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What are Actions Against the Police?How Much Does it Cost to Make a Police Compensation Claim? Kevin Donoghue, Principal Solicitor at Bootle- based Donoghue Solicitors, is supporting Liberty, the human rights and civil liberties campaign group, in its fight to stop the government from extending secret trials.
If the government gets its way, the Justice and Security Bill, which is currently proceeding through Parliament, may extend these controversial Closed Material Procedures (also known as Secret Courts) to ordinary civil law cases.
The Bill is being promoted by Government ministers, intelligence officials and civil servants, who are trying to force it through despite objections from Coalition government rebels, Labour opposition and lawyers like Kevin Donoghue. As Kevin Donoghue explains, “although it is anticipated that national security will be raised in Closed Material Procedures cases, those outside of the Government and intelligence agencies involved will have no way of knowing if this is true. He continues, “As a solicitor who specialises in civil actions against the police I am worried that Closed Material Procedures could be extended to cases which have nothing to do with national security. Special advocates are prevented from telling their clients of the evidence presented by the Government, so cannot assist them if that evidence can be challenged. The Justice and Security Bill now been returned to the House of Lords for further scrutiny. Izabel Goulart cuddles up to boyfriend Kevin Trapp in the ocean on Monday (December 21) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Youa€™ve got some enviable curves when youa€™ve got a modelling contract for both Victoria Secret and La Perla which is just what model sensation Izabel Goulart can proudly present. Izaa€™s full bikini is available (right) and is definitely a piece that stands out among others. They are presently restricted to limited immigration courts and cases where national security is said to be at stake. Donoghue above are dealt with in public courts, where judges, and crucially the other party (and their lawyers), hear all the Government’s evidence and have the opportunity to challenge it.
This means that the person involved does not get to know the full case against them, and is deprived of the opportunity to challenge the evidence presented. Kevin Donoghue has signed Liberty’s petition (which can be seen here) and is pursuing the matter with Joe Benton, the MP who represents his constituency: Bootle, North Liverpool. Spotted on the beach in Rio with her footballer boyfriend Kevin Trapp who more than once admired her curves, she was wearing a cut-out printed bikini from Brasilian brand Adriana Degreas. Ideal at the beach, it also works wonders as a statement top under a tank for cocktails in the evening. If youa€™re just looking to add a top to sharpen your beach look, scroll down for our selection below!

They allow the Government to exclude the other party and his (or her) lawyers from court hearings. If Secret Courts are extended, Special Advocate lawyers would be appointed to represent the other party instead. Consequently, a victim of police brutality would never know about false evidence presented to the court used to justify the police’s conduct, and crucially, neither would the judge who decides the case. If this Bill becomes law the State will be able to hide wrongdoing and prevent legitimate scrutiny. If youa€™re jetting off to a hotter destination this holiday, make it a point to add this sexy addition to your beachwear staples as ita€™s sure to stir attention at the pool!

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