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Het Vipassana-meditatiecentrum Groningen wil iedereen de mogelijkheid geven om, eventueel onder begeleiding, inzichtmeditatie te beoefenen.
Dermed hadde vi lost alle problemer og krangler for den helgen… Men hva med tiden etter den helgen? Thursday morning, I will be leaving to a 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat from May 19th to May 30th, 2010..
To be honest, I’ve been thinking all week about writing some profound post about how amazing and life changing meditation is for all people. Sometimes during my meditations, passages from the Bible, Dao De Jing, and Buddhist Sutras spontaneously came to mind, and I realized their truth on a visceral level beyond (or is beneath?) the intellect. The practice of Vipassana meditation technique began back in the 6th Century during the time when Mahayana Buddhism was expanding through the East from India to South East Asia. The Buddha himself said that Vipassana meditation technique is best practiced under a tree in a forest or in a similarly peaceful environment. Buddha said that Vipassana meditation technique is best practiced while sitting with the legs crossed in lotus position. If your mind creates thoughts, simply tell yourself, “I am thinking” and then re-aim your mental focus on your breathing. Continual practice of Vipassana meditation technique will lead you to deep insight into the true nature of reality. Vipassana, which means 'to see things as they really are', is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation. Courses are organised at the Vipassana Meditation Centre Dhamma Sumeru in Mont-Soleil, Switzerland, and at many other centres and temporary sites throughout the world.
Het centrum organiseert avonden en ochtenden, weekenden en korte retraites met gerichte meditatie-instructies. He travelled for four months through Europe and North America, giving many public talks, leading meditation sessions, giving media interviews and guiding students in private interviews.The United Kingdom was the first stop of Mr Goenka’s tour.

I bilen pa vei oppover begynte krangelen om hvem som skulle a velge rom og seng og altmuligrart.
I will be free from all the everyday distractions such as work, television, people, and extraneous thoughts leaving me to just face my self, whatever that is. This was a time of great development in meditation, a time when many of the techniques used today were first created, though the Vipassana meditation technique taught today in the West is based on teaching from the 1800s, when Theravada Buddhism went through a great rejuvenation.
It is used to gain insight into the true nature of reality, a reality which, according to Buddhist belief, is comprised of The Three Marks of Existence: Impermanence, suffering, and realisation of non-self.
You can practice Vipassana meditation technique at home if you prefer, provided that you have a peaceful space to meditate. But if you find this position uncomfortable, feel free to adopt any position in which you are comfortable and in which you will not need to fidget.
This helps energy to flow naturally through the body and also helps to create mental stability and focus. Don’t say “I’m not focusing enough.” Though we try, it is impossible to maintain focus 100% of the time. For instance, if you are sitting and meditating at home when the doorbell rings your mind will immediately jump at the sound.
For instance, if you see an image in your mind, label it “Mental image.” Describe the precise reality of what the thing is.
For instance, if you are going for a walk, walk in Zen fashion, being mindfully aware of the process of moving.
For the deepest insight into true reality, I recommend using Vipassana in conjunction with these very powerful Buddhist insight techniques.
After a tour of 13,000 miles through the United State and Canada, he returned to Europe in August. If you would like help in choosing or creating a meditation space, refer to the article:  How To Design A Meditation Room At Home.

If you have back pain, for instance, you will find it much better to sit on a chair or to lie on bed, either of which are fine. This process of observing and labelling helps the mind to realise what is real and what is a construction of the mind, helps to teach you that your thoughts are not real, and also puts you in touch with the true nature of your own reality. Instead, open your eyes slowly, telling yourself “opening, opening.” Then, when you begin to choose what to do next, say “Intending, intending”.
If you feel a warm air moving over your wrist, for instance, mindfully observe that sensation and say “warm movement.” This is just an example.
When you are learning how to do Vipassana meditation technique you may be surprised by what you observe in your own mind. The highlight was a large one-day course with 800 participants from 20 different countries. And now falling.” Describing the movement of your breath in this way will help you to maintain focus. We immediately lose focus and instead of focusing on the breathing we pay attention to the event.
This was the largest course ever held outside of South Asia.You can watch video and photo material of Mr Goenka’s visit in August 2002. But I realized that those questions did not matter as much as I originally thought they were. For instance, if you hear a doorbell, mindfully observe the sound and label it “Sound.” This helps your mind to recognise the nature of external stimuli.
Just by saying “Mental image” or “Imagined sound” you train your mind to understand the true nature of mentally constructed information.

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