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Backyard Pool Entertainment Area - Potomac, MD - Traditional - Pool - other metro - by The Sharper Cut, Inc. Landscape design included custom pool, water feature, lighting, new patio, retaining wall, walkways, plants, outdoor living area, and backyard entertainment space. Summer is fast approaching for many of us and that means pulling out the garden furniture and accessories so that we can set up and enjoy our outdoor spaces.
There’s Generation X, Generation Y and from now on there should be a Green Generation. As this unique collection comes in several colors, you can use the different glow of each color to the benefit of your design. You can imagine my surprise when I first saw Eethuis – a vertical garden containing an actual house with living walls and roof packed with delicious vegetables, fruits, herbs and edible flowers. This modern lounge chair comes in a stainless steel or satin black powder-coated steel frame. Outdoor spaces are always a must, whether you live in an urban apartment or a country home.
A small and cozy patio or a spacious wooden deck, romantic or modern – the options are limitless.
Australian horticulturalist and award-winning landscape designer, Jamie Durie turned his Los-Angeles backyard into a dreamy retreat with a contemporary touch. Browse pictures of design ideas and get tips for creating a relaxing spa experience for your backyard.
A pergola for shade and an adjacent fire pit are just two of the added features for this California spa. Kitchen plays an important role in your life that not only affects the health of your family, but also is the place where entertaining guests.
The weather is starting to get warm and it is perfect time to stay outdoors, especially for your little rascals. Select fresh scallions and cut off an inch from the roots and then put them in a glass of water. As a new parent or expectant parent, the most exciting and happiest thing is to design an adorable nursery room for your baby girl or boy.
The Foley Collection, made in Brazil and featured here, reminds us that beautiful and versatile seating solutions are important for any outdoor space. This pretty can, available in all classic white, charcoal grey and fresh green, gets all handy with its removable spout, so that it can comfortably be filled up under your tap.
It’s time to hangout outside, enjoy evenings on the porch and have outdoor parties and barbeques. This revolutionary walk-through, auto-close, hands free screen door allows you to enjoy year round insect protection.

Thyme, Basil and Oregano are just a few of the plants I have successfully managed to grow, and which are now being pruned and added to various pasta recipes and different sauces. It is both a house and a garden which attracts visitors to taste, touch, harvest, weed, sow and smell. Urban living is usually done in small apartments, however, this doesn’t mean you need to give up on your BBQ. A place to unwind and relax with a good book or entertain family and friends on special occasions and weekends. For example, this beautiful backyard, designed by Robert Hursthouse, offers three different types of entertaining areas depending on the weather – a gathering spot around the fire pit, a deck for sunny afternoons and an enclosed gazebo. He created several distinct outdoor rooms for entertaining, dining, sleeping and bathing, surrounding a 12-by-30-foot swimming pool. Find Local, We Do Residential Remodeling Company Who Does, Budget Home Improvement Service Cost Estimate. Flowers, tress, plants and vegetables…they will give you a lot of joyful time when you are taking care of them.
Kids of all ages would love to have a climbing structure like this, which features with climbing wall, knotted rope, climbing net and so on. Place them on a windowsill where it is well-lit. Regrowing fennel and leeks is very similar to the scallions.
When the sweet potato has send out sprouts, then you can pull them off the sweet potato and plant them in a pot with soil.
Decorating a nursery room by yourself will bring you a lot of joy, and express your biggest LOVE for your baby. When you plan to create a Harry Potter themed nursery, you could start from decorating with winged keys.
One that I wish to display rather than hide away while not in use; one that its dynamic design marries nicely with its soft and kind curves. There’s always a catch, though, during the summer time, and by that I refer to those pesky bugs and insects.
It keeps bugs out of your home without hassle, it could be installed without tools or damage to the door frame in about 5-minute; it adjusts to fit doors 78-Inch by 80-Inch in height. The Coolaroo Shade Sail is the ultimate solution for any backyard-shade-need that may arise. The Illuminated Planter, from Rotoluxe, is exactly the approach that should dominate the world of modern design. The Hot-Pot BBQ, from Black+Blum, is the best solution for any small space terrace – It’s a BBQ and herb-garden in one! Made from stainless steel with carry box made from unbleached recycled cardboard, it is the ideal BBQ set for city style rooftops and terraces.

This is a seat that suits both indoor and outdoor; it suits almost any room with its class, elegance and style, and most importantly it suits you.
If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for your outdoor areas, keep on reading and feast your eyes on these marvelous designs.
But if you store your pots and pans with the lids on them, they won’t stay that way for long. Faux stones are apropos home update materials and they will help you make a stunning makeover. One that he will most probably like to use too, increasing my chances of getting help watering plants around the house.
This extraordinary collection is the ultimate combination of recycling, green thinking, unique design and sustainability.
A garden path, small fountain or stone seating, they are all nice choices, but a good advice is that you do not ignore those small ornaments – just as plant markers or labels we will introduce for you.
It will save you a lot of money on purchasing grocery, and lets you have your own fresh vegetables with regular supply. Put carrot tops in a shallow saucer filled with water, and place the saucer in a room that is well-lit. When the roots are around 2-inches long then transfer them to pots filled with potting compost.
For that we have made a collection of nursery decorating ideas that are just so adorable and easy. These cute signs and markers are inexpensive and easy to make by repurposing everyday items like pebbles, wine corks, branches, stamped spoons, cans and even broken terracotta pots…Is it amazing! Sandpit, climbing wall, treehouse, mud kitchen…a lot of great examples you could try!
From picking the best place for nursery, to decorating the flooring and wall, to making the cutest furniture and decorations, these DIY ideas are sure to inspire you! Moreover, they are sturdy and durable but also can bring unexpected appearance to your home that not as they originally look like.
Whether you use it for your deck, pool, patio, spa or your kids’ outdoor play-area, you are sure to enjoy a nice cool spot no matter how hot it gets. Just put the sprouted garlic cloves into a container with a little water, and keep it in your kitchen window.
Whether indoors or outdoors, faux stone will give a natural and rustic atmosphere to your home.

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