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Sage Oak Charter School is new to the area, and I am excited to announce that we are vendors! Alexander Scriabin (1872-1915), a Russian pianist and composer who made interesting assertions that the key relationships through the circle of fifths also follow a color spectrum. Edward Grieg (1843-1907), the Norwegian composer who's nationalistic music made him a popular hero of his home country. In my spare time I've been known to throw down a groove and paste a well-known tune of another genre over top.
After looking at their vendor list, it appears that they have a very hefty collection of vendors, although quite a few seem to be focused down in Orange County, East LA, and South LA. If you are interested in taking lessons through Sage Oak, please get in touch and we'll get you started!

Our mission is simple: to empower you with the most authentic property information and the best tools available.
What I love about this book besides its punny title given by Anna, is that it seamlessly introduces music history and culture during the piano lesson.
But when you combine them, you get a visual explosion revealing a socially-awkward dog with a (perhaps) diabolical owner. As men, we are perpetually doomed to a certain level of immaturity (my sense of humor stopped maturing at junior high), but kids bring out something different than that. Without even trying, our children force us into worlds of pretend, beautiful imaginations, and lightheartedness.

Or maybe he’ll stay up late helping his daughter with a school project that got dumped on him upon his arrival from a road trip series. Even with all of that, I bet that somehow Kershaw’s baseball playing will be better since he’s a dad. God has been kind to bless them with three kids, whom they hope to bring up in fear and reverence of the Heavenly Father.

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