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Whether you’re visiting for a family vacation, getaway with the guys, or girls weekend, the Dells offers a wide variety of activities to keep your entire group entertained this Spring.
The Wisconsin Dells blog is a great way to find out what the Wisconsin Dells Travel Experts have to say about the latest attractions, events and travel savings. Have you ever had to make that tricky decision on a hot, overcast day with a chance of rain--the decision of whether to go to the indoor or outdoor waterpark? The indoor water park at Chula Vista, known as Lost Rios, is a massive 80,000 square foot playground with multiple levels, multiple slides and multiple water features.
There's no better way to cool off on a hot day than a trip to the waterpark, and the outdoor water park at Chula Vista can cool you off and get your heart rate up at the same time.
Let's face it, the weather can be unpredictable these days, and that can really put a damper on your vacation. While touring Taliesin, a visitor must put aside popular falderal about the life and work of this charismatic and (perhaps) eccentric artist.
At Wrighta€™s Wisconsin Taliesin (there is a Scottsdale, Arizona Taliesin, too) rehabilitation is ongoing and in full view, which the Guys found to be fascinating and informative. Well Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells takes away the need for you to get that degree in meteorology.

This water park is home to The Cyclone, the tallest waterslide in North America, a wild and extreme ride that will take you on a 268 foot ride starting at a height of 48 feet, twisting you through g-forces like you've never experienced before. With the indoor and outdoor waterparks at Chula Vista, you can splash, slide and have fun no matter what the weatherman says. After he fled Illinois under less than flattering circumstances and traveled to Europe to escape scandal, Frank Lloyd Wright returned to his roots in Spring Green, Wisconsin in 1911. A number of required tours of varying duration are available at reasonable cost, despite Alana€™s aversion to spending money.
Frank Lloyd Wright was a visionary and like most visionaries thrust into the public eye, he was often celebrated more for his well publicized personal style than his insights into innovative architecture. There are poolside cabanas, an arcade and, for those who like to drift along, a lazy river for tubing. There are plenty of slides for the less adventurous, too, and all end in the cool blue water of the refreshing pools.
Unlike the legions of hard core devotees who flock to FLW sites like lemmings, Neil and Alan are not fanatics about the man or his work. If serious theater isna€™t your cup of tea, blend in an excursion to not far away Baraboo and the fascinating Circus World Museum as the Guys did.

There are plenty of other amenities, too, like the poolside bar and grills, relaxing cabanas and an 18-hole mini golf course. Both think it is unique and interesting, and both agree that the more they see of it, the more interesting it becomes. For serious evening fare, check out the Del-Bar Restaurant between Baraboo and Wisconsin Dells. Experienced home rehabbers, the Getaway Guys see problems with structural elements where others may not and therefore their enthusiasm for Mr.
The ambiance is very congenial, the food great, the service very attentive and the prices are to Alana€™s liking. Wrighta€™s architecture is somewhat tempered by personal thoughts about never ending repair jobs caused by construction oddities.

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