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This great family movie combines two of my favourite subject into one wonderful charming movie that just about everyone will love. Arrietty lives with her parents, Pod (Will Arnett) and Homily (Amy Poehler) under an old house, yet upscale house.
It turns out that there is more of a history to this old house and the Borrowers than meets the eye.

There is just so much to love with The Secret World of Arrietty, from the camera views from the eyes of a Borrower, to the joy of finding out about other people like themselves in the area. If you are lucky enough to find this movie while shopping sometime, snatch it up, and don’t look back. Take a the classic story of The Borrowers by Mary Norton, and splice it with the talents of Studio Ghibli, and you’ll have one amazing adventure, and see it through the eyes of a 4-inch tall teen, Arrietty Clock (Bridgit Mendler).

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