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1 INUH30th Jun 2011 02:37:17 PM Yes, it kinda looks like corrupted data, but how're people unfamiliar with 1st-gen Pokemon bugs supposed to know what the hell it is? YMMV, but I think the comic version makes it clearer that MissingNo is a very very very Bad Bug. At least the comic one has a reaction of some sort to the Mind Screw that is The Missingno.. And I don't see the current image as something unclear-I find it far clearer than just the screencap. 19 INUH30th Jun 2011 07:50:01 PM How does the image demonstrate either that it's a videogame character or that it exists as the result of a glitch?
I love the vg cats one, but with out context it could be interpreted as someone bumping into instory cosmic horror boss. I agree that it looks too much like an in-universe Eldritch Abomination; I also think that, given that it's presented in comic form, it's not even clear that it's a game character. It is in fact at least Older Than Feudalism — armies the world over have based their war masks around this trope, and in mythology and folklore, just about any self-respecting demon or supernatural evil will have one. Game Face, which comes into play when a supernatural villain disguised as a human flashes his true form's Nightmare Face to scare someone. Unohana manages to have one of the most unsettling looks upon her face in the entire manga after her past self was revealed.
As mentioned above, the MP-EV As, which are basically Humongous Mecha straight out of the Uncanny Valley and grinning like madmen.
Some of Asuka and Shinji's Freak Out faces may also count, and the (thankfully brief) shot of Asuka as a maggot-filled corpse in a particularly Mind Screw-y sequence definitely does. Barefoot Gen has *lots* of this, what with people's eyes melting out of their sockets, faces burned off, etc. Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yami Bakura and Yami Marik have the tendency to make these kinds of faces in the anime.
In the anime, Jonouchi (and on occasion Honda) is infamous for making a bizarre as hell creepy smile that is very much in the Uncanny Valley.
Perfect Blue: Mima sports one of these as she kills a guy while disguised as a pizza delivery guy, Rumi's eyes are too widely spaced, which gives her an eerie look, but it's towards the end of the movie where she really gets into this trope.
Serial Experiments Lain: The girl from episode 1 and 2, the one that's supposedly hit by a train.
Normally, Kyubey of Puella Magi Madoka Magica freaks viewers out with his Frozen Cat Smile.
Prism Ark is normally a happy-go-lucky Harem Genre, but then there's FBC manga adaption, where this it turns Karin Mibu into a sadistic teacher, who's ready to give a Nightmare Face anytime she's fighting or getting upset. Magic Knight Rayearth: Vigor's face looks especially creepy when he first starts turning back into his monster form (he's a monster Ascot sent out to trick the Magic Knights, since Vigor can take on a cuter form that endeared itself to Hikaru), with the way his head is tilting slowly, his eyes are huge and glowing red, and his fur looks very wild too.
Toriko villains love this trope, and the worse their nature is, the more over-the-top disgusting their facial expressions during emotionally charged moments are. Zebra is often cited as having a scary face, which is understandable considering half of his mouth is ripped open. Gouda from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig was badly disfigured in an accident, but chose not to undergo reconstructive surgery because his new look was more memorable. Drosselmeyer from Princess Tutu has a permanent manic grin and unblinking owl-like red eyes etched to his face. Baron Omatsuri And The Secret Island is the darkest of the One Piece films, a genuine horror flick. 6 of the Straw Hats have faces like this just before they layeth the smackdown on Oars during the Thriller Bark arc. In the Dressrosa arc, after being thoroughly trashed by Sugar's bodyguard, she decides to feed Usopp his own weapon, an incredibly spicy grape, just to torture him. From the first chapter of Magical Girl Apocalypse, the final panel of the little girl in the Lolita costume after blowing up a school staff member's head using an indescribable weapon. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The show relies heavily on use of fantastic elements (swords, monsters, princesses) in a fantastic setting (divided into kingdoms of fire, ice, candy, etc.), and many tropes consistent with the genre of High Fantasy. Princess Bubblegum: Benevolent, intelligent, and kind hearted individual who lives for the ultimate pleasing of her kingdom and its denizens, but who is also an introverted and pragmatic mutation of a piece of bubblegum.
But of course, that doesn't mean the show can't have purely real-world plots (like the episode "Video Makers") . One interesting thing I can say is that there is indeed a mapped-out timeline for Ooo's creation and any flashback hints you've seen so far match up with the timeline.
According to the Lich, the Universe that is commonly acknowledged to exist is ruled by monsters. The siblings Grob Gob Glob Grod and Magic Man are recognized as existing, the former of which is seen as a demigod.
The Ice Elemental Urgence Evergreen creates a crown to help him destroy the First Catalyst Comet threatening the Earth. The Mushroom War occurs, destroying large portions of the Earth and killing off all but a handful of humans. The emergence of the Hyoomen, an irradiated species of human who have turned into human-fish hybrids.
Joshua moves into the tree fort with Finn and Jake, then starts recording his holo-messages about building a dungeon 80 paces west of there. Unsupervised, Finn and Jake are free to travel throughout Ooo, where they visit the Candy Kingdom and meet Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn.
The events of season 1 note Episodes count as events that happen in chronological order according to air-date.
Ever since the episode "What Was Missing" was aired, the relationship between Adventure Time's two major characters, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline has been shrouded in controversy.
This happened later in their life (early twenties) so would they have problems with depth perception?
If someone could provide me with an image (as non-graphic as possible) that would be helpful as well.
When you lose the vision in one eye, whether the eye is still present or not, you lose your depth perception. The slight difference in position and the image you get will give enough cues to judge distance. It's pretty hilarious when I move furniture for cleaning as she works from muscle memory and misses jumps miserably. There's probably some truth to the whole depth perception thing and saying it can be offset. On the occasions I've had to drive or ride with one eye out of action, I've experienced no great difficulty. That's probably how my mom can still drive despite being legally blind in one eye, yet I have a friend about my age who can't drive for the same reason. Continuing on that line of thought, is it conceivable for a top martial artist with an exaggerated lifespan (meaning he'd still be in top condition in his 90s and beyond) to remain viable despite the loss of an eye at age (say) 80ish when he started in his 20s?
From my (admittedly limited) knowledge of spatial relationship, you start figuring it out young and it becomes more ingrained as you age. If I were to write some of the strange things that come under my eyes they would not be believed.
There is a reason the kung-fu movie mentor appears decrepit but manages to wipe the floor with the hero in training or encroaching threats.
The trailer shows Bonnie moving around while the cameras are off, not to mention TAKING OFF HIS FACE◊, showing his endoskeleton.
The trailer also shows the animatronics during the daytime performing on stage◊, which is unsettling for many reasons. The title screen sets the mood well enough, but if you sit around, Freddy starts twitching, showing his endoskeleton, and making horrifying expressions that makes said endoskeleton look almost like fangs at first glance. Anytime a robot screams in your face, especially after you lower the monitor not knowing they've entered the room while you were looking through the camera feeds. The hallucinations especially Golden Freddy, who, if you don't look right back at the camera to a different room, will jumpscare you, and crash the game. Since the game is so vague on what is actually going on, Golden Freddy and all the other hallucinations could indeed be real, and really happening to Mr.
Few things will get your heart pounding more than the image of Foxy racing down the hallways◊ and leaving you with only a split second to shut the door.
The animatronics themselves are deep into the Uncanny Valley; even before they start stalking you.
For some reason, the fact that their eyelids and areas around their eyes are either black or very dark is this as well.
You can hear footsteps, shuffling sounds and noises from the Animatronics, especially Foxy sprinting up towards your station.
Setting his AI to twenty, the highest difficulty possible, on the seventh night gets you a constant stream of his laughter all night long as he crosses the pizzeria in seconds flat to get you. Even worse when you realize that despite having relatively bright eyes, their eyes tend to become pitch-black in the dark with only the occasional shine or light source. Bonnie generally isn't that bad, almost looking rather funny in many of the security images.
The "Rules for Safety" poster has a low chance to turn into one of four newspaper articles when viewed through the cameras. Poster: Police were contacted when parents reportedly noticed what appeared to be blood and mucus around the eyes and mouths of the mascots. And more horrifying is the fact that it happened during the week that the second game is set in. It could be something innocent, like leftover pizza, but since the camera is disabled, it is left completely to the imagination. Which makes an odd sort of sense when you realize that Freddy has handprints on his face in the same places his hands are in that poster. Here's a question for you: With the exception of Foxy, the other mascots tend not to move in any noticeable way when you watch them, until either you've made it to the fifth night, or have been watching them for too long, at which point they start twitching. But there's a fifth animatronic endoskeleton — the one you see in the backstage area. Actually, many security cameras do have a "tally light" that comes on when you activate them. It is also possible that the cameras only move left and right when the player has them selected. Considering the table doesn't appeared to be wired to anything, yet using it drains power, it's entirely possible the cameras aren't even switched on until accessed. Building on that — maybe the murderer is why the restaurant uses animatronics in the first place!
Disproved as of the third game, as we now know that the murderer used something more like a Golden Bonnie costume to murder the children, something that's never really mentioned beforehand. What's worse is in the mobile version, even during the first game's game over screen, he can still crash the game without warning. And as of the fourth game, we finally know why typing "1-9-8-7" summons him, and why he's so significant: He's one of the first spring suits, is Fredbear, and, thanks to a Deadly Prank, pulled off the Bite. The game briefly implies the player character (and, by extension, the Phone Guy, and any other security guards) took the job without knowing about the killer animatronics. Whenever Bonnie or Chica manage to get near your office and you turn the lights on them, resulting in a Scare Chord. The trope is that it's not meant to appear in normal gameplay, which I feel the screencap indicates better than the comic, which only tangentially implies that it's even from a game. But if they're both unclear in that respect, the solution isn't to pick the more interesting image, but to find something else entirely. Most of our non-verbal communication comes from reading subtle facial movements, and its importance in our cognitive thinking is best shown in our tendency to see faces in inanimate objects (think of how many times you've looked at a rock face and thought you'd seen two eyes and a mouth). Exaggerated mouths, bulbous noses, and pin-prick eyes are downright terrifying to young children who haven't yet figured out that the person is just wearing make-up and not deformed. Every villain has one, Neuro has multiple and even the good or neutral characters delve into really disturbing spheres, be it thanks to a Slasher Smile, a deranged animation for shock or similar. Besides a certain failed attempt at human transmutation,◊ Envy's One-Winged Angel form is covered in screaming, melting faces begging for release from their torture. This is Renton◊ when he sees a hallucination while mercilessly ripping apart an LFO in Episode 20.
It's a combination of Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises, a Slasher Smile, and extreme violence in large quantities.

He has his eyes rolled back, his face pale, and sports a Slasher Smile if there ever is one when he slaughtered 1,000 villagers. Especially Yami Marik since he is prone to having veins randomly pop up on his face, usually while his eyes are out of proportion and his tongue sticking out.
The final episode has him absorbed a large amount of Getter Ray turning parts of his face and his eyes green.
Because they are out in the freezing cold, Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, and Robin need warm clothes, so they decide to steal them off of their attackers' backs!
The face Usopp makes upon being force fed it and passing out is so utterly terrifying it scares her unconscious too!
Frizzle's classroom, Liz walks through a model desert and narrowly avoid a cardboard cactus falling on her.
Although on the surface the show would seem completely fantasy element-based, there are many real-world deconstructions; the show takes fantasy and injects reality. His passion for life leads to the realization that he is capable of a more passionate and deeper seeded love than expected, as seen in his want for meaningful relationships. He showed clear concern for his children following their birth and went so far as to commit a crime to save Jake Jr. This is further deconstructed when it's revealed that he was once a normal kind man who accidentally turned himself into a wizard, and his desire to capture princesses stems from his subconscious desire to see his old fiancee again, whom he called his princess. She has no interest in romance, in fact, her two main priorities are science and her citizens, anything else doesn't interest her. After leaving home at roughly 16, she failed to realize the world didn't revolve around her and didn't understand why people didn't pay attention to her. Orgalorg survives the formation of time and space and becomes an entity of chaos known as The Breaker of Worlds. Lincoln travels through time back to this moment to be assassinated by John Wilkes Booth after he gives his immortality to Death. He puts on the crown as a joke but it begins to change his emotions and begins to turn him into the Ice King. The Hyoomen attempt to sail away on a refurbished cruise ship after their leader Two Bread Tom picks up strange meteorological readings. Due to the fright they experienced during the Third Catalyst Comet, they retreat to a subterranean bunker. Soon after, Martin is abducted by a giant creature, described as a "dangerous life choice".
Finn is abandoned by his mother and makes a vow to never abandon others in their times of need. The struggle for power over the Nightosphere begins and ends with Hunson Abadeer upon the throne. Bella Noche is resurrected by Bufo, Laser Wizard, and Forest Wizard, thus placing the Wizard Kingdom in jeopardy. Mo Giovanni passes away off-screen, and AMO begins plotting revenge for a perceived lack of love.
The fanbase recently has gone to war on whether or not their relationship is platonic or if the relationship has a more romantic implication. It of course repeatedly hints at a past relationship, but it can be interpreted as a romantic one or platonic one. This is because depth perception is based on the brain cross-correlating the images coming from both eyes, and processing the slight differences caused by the fact that they are a couple inches apart. I believe what happens is that if the eye is lost late enough in life, that is, that if you have long enough experiencing depth, your brain can sort of fake depth perception by making an educated guess at what it should be based on what the remaining eye is sending.
See here for the sequel's page, here for the third game's page, here for the fourth game's page, and here for the upcoming fifth game's page. Someone that day lost their frontal lobe to either Freddy, or one of his friends, and survived. When she moves, she will always, always be staring at the camera with that gaping maw of hers.
Except when he appears in the backstage◊, complete with what look like empty sockets with tiny, white pupils, and is also STARING DIRECTLY AT YOU, INCHES AWAY FROM THE CAMERA. Freddy and the Puppet attempted to chase after the murderer, only to be unable to save the children. On Night 4, the message is cut off as the Phone Guy begins to panic with the sound of Freddy's theme in the same room as him.
Foxy's final position, having drawn the curtain and emerged, is particularly terrifying- Foxy's hook is raised and resting on his tilted chin in a manner that looks as if he's contemplating whether or not to charge you down. You're sitting in an isolated room with only two ways in or out, and you are watching the mascots though security cameras. That doesn't explain why the animatronics would notice it, though — or the empty heads and naked endoskeleton in the back room, for that matter. The fan turns off and the entire room is dark until you turn to the left door and see Freddy's face being illuminated by a strobe light as that freakin' jingle of his is playing in the background before the power switches off entirely as he and his crew go in for the kill. First time it happens, you have no clue what the hell's going on (heck, some LPers even thought they won the day). While the animatronics all have a reason for being there, NOTHING is given about Golden Freddy. They thought they were so clever by making it impossible for a real human being to wear the costumes (without dying horribly). Might make Golden Freddy even worse though, since we now don't really have any kind of explanation whatsoever, only speculation.
The implication's creepy enough for the player character, who at least has Phone Guy's phone calls to alert him, but it's safe to assume (since Phone Guy can't record messages for himself), that at least one guard has had to figure it out for themselves with no prior warning or instruction. Just the way they're looking at you, getting ready to pounce (Heck, you can't even see Bonnie when you close the door on him.
That most characters with such faces are humans isn't making it less scary, it rather adds to the horror, seeing that a lot of the faces don't even resemble humans AT ALL.
Oh, and there's the Cyclops army, whose stunning good looks have led the fandom to conclude that they're the illicit love children of Mass-Production EVAs and zombies. In fact, Soul Eater likes to do this A LOT, both in its manga and subsequent anime adaptation, though here they are trying to be covered up by a Slasher Smile. When he revealed himself to Yuma as "Rei Shingetsu", we get a dramatic close-up of his face contorted in a nightmarish fashion. These range from three black holes for eyes and mouth, diluted sclera and contracted pupils at the same time, faces made of shadow, completely agape mouths with unhinged jaws, face with only skin, and faces completely distorted like that of Rorschach from Watchmen. Also, in episode 38 when Akio tries to make Utena his princess Anthy responds with another scary blank face and her eyes roll back in her head as she disappears.
As Tim picks the cactus up, he states that he thinks that something is missing in their diorama. For example, the show completely ignores Amusing Injuries, even though the simplistic style of the show implies that it would be a show that has entirely cartoon-y physics.
In the probable chance his feelings are not reciprocated and even denied, he becomes emotional to the point of tears. Prior to his children's birth and following their quick aging, he acted as a surrogate guardian for Finn after their parent's death. The crown he wears has more or less destroyed his mind over the thousand years in which he's worn it, leaving in its place a sad, insane wreck. This led to a mental breakdown in "Apple Wedding", where her craving for attention nearly ruined a wedding. In mourning, he creates the Magical Automated Resistance Generating Laser Energy Supplier, a planetary defense system for Mars installed on Olympus Mons.
The former is struck down by Grob Gob Glob Grod, and descends to Earth as a penguin, later named Gunter. Neddy's anatomy converts the juice into a renewable panacea, which will eventually lead to the creation of the Candy Kingdom. Angry at her father, Marceline returns him to the Nightosphere, leaving Marceline independent on Ooo.
Marceline kills Hierophant and The Vampire King, becoming the Vampire Queen in the process.
There are still traces of radioactivity from the Mushroom War (such as the radioactive river PB tries to cover with candy). Maja summons Darren using the power of Princess Bubblegum's shirt and attacks the Candy Kingdom. AMO knocks out Finn, Jake, and NEPTR, but BMO knocks AMO off a cliff, killing him instantly. The main issue here is subtext, but what we do know about their relationship is that Princess Bubblegum and Marceline were once friends, but had some sort of falling out before the series began, which explains the contempt they had for each other during the episode (and the attitude that Bubblegum had towards Marceline during the episode "Go With Me").
Consider that depth perception gets progressively less accurate as the object you're looking at gets farther away (for instance its easy to tell about how far in front of a tree someone is standing if they're only fifteen feet away from you, but if they're a hundred feet away, it's almost impossible to accurately estimate the distance between the person and the tree. Quite a few people with only one eye have demonstrated competent depth perception before in reality. Especially bad since this is just about the only one with eyes like that in a screenshot, and no other animatronics get up that close to the camera, which will probably lead to an unpleasant surprise while flicking through the rooms. The bodies were never found, as they were presumably the first to be stuffed inside the 'bots. The Puppet, who in turn, was possibly the first victim of the killer back in the late 70s, did the suit-stuffing. Fun Time!) in the East Hall has a similarly low chance of turning into a barely visible cartoon of three screaming faces◊ with Ocular Gushers.
All that being said, here's a question that will keep you up at night: how do they know when you're watching them? If you were able to make it to at least 5 AM when this happens, you're left praying that you were able to buy enough time for the clock to turn to 6 AM before the jingle finishes.
You're down to nothing but moonlighting as, it could be assumed, the small sliver of reserve power goes out. All we know is that he's a golden version of Freddy Fazbear with no eyes and no endoskeleton, possibly a costume for an employee to wear. They thought that they could make sure that no more murders would happen if they had nice animatronics wearing the costumes — surely they wouldn't be able to hurt anyone! The only clue if he's still there is the shadow against the wall when you turn the lights on). Special mention goes to the baby who was so ugly, they put a bag on its face, leaving a hole for it to breathe.
Dorothy Ann and Wanda disagree; after all, they have sand, gravel, and desert plans such as cacti and creosote bush.
Instead of a knight in shining armor, the show features a "twelve year old boy with strong morals".
This is not the case; injuries are treated very seriously, and often even last throughout the episode.
That's right, the show takes place on Earth, but after an apocalypse (specifically due to a nuclear war), making one wonder just how the world can be so bright and colorful, and why the art-style is so laid-back, non-serious, and simplistic. Jake and Jermaine are born simultaneously, though through different means note Jermaine is born via natural birth between Joshua and Margaret. Finn wishes that the Lich never existed, thus creating the Alternate Timeline (see Alternate Timelines).
Finn and Jake find the physical body of Prismo and return it to him in order to gain entrance to the Citadel.
Root Beer Guy dies, but Maja is defeated by Finn, Jake, and the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant. Martin frees a rebel tribe of bears and steals an amount of gold and a milk moth queen from their captors, returning to space. With the help of PB, Finn, Jake, and even Ice King, Marceline defeats them once more and sucks up their vampire essence. What we also know is that throughout "What Was Missing", Marceline made it very clear she wants to reconcile with the Princess and heal their relationship. Well the first call with Phone Guy reveals that, if the mascots catch you, they plan to shove you into a Freddy costume, and the assorted wires and crossbeams would crush and kill you iron maiden-style.
It makes you wonder how they ever managed to endear themselves to children (although a summary of the game says that adults find them pretty creepy, too). Unless there's a light that comes on when you look through the cameras, there is no way that they should be aware of your attention.
The animatronics can roam around at night, but Golden Freddy doesn't show up on the drawings or anywhere at all, and can't move.

Too bad its permanent smile covers two-thirds of its face while it consistently begs for someone to talk to.
Additionally, Carlos says that they have the desert's harsh conditions, such as the hot, blazing sun and the dry, blinding dust storms, and to stress each, he turns on a bright lamp and a fan that both blinds Liz and then blows her away.Phoebe catches Liz before she can be sent flying earlier, and agrees with Tim that something is missing.
This is best exemplified in "Bad Timing", when she rekindles an old flame, only to become jealous of his meeting with Princess Bubblegum and going so far as to firebomb the Candy Castle to win him back. Marceline Abadeer is born with light blue skin and pointed ears to her human mother and Hunson. A comatose Maja is taken into the care of the Elephant, who is now free to do what he pleases.
Princess Bubblegum loses the throne of the Candy Kingdom in an election to the King of Ooo.
The Vampire King's essence is spilled, resulting in The Dark Cloud, a pure storm of vampiric energy. As Phone Guy puts it, "the only parts of you that would likely see the light of day again would be your eyeballs and teeth that would pop out the front of the mask".
He can only appear if you view a mysterious changing poster that shows his face on it, and he can somehow warp into your office even if the the doors are closed.
Instead of battling an evil wizard, the Ice King comes off as crazy in sympathetic ways rather than malicious ones. She crawls out of the radioactive river and takes refuge near a baby tree (the Tree Fort in the past). Finn and Jake find the holo-messages of their dad and retrieve the Demon Blood Sword from a dungeon.
Butty "Kent" Butterson is born from a severed chunk of Shelby's body and saves the tree fort.
Princess Bubblegum establishes the Garden Kingdom as a satellite state of the Candy Kingdom.
The King of Ooo is melted by Crunchy, who claims the throne as Princess Crunchy the Unforgiving. Here is where we start to analyze the subtext from the episode and the different explanations between each side. And, lo and behold◊, you can see that there IS a set of teeth and a pair of eyes inside the bear, both haphazardly hanging out of the "mouth" and "skull" of the Freddy costume.
Frizzle singing about "dem dry bones" and filling canteens with water, with Arnold helping her.Ms. They save many princesses and the blatant over-abundance of princesses is perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of this show, the minor princesses often providing small amounts of romantic comedy. Several kingdoms attack The Dark Cloud, with Marceline using her demon powers to seal it away, becoming a vampire again. So what we have here is a sort of "parody" of the fantasy genre, with more humor and in a laid-back and simplistic style, but the fantasy is still there, and the show's love for adventure prevalent in many episodes. There are lots of Cerebus Retcons which show up as a result of Cerebus Syndrome; rather amusing things are revealed to have more serious meaning, like Marceline's Fry Song. Finn uses the Enchiridion and the Gems of Power to open the Multiverse portal, destroying the Enchiridion in the process. Marceline explains to Finn and Jake her past with the Ice King (see "996 years prior to the events of Season 5"). Farmworld Finn is cured of the Ice Crown's magic while Lich Jake is defeated, but his hand falls through a portal creating multiple copies in other dimensions. Also Hunson is shown wearing what looks like his current suit while holding baby Marceline, and has his current eyes. The Lich, having bathed in the blood of the Citadel Guardians, reverts to an organic and childlike creature. Marceline reunites with Hambo, with Princess Bubblegum exchanging for the T-shirt Marceline gave her. Frizzle about this, who gives her a bucket full of stuffed animals, which she places into the diorama. A series of events lead to Flame Princess and Finn breaking up, the rescue of a child name Lemonhope from the Earl of Lemongrab, and a coup instated by Flame Princess and Cinnamon Bun, in which the former becomes ruler of the Fire Kingdom.
He conquers his fear of the ocean and learns his human father is alive and imprisoned in a facility known as the Citadel. After all, as he explains through Chewing the Scenery, the desert is very hot, with the sun beating down all day long and there being nowhere for the animals to escape the heat.
Not only that, but there is barely any food in the desert, so animals could wind up getting eaten by a bigger one. Worst of all, there is almost no water in the desert, which shocks the rest of the class, and gets Phoebe very worried.
Carlos then tells her that with no shelter, food, or water, all of her "cute little animals are buzzard bait".Ms.
Cinnamon Bun becomes "fully baked" and thus has normal intellect; he becomes the Fire Kingdom's champion.
Frizzle confirms what Carlos told her and the class, and at this point, Phoebe decides that the class has to do something about it.
With that, the class is off to the desert.While on the bus Arnold, Ralphie, and Carlos get into a conversation about the contents of Arnold's backpack, but Phoebe tells Carlos especially that they are not going to the desert to have fun. She wants to know if they can get to the desert any faster, because every second they waste is a second that the desert animals are suffering. Frizzle transforms the bus into a plane and flies the rest of the way to the desert.As the class flies over come mountains, Keesha and Phoebe are concerned that they're going the wrong way. Phoebe does not like this at all; "Why should the mountains get all of the water?" she asks. Frizzle tells her that if she keeps asking questions, she'll find an answer.The class reaches the desert, and Ms.
That's a pair of shoes!Right before crashing onto the surface, the bus reorients itself and lands onto the ground, before transforming into a Jeep-like vehicle.They have finally arrived at the desert, which Keesha measures its temperature at 107 degrees Fahrenheit. Tim wonders how anything can live in the desert, while Ralphie is spooked out by a vulture watching the class intently.
Frizzle hands the class water canteens, while Phoebe stresses that they have a lot of work to do as Students Against Desert Scarcity. He goes to Arnold for some mallow-blasters, but as Liz displays, they have melted in the extreme heat. Phoebe scolds the two for thinking about food when the desert animals are starving.Phoebe then spots a collared lizard crawling onto a slab of rock. Phoebe tries to go protect the lizard, but it quickly shows that it doesn't need its help; it stands up on its hind legs, which allows it to run faster and outrun the roadrunner.
Right as the roadrunner catches the bus in its beak, the bus transforms into a horned lizard, which causes the roadrunner to completely lose interest and walk away.
The bus transforms back into the jeep and back to its regular size, and resumes driving through the desert.After that experience, Phoebe notes that the smaller animals have ways to avoid being eaten, such as running fast or being prickly. Phoebe then decides that there is an animal out there that is also hot from the heat, and declares that they have to find it and help it. Frizzle complies and in turn orders the class out of the bus.Beneath the beating sun, the class walks through the desert, complaining about being hot, tired, and hungry. However, they are not able to find any animals in need, and tell Phoebe this fact and that they're hot. She then spots a jackrabbit sitting nearby, and observes that not only is the sun beating down on it, but it's covered with a fur coat.Arnold looks in his guide book and read out loud that a hat is great for keeping one's head cool. It runs off before she can put it onto its head, and Arnold angrily takes his hat back from her. Frizzle for what he thinks is a joke, which Phoebe tells him that this is no time for jokes. When their warm blood move through their ears, it gets cooled off in the same way.It is now sunset, and Carlos tries to get a grumpy Phoebe to admit that none of the animals need her help. Phoebe accepts that the jackrabbit doesn't need help, but then spots a desert tortoise walking on the ground below them.
Keesha measures the temperature inside and finds that it is much cooler there than it was outside.
Phoebe then has a thought; perhaps the reason they did not see any animals is because they all burned up before they got to the desert.
They were too late, she concludes.The bus is suddenly stopped and pushed out of the burrow by another tortoise. Carlos states that they were not too late; the animals were just waiting for the sun to go down. Phoebe is a bit down about this, while Keesha tells her that there is nothing wrong with being wrong. Carlos goes with her and tries to talk her out of it; the animals did not need her help from being eaten or from the sun's heat, so they don't need her water, either. She disagrees, because as he said himself, there is no water in the desert due to the rainshadow effect. In fact, she gets quite a sinister look on her face when telling him to "take chances, get messy, make mistakes". At that point, a giant raindrop falls on Carlos' head, and the duo realizes that it has started to rain.The class rushes back into the bus, stunned that it can even rain in the desert. Frizzle tells them that while it does not rain in the desert very often, "not very often is a long way from never".
Phoebe realizes that the desert does not need her water, before she is pulled by Keesha to run back to the bus. The rest of the class get inside of the bus, and after the door is closed, the floodwater carries the bus away in its flow.The next morning, the class, having gotten out of the flood predicament from before the break, are fast asleep in their tents, only to be woken up by Ms.
Phoebe and the class cannot believe that they are in the same desert as before; after a rainstorm, the desert becomes a much different place, with plants and flowers in full bloom and animals wandering out and about freely. Wanda speculates that the plants were waiting for enough water to bloom, while Arnold finds shrimp swimming in a puddle. Phoebe says that he was right as well, in that the animals do not need the help of humans to survive because they are already equipped to live there. Frizzle adds that everything that lives in the desert has adaptations that help them cope with living in the desert. Frizzle, who is glad that he enjoyed it (this combined with tip #999 implies that she wrote the book herself). Now that Phoebe knows that plants and animals have adaptations to help cope in the desert, she has time to save something else. Frizzle's desk, before she puts it on herself, sits back in her chair, and kicks her feet up on her desk.Ms.
However, before she can, the kid cuts her off and tells her that he is starting up a new group called "Save Our Kangaroo Rats", and he wants Phoebe to be president. The kid then wonders if they have adaptations for the short nights, because the show made night look like it lasted for "five seconds"; Phoebe says that they were short on time. That said, they wanted to show how animals come out at night, which itself is an adaptation. Speaking of adaptations, the kid mentions that he does not know of any seeds that grow after a night of rain.
Phoebe Hand Waves this by saying that when you have a lot of information to cover in a half hour, you don't have time to wait for seeds to grow into plants. Frizzle used magic, as will be seen a bit later on.) That said, they do grow quickly in the desert.
Cactus needles are actually leaves, which is also an adaptation, because unlike leaves, needles do not lose any water. Hearing this makes her happy, and she decides that perhaps she should answer the phone more often.Tropes All Deserts Have Cacti - In this case, they're in an American desert, so this trope is justified. Chewing the Scenery - Carlos at the beginning of the episode when he is telling Phoebe how harsh it is in the desert. Everybody Laughs Ending - Sort of; the class laughs as they are exiting the classroom, but the episode itself ends with Ms. Out-of-Character Moment - Carlos is the only one of the class to know what a rainshadow is and explains it to them. Seldom-Seen Species: Roadrunners, collared lizards, horned lizards, desert shrimp, and peccaries.

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