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21.04.2016 admin
In an attempt to put laptops running its Chrome OS at the top of holiday gift lists this year, Google announced that it plans to offer new Chromebook buyers a free terabyte of Google Drive storage for two years.
Anyone who buys a Chromebook will be eligible to redeem the offer for free storage (which is worth $240) between now and the end of this year. It’s a move that could sway the balance of power in holiday purchasing towards the low-cost laptops and away from other options like cheap Windows PCs and tablets. The devices have become much more useful in the past year, picking up key features like the ability to run Android apps, as well as support for Adobe Photoshop (with the promise of more Creative Cloud software in the future).
See MoreMember MessageUW Foster Technology Management MBA Program: 18-month MBA designed for technology leaders and innovators. Google is happy to give you a terabyte of Drive storage for free if you agree to contribute to make its mapping and navigation service better.
Moving along, guides with level four contribution will receive a free 1TB upgrade to their Drive storage. With Microsoft curtailing free storage limit, and paid storage tiers in OneDrive, it's a handy chance for users to find more storage elsewhere.
We have no confirmation if this is true but a Redditor just claimed that Google offered him free 1TB of Google Drive storage good for two years. We're taking this with a pinch of salt for now because anyone can easily make fake reviews on Google Maps. I have been tech blogging since 2007, keeping up-to-date with the latest ins and outs of all things tech. Chromebooks don't have much local storage, which is kind of the point—their vision of computing is one where basically everything is done in the cloud, and the computer on your lap is just your window to the Information Superhighway.
Google runs similar promotions with most Chromebooks, though with differing subscription lengths and amounts of storage space. Chromebooks likeAcer's C720start at $199, though you'd do well to spend more money and get more than 2GB of RAM. If you're like a lot of people, you can't remember how you used to get anywhere before you had an app like Google Maps.
Yahoo changed the game of email storage by fixing unlimited to 1 Terabytes of capacity for storing the emails for free accounts. Google has announced it would be bringing the largest update to its Local Guides program since its inception.

The contributions generally includes written reviews, photo uploads, additional data about any place or addition of a new place.
According to Android Police, Google is offering free upgrade to 1TB of Drive storage on reaching Level 4.
Google has been localising contents for its Maps by allowing people to edit maps and add new details to Maps. Last year, the low-cost portables topped Amazon’s holiday sales charts, passing by Windows and Apple laptops. The company has updated Google Maps' Local Guides program to announce that it will be rewarding people who add useful information such as reviews, upload photos, or mark tourist spots etc - with storage in Google Drive while also giving some other enticing offers. Google says that guides who have reached the level two will get early access to new features and products from the company.
Level five users will be able to attend the company's inaugural summit in 2016, and explore the Google campus and meet other top guides.
As for Google Maps, it appears Google has put its mapping and navigation service on the fast aggressive update cycle. Well, according to a certain 'maroonmushroom' on Reddit, he received this offer from Google.
It may be hard to fill up and actually unwise because after the free two years is up, you will have to worry about migrating them. To make that usage model more plausible, Google is giving new Chromebook buyers 1TB of Google Drive storage free for two years.
If the cloud model doesn't work for you, a new class of cheap Windows laptops like HP's Stream have been creeping down into the $200 price category lately.
These online (and offline) maps are great for getting from point A to point B.But, increasingly, map apps include street views, so when you're driving or walking, you know which building to look for. You have plenty of space available now to keep all your emails at one place, and even to backup your data.
We think Yahoo must planning to provide a Yahoo Cloud Storage solution, mostly unified with its flickr and mail accounts!
The Local Guides tab offers list of places to review or rate based on your current locations and then offers one point for every high-quality rating. Chromebooks have been gaining traction in the market, especially in the world of education, which has been very welcoming to Google’s new operating system.

Users in level one will get a chance to participate in company's exclusive contests to win goodies including devices, the company wrote in a blog post. It may be hard to believe but we're willing to wait for similar claims from other active Google users. There's no mention why Google chose this Redditor but we're curious to know how many received the same offer.
To take advantage of the deal, you just have to buy any new Chromebook between now and January 1, 2015. And, a lot of times, you can use maps to get suggestions to visit, or see photos of that destination that other people took. You can maybe try adding more reviews but there's no guarantee Google will be giving the same offer. The Drive service on the Web now offers a smarter sorting with the addition of 'Recent' view. That's a lot of reviews but we're assuming they are of high quality content and not spammy ones. On the flip side do you really want to trust a review on something that was looked over and reviewed in four minuets and forty eight seconds? Any and all other material herein is protected by Copyright © 1995 - 2016 WestStar Multimedia Entertainment, Inc. These people post pictures on Maps, suggest tourist spots, nightclubs to hang out in, and they post restaurant reviews.Google just tweaked its incentives to participate. So, what do you get in return?If you earn up to four points, you'll be entered into Google contests. At 5-49 points, you get early access to Google products; at 50-199 points, you're listed as an official Local Guide.

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