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For the center base post, instead of using 2x4's we used one 4x4 which was clean, square, and straight. As for the finish, we wanted a weathered gray color and were able to come up with it through a three step process. Beautiful table, but I really want some information on the 3-step process you used to get the weathered gray look.
I'm curious if you made the extensions permanent or if they can be removed and added as you need? On the first day of school, I can absolutely guarantee I will be spending all day laying in the sun doing absolutely nothing.
That is if I am not waiting in the lobby at the school all day, peeking in the classroom window. But hopefully on day two - and the days that follow - I'll have alot more free time to dedicate to creating more plans for you! We thought it would be cute to double the length of the Trestle Play Table, and I absolutely love how it turned out! Please stop over and check out lots more photos and building details - and the low down on those rolling stools! It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.

Hello MissyTate123, I would also like to make this table taller and was wondering if you received a reply?
My kids have been complaining for awhile now about misplacing crayons, coloring books and not having table space to color.
PDF versionAdditional PhotosAbout This Project This was a first time woodworking project for me.
We used a mixture of steel wool and vinegar in a glass jar, let it sit for a night or two, then brushed it on evenly over each board.
Would you please explain this a little further and how they are stored and placed for use and how this works? However, I would really like to make it in a modified size, closer to a standard train table.
Inspired by Pottery Barn Kids Hudson Play Table, but doubled in size for twice the fun and learning! We also added extensions and changed out a few boards for a bit of a different look from the exact plan. As for the length, since our table was 12" shorter than the plan, we decreased the length of the two support boards running between the bases by 12" to account for that. If anyone out there in the Ana-verse, or Ana herself :), would be so kind as to create new plans for me I would greatly appreciate it!!

We had to adjust the length of our decorative pieces somewhat, because of the wider base and shorter length.
I did have to make some modifications as our only hardware store in town didn't carry 2x2's or 1x2's and we had extra 1x 6's laying around instead of the plywood or 1 x 12(and my husband messed up a little he he) Now I can't wait to make the stools, neither can my girls! I'm looking at closer to 55-60" long by 36-38" wide (the height is good, or could increase by a few inches if necessary). Of course I had to modify them due to the wood I had available and I also wanted to add the breadboards to the table.
I give a range for two reasons, 1) I know Ana usually likes to work with standard sizes (ie. 60 by 36), but 2) I'm also aware that there may be a "magic" new size within that range that works best with this plan.

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