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In a ceremony marked by chants and rituals, solemn moments and bursts of laughter, and hugs and tears, members of the Great Heartland Buddhist Temple of Toledo on Sunday (Jan. The ceremony, called a dharma Denkai transmission liturgy (dharma is defined as a€?the principle or law that holds the universe togethera€?), was led by the Rev. Transmission from a teacher directly to a student as a dharma holder has been part of Buddhist tradition for many centuries, Ford said, and follows the heart of Buddha, who founded the religion 2,600 years ago in the India-Nepal region. As a dharma holder or a€?Osho,a€? Weik is now fully ordained as a Buddhist priest to give the Zen precepts, receive formal students, and ordain others. Five priests pose after the Denkai dharma transmission celebration– from left, the Rev. The final step to achieving Zen mastery is called the Denbo transmission, which normally takes three to five years after Denkai, Blacker explained afterward. The Denkai transmission ceremony itself was held Saturday night in a private setting, following Buddhist tradition, between teacher and student with family and other priests attending.
The Sunday service, attended by about 75 members and friends of the sangha, or congregation, was a public recognition and a celebration of Weika€™s achievement.

The 90-minute ceremony, likely the first Denkai transmission ever held in Toledo, included much bowing and kneeling among students and priests. A solemn moment took place when Weik knelt before his teacher and was presented with a short, hand-carved a€?teaching stick.a€? Ford said the sticka€™s curves simulate a human spine, and at the same time offer a€?fair warninga€? in the shape of a cobra poised to strike.
Weik, 45, has been studying Buddhism for more than two decades and he and his wife were ordained as priests in a ceremony at Lourdes College in June, 2010. Statue of the Buddha, the young prince who founded Buddhism 2,600 years ago, sits in the temple. Ford, 65, said the transmission of precepts to a Dharma holder is a bit of a a€?guessa€? and a step of faith on the parts of the teacher and the sangha. Weika€™s impact on his students was made evident when more than a dozen stood up, in turn, bowed, and offered brief comments.
Another said she came for the meditation classes and was unaware of the Buddhist connection, implying that she would not have attended had she known. A Zen Buddhist teacher and a professor of music at the University of Toledo, Weik integrates his Buddhist and jazz practices with the Zen Arts Ensemble, among other creative outlets.

In the video below, Weik and other members of the ensemble discuss the concepts and the challenges involved in working together fluidly to create a one-of-a-kind artistic moment.
The practice of Buddhism adapts to the local cultures and flourished in India, China, Korea, and Japan, before coming to the United States about 50 years ago, Ford said, calling the U.S. Jay “Rinsen” Weik, Osho, can often be found at the intersection of sound and contemplative practice.
He teaches jazz guitar at the University of Toledo and is also a fifth-degree black belt instructor in Aikido, a defense-oriented martial art, operating the Shobu Aikido center adjacent to the temple, 6537 Angola Rd., Holland. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of ToledoFAVS. Melissa a€?Myozena€? Blacker, Roshi, who both took part in the ceremony, are priests in residence at the Boundless Way Zen Temple in Worcester, Mass., founded by Ford.

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