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I’m glad Jenny is continuing to raise money for an organization who supports Andrew Wakefield. Sick of couples who feel the need to tell everybody the key to happiness after just a couple of years. The imagery in their catalogues feature everything from over zealous airbrushing to missing limbs (you can see more in the gallery below), so when these unretouched shots of Victoria’s Secret models came our way, we rejoiced a little.

Sure Crystal Renn is a ‘plus-size’ model (we hate that term too) but seeing photos of models with naturally round tummies, breasts that aren’t perky and imperfect red skin. Lets be honest, these ladies are still beautiful without the retouch, but at least they look more human, right. Why is it wrong to ask questions and seek answers and challenge the medical and pharmaceutical professions?

Be kinder, be wiser – not everyones life is like yours – have some understanding of this and know that Ms McCarthy has done what a mother SHOULD do for her child!!

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