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Meditation won’t be the aspirin you’re looking for to immediately feel better; it is a path full of challenges and it can become very frustrating.
When delving into Buddhist traditions, all meditational techniques can be classified into two different types according to their progressive purpose. Most Shamata techniques use an object of concentration: an image, a lit candle, breathing, etc.
Focusing on our breathing is a very common technique, as it is available for anyone at anytime. Take a life-changing habit and next time you are at Xinalani let our experienced meditation instructor teach you the art of mindfulness with our meditation classes for a greater life!
Jul 02 - 09 2016Prepare to be inspired like never before during the inaugural “Root Down, Rise Up and Renew” yoga retreat led by Dan Nevins, a warrior, speaker and teacher. I don’t practice Vipassana meditation, leaning towards more concentration-based techniques instead, but I think vipassana is an excellent meditation technique for beginners and everyone should do a ten-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat. I’d been trying to crack the premise for The Seeker for a couple of years but wasn’t making much progress despite many fits and starts.
I’m not a particularly emotional person but I found myself in tears on the tenth day of the course struck suddenly by the knowledge that all ten days were paid for by people’s generosity. As I said, I don’t practice vipassana meditation since the technique of observing the breath is a little too dry for me.
Westerners often find Buddhist philosophy with its assertive “life is dukkha” declaration pessimistic.
I find focusing on parts of my body (say, starting from my fgeet, to my knees to my thighs to my arms to my chest to my face and then to my whole body) helps.
I just returned from a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat from Dec 21st, 2012, to Jan 2nd, 2013, ending one era and beginning another. Other amazing wildlife in the Malaysian jungle surroundings included a one-foot long black scorpion, a lizard the size of a cat, and tropical toucan birds (like on fruit loops, yum!). I love the power of words and this experience has sharpened my habit of speech so that I may use it positively and powerfully.
When I was 14, I was very attached to an online video game called Final Fantasy XI (same type of game as World of Warcraft, so you know it was addicting). As I sat in this pool of rage, I wondered why would this infinite being of love and compassion put anyone through any experience of pain or suffering. Luckily I have grown in wisdom and clarity enough to watch all of this happen with a degree of clarity. Once I returned from madness I began to understand more clearly that it was my own choice to harbor such ill-will towards something beyond my comprehension.
During the meditations, with the understanding of anicca, the understanding of impermanence, I calmed the mind into an extremely peaceful and content state of awareness. During the few times that I reached a deep equanimus state of mind, I lost most of the feeling of my body, and became very light. The goal of daily Vipassana practice is to bring forth this equanimity of mind into daily life, where it can be extremely valuable in any situation.  We all face tough problems, difficult conversations, and unexpected crises, but from this state of mind, anyone can triumph. Vipassana is the second technique of meditation that I have discovered which offers a practical and scientific path towards a personal experience of our Higher Consciousness. My path has been that of Kriya Yoga, which is a meditation technique of controlling the breath in a certain way in order to manipulate subtle energy within the body.
All religions are good to the degree that they invoke genuine moral behavior within their followers. Tomorrow’s universal religion will not be of empty rites, rituals, ceremonies, and fluff.
As our society evolves mentally and spiritually, we will all come to this most logical conclusion.
I seriously thought about it a lot and how much faster this life would take me to the end goal. My path and technique of practice was established years ago already and I will continue with Kriya Yoga. Vipassana is not my path, but it helped me understand first hand the core truth of the Buddha.
For best results, read Paramahansa Yogananda’s book FIRST and then you can also view more information online with the links below.
In this MicroCourse I share with you the exact technique I use to  connect with my spiritual guides and Higher Being while writing my entire book, From Your Higher Being. Lastly, I’ve put together a playlist of videos on youtube that I listen to daily, that I think will help you through hard times, as it has me so often.
I came across your blog at a time when I was looking for feedback on Dhamma Malaya and especially on its legitimacy, given the number of doubtful organizations you can find in the domain of life improvement. I personally did not get to master the entirety of the technique during these 10 days but I realized I came very close to that goal. However, one evening, I had a glimpse of what enlightenment could look like, feeling very light, full of love and seeing how beautiful the world looked at that time. I suspect this is the mind, which is so so bored by the many hours of meditation, that it goes wherever it can to disctract itself from the dreaded emptiness. You may listen this Free Vipassana Meditation MP3 teaching from a guru who have 30 years experience.
Hi, the posts from everyone here are extremely valuable for me as I prepare myself to go on to my first Vipassana in next few days. Photographs weren’t allowed at the meditation retreat, but this image shows part of the Vispassana Meditation location in Kanchanaburi. Throughout Day 9 of a 10-day Vipassana Meditation retreat in Kanchanaburi, Thailand (actually, the retreat is three hours from this city in a remote location not disclosed to us), I engrossed myself in the meditative state with success during most of the several mediation periods.
Photographed are the men’s bungalows at the Vipassana meditation retreat in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Time will tell whether it’s among the most rewarding, as Jenee “Fruity Gypsy” Hallick calls her experience. I also struggled mightily with food, bent on keeping wholly raw during this entire experience.
It was over these thoughts, which I had prior to making the 16-plus-hour trek from Chiang Mai to the retreat, that I knew I had to be 100 percent raw for me to get the most out of this meditation experience.
Staff informed me over the summer that fruit would be served but that the retreat center could not meet my fruit needs.
I opened my eyes from time to time, especially when distracted from the construction of a building wing next door. Beginning the afternoon of Day 4, we were called on to remain fully motionless for three periods each day lasting an hour.
I observed how the monks, several of whom lined a row closest to a wall of windows in the beautiful meditation hall, replete with dark hardwood floors, walked.
We were told not to exercise, but I snuck in several E-cises in my room and outside in an attempt to rebalance my body. I did what I had to do so as not to squander this rare opportunity to break from the pressures and reality of life for a complete 10 days. The last men standing—standing for one of the few times, actually, after completing a 10-day Vispassana Meditation retreat course in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Listen to an mp3 of fellow meditation students Harry Farrer, Simon Wright, Edwin Zigterman and Lisandro Rosati express their thoughts on their experiences.
After what’s been a challenging, tumultuous year for me personally—full of sky highs and crater lows—my mind threw lots at me in the form of replayed events and even fantasy dialogues I’d imagine myself engaging in. In the early going, to try to quiet my mind, I pictured myself batting with my hands white balloons that contained thoughts written on them into a clear black nighttime sky. Meditation, healing and finding where you should be and what you should be doing at a particular time, I’m learning, is an adventure and lifelong journey. Learn more about meditation in Anna Chmielewska’s three-part meditation series for Fruit-Powered Digest. It is not, as often thought, only an exercise to relax, or a state of trance; it is not even making your mind go blank. Beginning with the posture: our bodies are not used to keeping our legs crossed and our back straight for a long period of time. When I wrote about the great physical and psychological benefits of meditation in a previous article, I was talking about Shamata. When we develop a quality for concentration, we start feeling calm and we acquire consciousness.
After achieving Shamata’s state of peace and clarity, one then needs to focus on something that represents an aspect of the ultimate reality (impermanence, constant change, universal love, etc.), such as an image, an object, a word, etc.
The most important thing is to have our intention clear when meditating: if we’re using it as a tool to improve our daily physical and mental states, or if we’re searching for a deep spiritual transformation, for example.
Dan and his assistant, Linda Fenelon, will lead you on an unparalleled seven-night journey of self-discovery guaranteed to unearth a level of personal freedom you never thought possible.
Make no mistake; this ten-day course will be among the most demanding endeavors of your life (see the rigorous daily schedule here). Then, Kerry and I stopped in Dhamma Atala, the Vipassana center in Italy, while backpacking from Europe to India during our sabbatical. Yet, I credit the first vipassana course I did almost fifteen years ago in Dharamsala as the foundation of my spiritual life.
We’re all cut from the same cloth, a couple of shades different from the world of men and hobbits.
And if this inspires you to meditate, don’t forget to sign up for my free meditation video course, Kerry’s nutrition guide, and a free preview of three chapters of The Yoga of Max’s Discontent here. Perhaps you could try less concentration-based and more awareness based techniques instead? Spending our time in pure Dhamma, purifies our mind and makes us more clear in our decision-making. I had done when i was 20, now after 3 years after practicing on my own, i want to go for a second time. I feel that meditation will be of help but my concentration is weak I get disturbed even by the slightest noise.
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Yes, this was the end of a world within me as I took a 10 day vow of silence and submitted my will to a full 10-hour per day meditation regime. The insight is that if you develop a genuine curiosity for life around you in any given moment, you will never be bored again.
Light conversation is fine and all, but speaking for the sake of speaking is a negative symptom of a person who has been so trapped by their monkey mind that they can not even imagine silence.
I developed such an aversion to the pain that it caused a deep fiery rage to burn within me. To understand the mind of God is beyond my current level of wisdom, yet I still lashed out with such rage.
Throughout the course we are reminded to understand, to watch and see, that everything is temporary. This understanding liberates the mind from conditioned suffering so that we may make a new choice, from a new state of mind, a balanced state of mind.
To be in alignment with that truth is to automatically live in perfect happiness, balanced harmony, and true success. This state of being has many names such as enlightenment, awakening, nirvana, self-realization, oneness with God, etc.

The result is a high degree of concentration which is used to move into higher states of awareness leading towards realization of the Infinite Self.
On the other hand, all religions are dangerous to the degree that they spread misguided truth and maintain ignorance. However, I have many responsibilities and also too many desires to experience the wonderful pleasures of the world.
I have been an old student in Vipassana by S N Goenka for some time now and can so well connect to your experiences and observations.
No matter what else may get in the way, save your vacation time, save your money, put this first.
Afterwards, it took me a while to gather the will and time to attend a session myself but I finally did, and discovered a very powerful technique that will certainly have a strong effect in my life as well. As far as other students were concerned, some were still half-way and some did it in one shot: during our silent times, I had not realized how many different experiences there could be for different people! It didn’t last and taught me the hard way the law of universal impermanence, but this vision made my objective clearer and gave me more strength to go on along the path of Vipassana! Learning a technique that allows us to get liberated from mental and physical pain is really worth spending 10 days in outer world.
It is really great that spirituality and meditation is being experienced by people all around the world. They conduct retreats all around the world, including in Thailand, which is one of the most beautiful experiences, ever. Dharma (or Dhamma) became my lifestyle but during Vipassana I got huge kick in my a*ss to practice regularly and more seriously.
I was so excited over this eureka moment, which helped me make meditation a visceral, rather than a cerebral, experience. This triumph made everything I went through over the previous days worthwhile, and I count this entire experience to be among the most challenging of my life, and I certainly will never forget it. The recently deceased Satya Narayan Goenka, who the 89 students (about a dozen men and women, who greatly outnumbered the men, dropped out of the course) enjoyed plenty of guidance from during audio and video lessons, urged us to meditate one hour every morning and one hour every evening—plus spend five minutes before and after sleep in deep reflection. The excitement and freshness of the meditation experience had yielded to the reality that observing “noble silence” during the first nine of the 10 days and that being alone with your thoughts—and aspiring to free yourself of any thoughts—for so long is no easy matter.
I knew my body would react unfavorably to rice, for example, making me feel the effects for as long as four days after consumption.
I had considered doing my first water fast but was told this is not advised because of the energy needs the meditation schedule demands. Ordinarily, I eat about 4,000 daily calories, but heavy recent travel and a six-day sickness from a water-borne parasite infection had brought my weight down and my intake to about 3,500 calories a day walking into the retreat November 6.
I was advised to talk to volunteers about my diet, and they came through, bringing out more calorie-dense bananas during most mealtimes. Even so, a few minutes of exercise wasn’t enough to reverse 10 hours of being seated cross-legged. On the left is a dysfunctionally loaded body, and on the right is a functionally loaded body, exhibiting optimal posture.
Vipassana retreats were once as long as seven weeks, but their timetable shrank to as few as seven days in busier times. Standing on the right, I had my eyes closed—eeking out one more moment of meditation on this retreat. So as not to spoil prospective students’ experiences, I will refrain from explaining much about the technique, but suffice it to say, in the early going, it’s about striving to achieve a calm, quiet mind, connecting with your breath and observing your body’s sensations.
More than anything, I wanted a happy ending to a story in my life that quickly sparked its way to a warm, cozy fire of incredible promise a year ago but burned out on one end. A few days in, I grew tired of this practice and wanted to see thoughts—the entirety of them in all their colorful details—as they floated in front of me.
I planned to come to Thailand for reasons that never materialized but rejiggered my journey to discover whether it’s ideal for me for a longer stay, possibly leading to dual-residency with my U.S. I’m happy to have made strides during my retreat, whose program at Kanchanaburi during this stay operated like a fine, well-oiled piece of machinery. Meditation is a way of expanding our consciousness, not by reducing it to a semi conscious state. This type of meditation calms our mind and makes us more conscious of its patterns, therefore expanding our perspective and promoting positive emotions. Vipassana meditation helps us to have a clear vision and the ultimate objective is to cause “Paravittri”, which is a profound turn in our deep consciousness. The mediator has not only to understand the concept intellectually, but to let it impregnate in its whole experience. Keep in mind that it is a slow demanding road with a lot of obstacles, but also a path full of great discoveries and accomplishments.
Just sitting with your spine erect for eleven hours a day can be a challenge, now add complete silence and two sparse meals a day to it, and you’re guaranteed some level of physical and emotional agony. Our goal was to learn a proper meditation techniques for beginners, not think of book ideas, but on the fifth night of the course, the whole story of The Seeker came to me in a flash. You don’t pay for food, lodging, the beautiful surroundings, teachings, even transportation to the retreat in some places, nothing.
The theory behind vipassana—observing the constant state of flux your body and mind are in to realize there’s no permanent “I”—is scientific and robust. But once again, I found my mind in a similar chaos, thinking of how X or Y had failed me, remembering past humiliations, constructing elaborate future fantasies of wanting to be the world’s #1 bestselling novelist, worrying that my father was having a heart attack (he hasn’t had one in twenty years), and so on. Life indeed, as characterized by all of our experiences, is full of anguish and incompleteness. So just sit still without focusing on breath, image etc., concentrating on nothing as it were.
I am utterly confused as to what i am and anything i do with this feeling seems to me a waste of time if i do not what i am and why i am doing anything at all. In this space, I share my attempts to live a Yogic life in the heart of the material world. They were wonderful memories of adventure, laughter, accomplishment, and it was all super fun.
At first the thoughts were so random, but then became a leading theme throughout the retreat.
My goal here was to meditate, be peaceful, go within, and ultimately grow closer to God, but instead here I am in such pain that I can not even focus for 5 seconds. Once I accepted the fact that right now, in this moment, I do not comprehend everything, then everything became easier.
All situations, people, pleasures, pains, and sensations rise and fall from our experience of them. The pain of the body is nullified by the pure understanding of the way things are in this moment. Additionally, all cravings for pleasurable sensations, like peace, bliss, or ecstasy (which occur naturally in this state of meditation) do not arise to cause misery producing attachment. It is the highest state, the highest experience, and the highest purpose of every human being alive. Entering permanent realization, or nirvana, this ended all of his suffering and filled him with such loving compassion for those left in ignorance of their true nature.
It will be simply known as the right way to do things in accordance with the laws of nature. That does not mean that meditation practice for liberation is not something a house-holder can do. I will continue to walk forth with a mind of equanimity, developing my compassion, and sharing this beautiful truth of life with everyone with ears to hear.
It still needs regular practice to get consolidated in the real world but the base has been set to build a happier, more peaceful life on top of it.
I am glad you had such a positive experience and were able to resume meditating more often. Yet, the very next moment, I drifted into a black expanse, like an astronaut in space, only there were no stars or planets. This is a serious commitment and one I’ve already faltered on during my first week out of the retreat.
What was even harder was the schedule—morning bell at 4, with quiet time starting at 9 at night and full of 10 hours of meditation a day. I recalled all those rice- and bean-filled vegan burritos I ate—about three a week for dinner—over 2011 as I transitioned to a low-fat raw food diet.
On an average day, I ate a couple of plates of papaya, pineapple or watermelon chunks and lady finger bananas.
Still, there was barely enough fruit, and during a few afternoon meditation sessions, I retreated to my 5-by-7-foot bamboo shack for slumber after almost toppling over in exhaustion. When the bell rang for five-minute breaks, the sound brought an overwhelming calming relief to me many times—until the final days.
By the end of the retreat, there were “pillow forts” and extra foam blocks at many spots, especially among the non-Thais.
Vertigo, which saddled me from fall 2009 until my early days of doing Egoscue Method E-cises in spring 2010, returned, and this produced dizziness when I was seated and when I walked as well as gave me tremendous dis-ease in my stomach. I could feel my posture, a continued work in progress I have spent 30 to 60 minutes improving just about every day over the past three-and-a-half years, coming undone, and my feet were beginning to turn outward, caused by stress in my lower body.
They put me in the back of the room beginning Day 7, and I finally began to find a measure of peace in my body. Most, if not all, of the monks displayed dysfunctionally loaded bodies, presumably from lots of meditation and, perhaps, little exercise. This retreat gave me sorely needed time and space to observe what’s unfolded in my life and to begin to find closure. April 2016SelbsterkenntnisVipassana Meditation-Retreat: Meine 5 wichtigsten Erkenntnisse aus 10 Tage Schweigen und Sitzen Ich mochte dir dir heute von meinen 5 wichtigsten Erkenntnissen aus dem Vipassana Meditations-Schweige-Retreat erzahlen. Later on, when we finally succeed to sit properly and comfortably, we become aware that our mind won’t take any orders; it has its own patterns, and it’s not used to concentrating for more than a few seconds.
Yet, I’ve completed three courses in the last ten years and am now committed to doing one each year. There’s no hard-sell to solicit donations after and no attempt to convert you into any religion or ideology. The no-nonsense, non-sectarian, non-religious video discourses expounding the science of meditation at the end of each day are a welcome relief from the soft, hippie-ish talk of “vibrations”, “chakras”, and “energy fields” in most modern meditation classes.
On the tenth day, you can talk for a few hours—and immediately you meet people who understand you better than people you’ve known all your life. And each day was still a torture, still the same mathematical calculation—“3 days over, only 70% left to go; now 50%, now 40% etc.” So much for spiritual progress! I’ve been doing it for quite sometime and on many occassions I get a slight headache-like feeling. So much so, that when I went to sleep at night, sometimes I would see ants walking infront of my vision! Many days did I ponder this game, yearning to play again, and also examining WHY this tremendous urge was still there. A lifetime of built up suffering is a powerful burden, which we must all carry, but at least I can now carry it with a deeper level of acceptance, which means less hatred for the suffering I have incurred, which leads to less suffering. He spent the rest of his long life spreading this technique of meditation, known as Vipassana. Buddha called it Dhamma, which is an outline of the natural law applied to the problem of human suffering.

On the contrary, both of these paths (Kriya and Vipassana) are popular because of their wide-spread practicality for house-holders and people who have to traverse the world. A thought or insight will pop into my head, drawing wisdom again from those 10 days at the retreat.
Okay, maybe I’ll get used to it in 4 days or so, but until then how do you manage to live on tea and fruit from 5pm to 8 am? I was at one with my breath, which felt effortless and natural and eased me forward, as if I were being pulled by a string. What was hardest was the seated cross-legged meditation position, which my body fought relentlessly, stirred my mind endlessly and flat out broke me.
I endured constant physical pain for 10 years until I found the Egoscue Method, whose program of E-cises, or stretches and light exercises, is designed to bring the body into alignment so one can be Pain Free—the title of Pete Egoscue’s landmark book. I tried hero pose, sitting upright with my thighs covering my calves, but this vertigo I experienced worsened.
I was also getting nowhere with meditation, unable to quiet my mind and treating the directions in the earliest days to observe my breath and bodily sensations too cerebrally, too clinically, too mechanically.
When I talked to fellow male students (male and female students were separated during the retreat and had no interaction, save for mingling at the bookstore the final day) on a relaxed Day 10, a few told me they found their breakthroughs on Day 8 as well.
Sometimes I was successful in showing no reaction, as per Goenke’s directions, but other times I expressed emotion—happiness, sadness, love, confusion, regret and even anger. I searched my heart and found home—family, friends and the Arnold’s Way community—calling me back. Falls du diesen Kurs besuchen willst, um Meditation zu lernen, so lese bitte vorher diesen Artikel, denn der Kurs ist nicht ohne.Viele meiner Freunde haben diesen Kurs belegt und so wollte ich ebenfalls die Erfahrung machen, was es mit mir macht, 10 Tage einfach nur zu meditieren. I attribute it to the elimination of all “noise”—chatting, reading, exercising, everything—enabling disjointed subconscious thoughts to connect into a coherent whole.  This burst of insight doesn’t happen just for tangible questions. For ten days, you’re just taught meditation techniques for beginners with complete sincerity with no expectation of return. All in all, even if you experiment with other techniques as I did after, you’ll learn the foundations of meditation that reinforce the old yoga adage that the paths are many but the truth is one. I’m still friends with a French writer and an Indian banker I met in Vipassana in Dharamsala and Kohlapur respectively. I say headache-like and not headache because its not really painful but feels more like a pressure. One of my collegaues in my workplace does Vipassana every year, and I have a few friends as well. We are meant to witness this universal truth within meditation in every moment, so that we may realize experientially the wisdom of the concept. Although the sequel came out recently and I am tempted, but nothing like the urge that developed from the retreat. I observed my body’s sensations and any thoughts that bubbled up in my mind but refrained from exhibiting reaction. I hoarded bananas in a sack containing our bowls, plates, cup and utensils to be sure I had enough calories to get me through the day—and to help ripen these often green-flecked nanners.
While in the cross-legged position, my body sounded alarms in either my hips, knees or ankles, comprising six of our body’s eight load-bearing joints, depending on how I shifted my weight.
Most of all, I wanted a clean slate for me to find peace, which has often been missing in my life during 2012 and 2013, by far the busiest years of my life. This feeling stuck with deep comfort in the days afterward, and after a week, I bought a plane ticket back for early December. After my next vipassana course in Kohlapur six months later, I quit drinking and became a vegetarian for good. The dhamma humbles you, turns you into a monk with a begging bowl, grateful for whatever’s given, not judging or expecting something from every transaction. A Krishna-Bhakt from Slovenia I met in vipassana in Italy became an inspiration for one of my favorite characters in The Seeker.
The mental agitation one feels in the silence is counter- balanced by the growing knowledge that a state of complete bliss exists.
Anyway, want to say that Vipassana really works, my worse problem dissolved after these 10 days, this is really therapeutic time, when we can leave our heads and just go into our body. When I built a “pillow fort” on which to rest my knees to ease unbearable lower-body pain, pain shot forth in my neck and the middle of my back.
On this Day 10, the male students chatted with one another as if they’ve been longtime friends. Geubt wird das in diesem Kurs anhand der eigenen Korperempfindungen („sensations“).Die Aufmerksamkeit in den Meditationen wird ausschlie?lich auf den eigenen Korper gelegt, was ich sympathisch finde. I hadn’t been thinking of diet explicitly but somewhere deep down I’d been bothered by my drinking for years. Others have drifted in and out of touch but left a glimmer of a memory behind in a way few people do.
We had been through something together, and we wanted to learn about one anothers’ experiences and share ours. Recently, Ive started just observing the hollow space in my head and concentrating on that.
I felt calm and refreshed—and relieved the 10 days were up as well—and many told me they felt the same. Includes more than 25 raw food recipes, tool recommendations, fitness focus, insight from Arnold Kauffman and Megan Elizabeth and more! Wenn wir zu viel im Denken sind oder der Korper verspannt ist, ist uns der Zugang dazu nur versperrt.Es kann am Anfang enttauschend sein, nichts oder nur ganz wenig an seinem Korper zu spuren.
Je langer man jedoch die Aufmerksamkeit gedankenlos auf einen Punkt richtet, desto hoher wird die Chance, dort etwas zu spuren.Je entspannter der Korper ist, desto unmittelbarer erscheint eine Empfindung.
Volume 2 of the four-volume Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series features 20 sweet and savory recipes that will keep you and companions reaching for more! Bist du in der Lage, urteilsfrei und neutral wahrzunehmen, offenbart sich eine neue Erfahrung, denn du erfahrst die Dinge, wie sie wirklich sind.In meinem Buch habe ich dieses Thema genauer beschrieben.
Radio, Fernsehen, Computer und Smartphones sind dabei die wichtigsten Medien, die der Mensch fur die Zerstreuung seiner Aufmerksamkeit nutzt. Ich merke das gerade bei meinen Herzensprojekten, auf die ich mich immer intensiver fokussiere.
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So beginnen sie zu gedeihen und ich kann spater die Ernte einfahren.Haltst du eine Lupe ins Sonnenlicht, kannst du damit ein Feuer entfachen. Willst du bei einer Sache ein gro?eres Ergebnis erzielen als bisher, musst du deine Aufmerksamkeit darauf intensivieren. Sie ist beschrankt und kostet Energie, deshalb ist sie auch so kostbar.Es liegt an deiner Bewusstheit und Achtsamkeit, ob du deine Aufmerksamkeit von Facebook, blinkenden Geraten oder sonstigen sinnlosen Aktivitaten zerstreuen lasst. Volume 3 of the four-volume Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series features 20 menu-spanning recipes for main courses, lively salads and hearty soups! Volume 1 of the four-volume Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series features 20 recipes for delicious, rainbow-colored fruit smoothies and cleansing, nourishing green smoothies! Dazu komme ich aber noch.Der Mensch ist standig damit beschaftigt, auf das zu reagieren, was er im Au?en oder Innern erfahrt. Die Dinge verandern sich namlich von selbst, sofern wir diese loslassen und ihnen ihre eigene Form der Lebendigkeit erlauben.Das Nicht-Reagieren und Wahrnehmen dessen, was ist, ist eine gute Moglichkeit, um gro?e spirituelle Erkenntnisse uber sich selbst und das Leben zu erfahren.
Es gibt in Wahrheit nichts zu tun, nichts zu bekampfen und nichts zu vermeiden, wenn wir uns fur das Leben entscheiden und uns hingeben.
Price: $15.99Whole Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series by Brian Rossiter (e-books)Enjoy the entire four-volume Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series, featuring 80 recipes from raw food trailblazers across the world! Da es jedoch nicht nur mein Ziel ist, mehr zu spuren, sondern auch mehr zu fuhlen, habe ich dieses Gebot nicht eingehalten, weil ich es schon aus meiner bisherigen Praxis kenne.Beim Beobachten von Gefuhlen habe ich erfahren, dass ich leblos werde. Denn sie kommt nur zum Vorschein, wenn alle unmittelbaren Gefuhle durchfuhlt werden.Jedes Gefuhl besitzt ebenfalls Energie, um zu leben.
Schlimmstenfalls setzt sich die Energie irgendwo im Korper fest und bildet damit die Grundlage fur Verspannungen.Willst du mehr Lebendigkeit, offne dich fur all deine Gefuhle. Nehme wahr, wie es dir geht und erlaube ebenfalls die Lebendigkeit, die jedes Gefuhl mit sich bringt.
Du kannst die Energie in deinem Korper spuren, womit die unterschiedlichsten Empfindung einhergehen. So kannst du deine Empfindungen spuren, wahrend du das Gefuhl fuhlst.Dabei ist es so, dass wir auch in jedem Moment einen Gefuhlszustand haben.
Der erste Impuls ist naturlich das Verandern der Sitzpositition, was ja nicht im Sinne der Vipassana-Praxis ist.Kampfe ich gegen die Schmerzen an, werden sie starker und das Leiden hort nicht auf. Offne ich mich jedoch fur den Schmerz und erlaube auch ihm, da zu sein, habe ich in diesem Retreat zumindest die Erfahrung gemacht, dass er sich verandert und z.B. Andere berichten, dass er ganz verschwindet.Dabei wurde ich immer wieder in Gedankenstrome gerissen. Ich habe mich durch das Denken von alldem abgekapselt, was gerade geschieht, also in diesem Fall die Schmerzen. Das hat auch wunderbar funktioniert.Die Gedanken waren wie eine innere Trance, eine Selbsthypnose, in der ich die komplette Wahrnehmung verloren habe. Der Verstand denkt sich da die kreativsten Dinge aus, um das Bewusstsein zu beschaftigen.Da mehr Lebendigkeit mein Ziel ist, habe ich erfahren, dass ich mich auf diesem Weg auch fur den Schmerz offnen muss, sei es korperlich oder auf Gefuhlsebene.
Offne ich mich fur das Empfinden von Schmerz auf Korperebene, erleichtert das auch das Fuhlen von schmerzhaften Gefuhlen.
Die Schutzma?nahme durch „denken“ wird nach und nach durch das Wahrnehmen und Fuhlen ersetzt.Lassen wir zu, was ist, geschieht Selbstheilung.
Gefuhle und Korperempfindungen kommen und gehen, sofern wir sie komplett zulassen und erleben.
Nochmals zur Klarstellung: Gefuhle wurde ich nach der Vipassana-Technik nicht beobachten, sondern durchfuhlen! Mache dabei jedoch am besten deine eigenen Erfahrungen.In meinem neuen Buch, das bald erscheinen wird, habe ich dieses Thema genauer beschrieben. Es eignet sich hervorragend dafur, wenn du tiefer einsteigen mochtest.Buch anschauen und informiert bleibenFazitVipassana hat seine Vor- und Nachteile. Denn Vipassana bedeutet wahrnehmen, was ist – nicht, einen wie auch immer gearteten Zustand herbeizufuhren.Mache das Vipassana Meditations-Retreat also nur, wenn du offen dafur bist, auch alles zu erleben, was eintreten kann.
Das ist ein Teil des Geschehenlassens (siehe zweites Buch).Womit ich mich auf diesem Meditations-Retreat nicht anfreunden konnte, war der Gesang spiritueller Texte.
Ich empfand das als storend, obwohl sie als Unterstutzung der Meditation gedacht waren.Wer sich gewappnet dafur fuhlt und nichts sucht oder erwartet, sondern sich einfach nur auf das Meditieren einlassen will, fur den empfehle ich das Vipassana-Retreat nicht als Einstieg, sondern als Vertiefung einer bestehenden Praxis.Was sind deine Erfahrungen mit Vipassana oder den Erkenntnissen?
Schreibe unten gerne einen Kommentar.Werde Selbstverwirklicher Starte jetzt mit dem Emailkurs, erfahre mehr daruber und erhalte das eBook „Die 5 Prinzipien der Selbstverwirklichung" geschenkt.
Wenn du an tieferen Erfahrungen interessiert bist, bist du zu meinen Events eingeladen.Autor: Elias Hallo!
Ich schreibe hier uber Dinge, die ich gerne schon mit 18 gewusst hatte und zu einem erfullten Leben beitragen. Meine Aufgabe ist es, dich auf deinen Weg der Selbsterkenntnis und Verwirklichung zu unterstutzen.

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