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Click Here for Garage Wall Heights and Roof Pitch Options DuraTemp Siding Information SheetCustom sizes and configurations also available.
For buildings over 16' there is a $150 leveling charge and buildings will not be leveled over 8 inches. If it takes our driver longer than 45 minutes to set the building, there will be a charge of $50 per hour. Deliveries are generally scheduled to be within 5 business days from date of order but may be effected by weather or other circumstances. You will be redirected to our affiliate company, RTO National, to complete your purchase on their secure site. Dura-Built's PORTABLE GARAGE is a big and beefy building which can accommodate the size and weight of most vehicles. Here's a question about a new front porch and some landscaping ideas.I live in central North Carolina and am in the process of adding a covered front porch onto our home. The first photo is a flower that has not bloomed for more than 40 years and it finally bloomed this year would you have any idea of what it is?
What should I expect to pay for someone to plant shrubs?ANSWERHi Candace,You should pay retail price for the plants if the contractor is providing you with the plant material.
Yes we live in Maryland and we need something to look nice against our 60 foot chain link fence.
Front Landscape Plants in FloridaWhen we built our house 8 years ago, the oak tree was small - the trunk was perhaps 10" in diameter. What are some plants for hot and sunny conditions, particularly in front of brick?I have a ranch house that faces the west with cedar and brick on the front.
I am looking for a border evergreen or hedge that we can plant in an area that only gets sun in the morning and it must be a plant the deer will not eat. What are some small trees to use in a small space?I have an arborvitae tree that has become much too big and was damaged by the snow this year. What bushes are the best bushes to plant against the front of a house in hot sun that will stay full and not turn out sparse and become bare around the bottom?ANSWERHi Colleen,Thanks for the information.
Here's a question about front landscaping ideas for the front of a ranch house.We have purchased a "new" home that is 24 years old. Our 100% satisfaction and willingness to further use Rick’s services are the highest marking for this skillful tradesman. We found Rick to be both helpful and knowledgeable in design decisions and formulating an efficient plan for our garage space. We are very impressed with the outcome of our well organized and clean garage now that Nuvo Garage and Rick have completed the job both on time and on budget. Rick built a workshop for my husband, I wanted to surprise him with a space to have his tools all organized. Old Spanish houses were always set amidst a large tract of land and sylvan beauteous surroundings.
In old hacienda style decor, they always utilized colors and designs from nature; everything earthy and elegant and close to nature. They create the special opulence and grand overall ambiance that is so specifically Spanish. We bought a cookie cutter house in a new development 5 yrs ago and it came with a small front and backyard as expected. Next I bought this bush at a local greenhouse but I am unsure as to what the name of it is. Regardless of whether he is getting you the plants or you are getting them yourself, the going rate is anywhere from 40% to 60% of the cost of each plant. Depending on the rose type, it might just flower once in June, or it might bloom repeatedly from spring to fall. Could I replant them and will they come back to life?notation: I have asked 6 people and have 6 different answers.
I am in the process of clearing out an redesigning.I am planning on keeping the Japanese Maple and bright little juniper and considered edging the bed with monkey grass.

Some plants you can use are "Green Velvet' Boxwood, 'Crimson Pygmy' Barberry, 'China Girl' Blue Holly. I can park in the garage now, which is really nice after the nasty winter we’ve been through. Rick gave us a number of ideas that we had not considered and that worked well for our garage.
He has converted freshly built, relatively usable, three car parking garage into the high capacity, clean, versatile storage and two car & boat facility. With the flooring and cabinets in dark polished hardwood, the light pastel walls look really fresh and sophisticated.
We have aapproximately 500 sq.feet backyard that we don't have direct access to since we are located in a slope lot (shown in attached pic).
Instead replacing it with another olive tree, is any other tree can substitute the olive tree and looks good with the other olive tree? Some contractors charge by the hour and typically the cost is between $40 and $60 per hour.
Please help me, I'd love to plant them and have success with them.ANSWERThe truth of the matter is that perennials can be finicky and you won't know until you try. ANSWERHi Barbara,After speaking with you on the phone and getting more information, I would recommend some background shrubs behind any perennials. Rick transformed it within a week into a pleasant, well-lit and insulated space with attractive storage and quality finishes. Outdoor always had mosaic tiled pathways and courtyards which are favorite Spanish relaxation spaces.
So are chandeliers and wrought iron pedestal lamps and wall sconces, sculptures and paintings and other handcrafted collectibles that add to the classic and ageless gracious looks of a Spanish home. My wife and I very rarely go to the back hence it is often neglected, however I do the best I can to mow the lawn there. However, if you have not seen any growth on them during the growing season, it is most likely they are dead.If you have seen a flicker of life and some growth, I would give it a try. There are also currently some different types of day lilies but I am looking for a slightly more formal design.
Storage of things are now where they should be and we can fit 2 cars in the garage which is fabulous particularly in the winter. Any suggestions would be wonderful.AnswerGenerally I like to use evergreen shrubs in the back and perennials in the front of the foundation planting.
They are quite tall which will cover your fence nicely providing branching in the winter time.In front of these, you can use ornamental grasses and other perennials such as Black-Eyed-Susan, Coneflower, Lavender 'Hidcote', etc. Solid mahogany or oak wood is used and intricate hand carving done to add to the classic look. Arched doorways, cute little balconies, courtyards with side entrances, patios and front yards all go to make this home spectacularly beautiful! My plan is to kill the moss including the grass all together and just put couple inches of bark so that I don't have to maintain it that much anymore. To figure out how much mulch you need, take the length and width of the area to get the square footage.
This is necessary to determine which trees will grow in your area.However, I would try to use a landscape tree that has a different form than the Olive tree. Good for foundation plantings as the first layer.Annuals are flowers that live for one season and then they die. With pastel wall background, deep shaded hard wood furniture looked magnificent and impressive.
If so, I would guess that it is a Franklinia alatamala, which is a lovely tree and blooms in the summer.
You did not mention how much space you have.You can also fill in with Rhododendron, Mountain Laurel and Japanese Andromeda.
They will be less expensive and Miscanthus grows very quickly.The above picture shows Miscanthus gracillimus in one of my projects.

I see you are from Illinois so you must have long winters.Keep everything below the window. The form was rather rounded and low branching, although it was young.See my page on Landscape TreesA tree that would have a different form, as an example, would be a multi-stemmed Birch tree. Some examples are Begonias, Geraniums, Impatiens and Petunias.Perennials are plants that produce flowers.
This might be a White Birch or a River Birch.Another example would be a Pear tree, such as "Chanticlear".
If it's a shrub or perennial, let me know!The second photo of the lavender flower looks like Malva alcea (Hollyhock Mallow).
The plant "dies down" at the end of the season, but produces new growth (like a new plant) in the spring.
Perhaps an evergreen tree, then a mass of seven Rhododendron, then another shrub variety, and another, and then another evergreen tree.
You may not be familiar with the term, but if you saw one you would know what I am referring to. Or you could just do a mass of American Holly and plant perennials in front of them for all season color! It is a structure anywhere from 6 to 9 feet tall that starts out wider on the bottom and as it gets taller goes to a point. Some will repeat their flowering through the season or be almost continuous, such as Catmint 'Walker's Low'.
Sometimes that's not important since the pool is only used in the summer when deciduous plants have leafed out and provide privacy. You might just want a border which remains low or you might desire taller shrubs or trees for privacy. You could then plant a vine on this which would climb all over it and pretty much cover it. They are somewhat thorny though.Boxwood is always a good choice but you mentioned you have some of those and you may want something different. Dogwoods, Birch Trees (River Birch for Virginia as White Birch is not hardy there), and Star Magnolias are all good choices. Here, there could be a bench and a small water feature, such as a bird bath fountain.The Pachysandra and the shrubs will be low maintenance. If you think you might like to repeat them, "Green Velvet" is a nice variety.Japanese Andromeda is another choice.
PS The sun sets on this side of the house.ANSWERIn the area where the porch wall meets the steps (corner area) I would use some tall shrubs. Since your location is sunny, you'll have to be careful as many evergreen shrubs like some shade. If it is in your budget, evergreen shrubs would be a good choice since they will retain their green foliage during the winter. The only thing is that you will have to check your planting Zone to see if these are hardy where you are. They are hardy from Zone 5B to 9A.Norway Spruce, which get quite large is also another evergreen tree you can use. However, you can add other types of lower shrubs in front of these along with Perennial Flowers for color.You also have to add at least one ornamental tree for height. This is the largest of all that I have mentioned, so it depends on how much room you have.You can also create a mixed planting. These types of trees can be placed in the corner of the new front porch near the Blue Holly's I mentioned and also at the house corners.Try to create nice curves for the bed lines.

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