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Today’s extremely competitive business environment forces employers to invest a considerable amount of money in staff training.
Instead your managerial team should look at alternative training options including the use of roles and competencies. Today’s article is devoted to this approach and explains how a Learning Management System (LMS) can help effectively organize a system of personnel development. Competencies – skills, knowledge, and abilities required to perform effectively at a position held in a certain industry or field.
A competency-based training approach gives employees an understanding of what skills and knowledge are needed for their job and where exactly they are on a training track.

For example, the Sales Manager is expected to develop a competency in “Persuasive Selling” and so they are assigned to take the ”Principles of Professional Selling” and “Selling Negotiations” courses. The next step in the competency-based training approach is to develop an ‘employee professional development plan.’ This should be complete with a curriculum, progress monitoring, and results evaluation by means of specific performance indicators. One of the major benefits of a training program designed like this is if an employee aspires to be promoted to a different position in the company they can initiate the competencies-based training by themselves. A competencies-based training approach, applied within an LMS framework, not only manages employee’s knowledge but brings it in line with the actual needs of the business, thereby increasing job efficiency and ensuring overall company success. Join our software expert blogging community, learn more about our editorial guidelines, and propose a topic you'd like to write about. However, traditional training, with employees wearing out the seats of their pants at lectures or thoughtlessly clicking the “NEXT” button on their computers doesn’t bring great results. While core competencies are skills required for all staff members regardless of position, job ones are based on specific roles in the organization.

Revealed competencies are connected with learning activities (courses, workshops etc.) that have been uploaded into your LMS and assigned to the specific employee.
For example: the employee is tested and then receives feedback from your LMS in the form of a development plan (in some Learning Management Systems this is compiled by the LMS administrator).
I guess for now i'll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. The plan specifies the particular training activities they must fulfill and the results they need to achieve to be promoted.
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