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The Secret Life of the American Teenager Who do you think says the word "SEX" the most in every episode?
I know some parents who stopped watching & won't let her kids watch the show because they make sex look like it is okay for all teenagers. I think Ricky and Amy should be together and honestly I don't care what happens to anyone else. In my day, a girl would get a bad reputation talking about sex all the time in public like that.
Parents if your teen has a question about sex don't assume that they're doing it & teens if your parents aren't talking to you about sex don't assume that they don't care.

But in the beginning I felt like the show was giving a good message by showing how hard Amy's life was after getting pregnant. I don't like the way everyone treated her throughout the beginning but I do think it made her life seem so much harder.
I'm sorry but that is NOT the message I get from the show with all the teenage pregnancies, Anne's pregnancy showing parents committing adultery, failed marriages turning women into lesbians & there have been some other weird graphic things I can't imagine talking to my child about. Ben is so pathetic & has no respect for his father, who is the nicest man in the world. Ben is like a psycho stalker so he was better off with Dylan instead of always wanting to ruin Amy & Ricky's relationship.

I hope Jack didn't die from the pimp beating & the father just wanted to pray for him to survive, but if he dies I think the show is going to go downhill from there. It's like a teenage soap opera with kids swapping sex partners like it's nothing & love is an obsession or infatuation.

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