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The experience of meditating with 3000 people at Royal Festival Hall was refreshing and energizing. Gregg Fraley speaks with passion about all things creativity & innovation -- communicating cutting edge ideas, methods, perspectives & take-home actions steps.
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Based on the loving kindness and compassion meditation of the Lotus Sutra, it contains over 40 guided meditations that can be practiced alone or with others.
He served as chair of the Buddhist Delegation to the Paris Peace Talks during the Vietnam War, and was nominated by Dr. And yet, the elegance of his poetic and wise words almost masked how deeply practical they are.
How can you think imaginatively if your mind is filled with angst and rehearsals of the future and rehashes of the past?

He lives in Plum Village in southwest France,his meditation and retreat center in France, where he teaches the art of mindful living.
Today, the various residences have been renovated and winterized, with plans underway to add wheelchair accessible rooms and new dining and common areas. The Great Togetherness Meditation Hall was added in 2008 and can accommodate up to 800 people for meditations and teachings. The guided meditation we all did together had us simply being mindful of the breath going in and out.
It’s worth pointing out this is someone who has written over 100 books and influenced figures like Martin Luther King. When you relax, take deep breaths and slow down, you often see things that are right in front of you that you didn’t see before.
He is author of more than thirty-five books in which he explores mindfulness, meditation and the parallels and connections between Buddhism and Christianity. Often referred to as the most beloved Buddhist teacher in the West, Thich Nhat Hanh's teachings and practices appeal to people from various religious, spiritual, and political backgrounds.

He lives in a meditation community in southwestern France, and travels worldwide leading retreats on the art of mindful living.
To be surrounded by a harmonious community is the best support for those who wish to apply mindfulness in their daily lives.Buddhism as taught at EIAB is not religion. Buddhist teachings are offered in a very practical, non-religious way, and practitioners of any – or no – religious background can benefit from learning them and putting them into practice.All programs are offered either by monastic or lay Dharma Teachers who have been selected as teachers based on their stability in the practice and ability to lead a happy life. Guest teachers who are proficient in certain subjects and the art of mindful living are from time to time invited to lead a program.EIAB courses are open to all who wish to improve the quality of their own lives and those of their families and communities. All practitioners who come to Plum Village are invited to join in our communal activities, whether it is preparing meals, cleaning around the hamlet, or washing dishes, as a way of learning to cultivate joy and mindfulness whatever we are doing.Every year, Plum Village welcomes thousands of meditation practitioners from all around the world who come to experience the art of mindful communal living.

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