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Since it’s debut in January, many people, including celebrities, have downloaded the application or simply, app.
Most of these “viners,” as Vine users are known, can be “vine verified,” sounds legit, doesn’t it?
With that said, here are five Latino viners who with their “six-seconds of fame” have dominated the social media frenzy, vine verified or not! This Cuban-American residing in Miami, Fla is without a doubt one of the funniest “chicas” on vine. He’s called Juan Atiles, but is known in the social media world as “LeJuan James,” in honor of his idol, basketball player Lebron James.
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Now, many social media junkies are using the easy-to-use mobile video app from Twitter known as Vine. This filmmaker, musician, viner and foreigner, as described on his Twitter, is probably the funniest person to encounter on Vine. He has nearly 500 posts of amusing and hilarious skits about paranormal activities, the thug life and more. Not only does he play “Susano Jose,” but also does the role of the mother, which makes it even more enjoyable. His series of skits like “Mi Madre,” featuring his mother, “Speedo Simone,” a lover of the sea, “Hispanic Superman” and the Cuban version of Siri, made Mancuso the 12th most followed vine maker in the world, according to TMZ.
In an interview with Fusion, ABC and Univision’s venture, Jessi said she was always the funny girl in high school, but not popular and because of vine she now gets recognized all the time! Lately, he has adopted the role of “Juan” in a series of vines called “The Life of Juan,” portraying a Mexican in his endeavors and mishaps living in the United States.

The young comedic actor made his leap into the public eye with his hilarious skits portraying the Hispanic community and their culture.
He has appeared in Univision and even made a jaunty jingle about gum for a Trident TV spot.
Through his vines, you can get a real taste of the Caribbean, and I’m not talking food, I am talking hardcore merengue and bachata dancing, and imitations of its people.

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