much better which in turn makes the subsequent small talk in your favor. The natural instinct for most people seems to be to stick around in a conversation if it’s not going well, hoping to save some sort of face and come out on top.
You have to give them reasons to opt in, just as you give reasons to your customers to buy your product.
Again, it’s about making a first impression, not necessarily about making lasting relationships.

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