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The baby boomers, born in the population boom between 1946 and 1964 , have enjoyed a reputation as the most prosperous, best-educated, influential generation in American history. In his 2010 book, Shock of Gray, Ted Fishman noted that f or the first time in our country's history, the number of people over age 50 would soon be greater than the number under age 17 . There is an abundance of yoga studies involving older adults that indicate yoga can reduce some of the risk factors that contribute to chronic disease, deteriorating health, falls, reduced quality of life, and lack of independence. Those of us who practice yoga don't need a study to convince us of its transformative power.
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One of the reasons for the explosive growth of older populations is that we are all living longer.
But there are things--such as yoga--that baby boomers can do now to help sustain health, mobility, independence, and a high quality of life for as long as possible.
We become increasingly susceptible to certain diseases, and falls and bone fractures are common.
According to New York Times writer William Broad, 1998 was a pivotal year for the scientific study of yoga; the National Institutes of Health first began dedicating public funds to yoga research.
My personal story is not unique--I started practicing yoga at age 50 and now, after five years of steady practice, am more physically fit than I was at 40.
Surprisingly, there were several my age and older, and they were all stronger and more advanced than I. We have two scripts that will can get you started in the business, or as a add on feature!!

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Because of the sheer numbers, approximately 77 million strong, baby boomers have left an indelible imprint at every life milestone they have passed.
Even the simplest asana , if done well, can require significant effort and over time can lead to an increase in strength and flexibility.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the leading cause of death due to injury among older adults (65 years and above) as well as the most common cause of nonfatal injuries . Commenting on the Yoga Journal study, the journal's editor-in-chief noted, “ One significant trend to emerge from the study is the use of yoga as medical therapy. One delightful woman named Eva told of starting yoga at age 62 when she retired, and now practices five days a week.
However, with a baby boomer population of 77 million, we have a ways to go before making a meaningful impact. In 2006, the first baby boomers turned 60, and in 2011 the first of the lot qualified for Medicare benefits.
By combining asana with pranayama (breathing exercises), the practitioner learns to pay attention to what is going on in his or her body and connect body, mind, and spirit as part of the practice. Moreover, those who fall once are two to three times as likely to fall again within a year. During the retreat, I was behind her in class when we were working on a sequence that progressed to mermaid pose (a variation of one-legged pigeon pose) for more advanced practitioners. Ray Long, MD, author of The Key Muscles of Yoga and other books, says that poses like virasana (hero pose) and other deep knee poses, if done with joint congruency, can improve the function of the knee. In a previous issue of YOGA Chicago magazine, yoga teacher Rolf Gates wrote about reaching middle age and said, “I just have never had to worry about my body before. Boomers are now entering the senior years, a time when health diminishes, independence wanes, and in the final years, full-time care may be imminent for many. Whether or not a person is injured as the result of a fall, they are frequently left with a fear of falling, which causes them to limit their physical activity and leads to further physical decline.

Recently, the Dean Ornish Program for Heart Disease became an official intensive cardiac rehab program and qualified for Medicare reimbursement. Before I started yoga, I assumed I was experiencing an inevitable, irreversible, steady decline. It was all I could do to draw the foot of my back leg toward my rear, while she gracefully and confidently proceeded into the full expression of the pose. He attributes this in part to the fact that the synovial fluid is spread beyond its typical boundaries, carrying away debris that would otherwise remain in the joint contributing to deterioration and pain. We have been providing traffic services since 1999, and have been a leader in providing the best possible traffic services. Can baby boomers flex their influence muscle one last time and redefine the final phase of life? However, starting a yoga practice at any age regenerates physical fitness and muscle tone, which directly translates into more energy and the ability to wring a little more out of life each day. Now if I want to sustain my relationship with my body, I have to take care of it.” Aging requires that we take care of ourselves in ways we didn't have to in our youth. Long also cites new studies suggesting that cartilage does regenerate, contrary to conventional wisdom.
The decision to practice yoga is a personal one and, admittedly, not the right choice for everyone. Visit our order menu to see which type of traffic you would like to receive at the very best pricing. This could be a boon for yoga--as goes Medicare, so go private insurers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare, and the like. My grandmother lived to 93 (healthy as a lark till the last three months of life), and my father is 86 and still going strong.

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