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Darryl Miller is president of the Morrision Model Aircraft Flyers Club of Morrison, Illinois, and wanted a fun club project.
Bill Lyons, of Moline, Illinois, was looking for something a bit different and fun to fly at the many all electric events he attends, so he set out to design and build this Yogi Cub. The Central Coast Barnstormers (Gilroy, CA), one of the longest running programs in northern California, have joined the Pacific Coast Football League (AAA)! According to co-owner Jose Rodriguez, “The bottom line is Joffre and I do what is best for the Barnstormers and the best for the Barnstormers is the PCFL!  It will be great to renew the rivalry with some of the teams that forced us to get better!
Well, we at Barnstormers would like to celebrate these brave men and women by including your treasured photographs of them for all to see on this page. Remember – the motorcycles have to be pre 1945, and we need your permission to publish the photograph (or if the photograph belongs to somebody else we will need their permission).
Early photographs of female motorcycle riders are scarce with the sport of riding motorcycles regarded as the domain of men. Well, the article below escaped from that cycle and first appeared in an interesting monthly publication called Roll Back the Years that covered the early days of Taumarunui and its surrounding areas. It is reproduced here with full acknowledgement to the efforts of Ron Cooke who was the editor and publisher of Roll Back the Years. The postcard reproduced above has been loaned by one of our subscribers, Don Sanders, of Hamilton, whose father Dolf is shown proudly standing with his brand new Bradbury bike. The first sale of a motor-bicycle in the King Country was recently reported by the Taumarunui Press. Mr Sanders tells us that he purchased his fathers old bike after it was found under a house where it had lain for many years.
Footnote 2016 – Don Sanders is no longer with us however he did complete the restoration and used it on a few rallies. The Barnstormers library has slowly been amassing some more photographs of early motorcycling in New Zealand and it is about time to do something with them.
Another photo postcard, this one still has the message on the back, though hard to read and not of motorcycling interest. An original photograph with the caption on the back “taken at Motokarara about 23 miles from Christchurch, where 300 of us motored. These are of Ted, his bike (an AJS) and possibly Teds wife and child in what looks like their Sunday best. Good quality photographs of early motorcycling groups are quite hard to find, so when this scene came our way I definitely thought that it was worth sharing. The photograph was taken outside the Fielding Post Office about 1912 (a general consensus amongst a few knowledgeable people). Time is definitely marching on for our old hobby, and with it more and more of the pictorial past is disappearing.
Here’s an article written by Les Elmer about his Dad, Arthur, and a couple of his exploits as a pioneer motorcyclist. In 1938 prior to WWII, Dad rode a Levis 350 cc of which he was inordinately proud, as can plainly be seen from the snappy suit and his stance in this photo. Rex Knight is a person who probably has his own interesting stories about motorcycling having grown up with a father who was already into bikes and finished his last restoration of a long stroke featherbed Manx Norton at the healthy age of 84.
In the 1990s New Zealands custom and modified non Japanese motorcycle magazine called Twin Eagle used to have the occassional page with very early photographs titled Blast From The Past.
Not much information on this photograph except the rider was a boarder called Jack and he must have stayed for quite a while because when he finally left he had much less hair than shown in this photograph.
Ever since Clay Adams saw “The Great Waldo Pepper,” he’s wanted to recreate the barnstorming lifestyle.
A Northwest Airlines captain by profession, but a barnstormer at heart, Adams hails from an aviation family and has remained in his hometown of Rosemount, Minn. Adams soloed at 16 in the family’s Cub, an airplane he still owns today, and has now logged more than 24,000 flight hours in 97 different aircraft types. Clay Adams bought this 1929 Travel Air for Nostalgic Wings, a company he formed to give airplane rides to the public. His first call was to Rob Lock, a fulltime barnstormer out of Kermit Weeks’ Fantasy of Flight.
The intended mission of the American Barnstormers Tour is to expose the public to vintage airplanes. The American Barnstormers Tour begins in Kalamazoo, Mich., on July 15, and will feature 15 to 20 aircraft in all.
Clay Adams, along with 15 to 20 other pilots, will visit nine airports in July as part of the American Barnstormers Tour, scheduled to culminate with a weekin EAA AirVenture.
Depending on the success of this year’s event, long-term plans are to hold the American Barnstormers Tour in subsequent years. The American Gyro Crusader was a small, futuristic airplane that astonished and amazed the world during the Great Depression.

Mike starts out by saying, a€?The full scale Aeronca C3, nick-named The Flying Bathtub was designed during the a€?Golden Agea€™ of flying. We would like to share with you a variety of model photos submitted by the readers of Flying Models. Darryl picked up an old Leasure Electronics Playboy Senior Cabin kit at a recent swap meet and he and fellow club members started construction in early 2013. The Yogi Cub is loosely based on a Piper J-3 Cub and a homebuilt type plane and is constructed mainly of Styrofoam that Bill purchased at a local dollar store. Owners Joffre Longoria and Jose Rodriguez are excited about the opportunities the PCFL presents.
The Solano Chiefs were one of the powerhouses when we first started, and we have had we had many epic battles on the field with the Richmond War Angels who were the PCFL Champions this past season. Greg Garcia returns after a year off, and Jeff Parsley, the longest tenured Barnstormer coach has returned to help both ownership and coaching. As we are just the custodians of our old motorcycles so that they may be preserved for future generations to enjoy, previous owners regarded them as lifelines for survival. To contribute to this series contact us with what you would like to submit, including a brief description on the year (if known) people (including relationship to you) , place, and motorcycle (if possible) in the photograph(s). So it was a pleasant surprise to come across a photo postcard depicting what looks like a female rider dressed and ready posing in front of an early fixed speed Triumph. The problem is that most have disappeared into the dusty archives of historical libraries or into skip bins full of old waste paper to be recycled for more newer interesting articles on motoring. That was 35 years ago now and even though the first volume has gathered a little bit of dust sitting on my bookcase it still provides an interesting insight into how things were and how far we have come. We have arranged a selection of interesting machines and riders, in a few the quality is not what a lot of people would expect however some are over 100 years old and the messages shared with some of them, or the detail held within makes them well worth putting up on the site. The make is unknown but the condition of the motorcycle would indicate that it is not very old which could date it as pre 1910. Possibly a combined dealer advertising venture on the enjoyment of motorcycling as the machines have their makes advertised on the front mudguard instead of their registration number. Photo postcards were personal photographs made into post cards that you could send to your friends.
Good shots of a well used pre 1925 Harley Davidson and sidecar taken around the early 1930s. The unusual aspect of this photograph is that the motorcycle is fitted with disc wheels, seldom seen but really easy to keep clean.
We have managed to put up a few more period photographs of the early years including an interesting page from a photograph album from 1929. However Rex has a different tale to tell, this one is about a person he met through his friend Jim Stevens by the name of Jack Kirner. This would never be more true than for the residents of Christchurch and more so for those who perished in the recent earthquake on February 22nd.
These were contributions from readers and there were some very interesting scenes including this one titled 4 Generations. His father had flown C-47s during the Korean War; prior to joining Northwest, he managed Worthington Airport in Minnesota, where he ran a charter and crop-dusting operation. It’s a family affair with his wife Cindy driving the support vehicle and his children selling T-shirts.
He has flown children as young as 4, all the way up to a woman in her nineties who had never been in an airplane before.
Time sped by and Adams realized nothing had happened, so he vowed to do what it took to make the tour a reality. The aircraft are all originals, and the pilots and crews will dress in period costume for authenticity. As for Adams, he and his fellow barnstormers will see their dream come to fruition as thousands of people are introduced to these vintage airplanes and the Golden Age of Aviation. Mike has an appreciation for the a€?old waysa€? of model aviation and incorporates them with new technology to reveal the best of both worlds.
The Aeronca Company was founded in Ohio and designed and built planes from 1928 until 1951. Bill said the design was simply drawn on sheets of foam, cut out, assembled and then painted with a spray can of yellow paint. Both guys are true Barnstormers and will assist Joffre Longoria in running the team.  The Barnstormers also welcome offensive coordinator Joey Eubanks to the coaching staff. The importance of their steads was also reflected proudly in photographs, some that now lie in old shoe boxes in the bottom of the closet waiting for the dustbin in the next spring clean.
The cleaness of the machine and the glean of the paint work would suggest that the motorcycle is quite new. And these gentlemen believed that the world should know how proud they were on their machines.

Interestingly this motorcycle has been fitted with acetylene lights, most Harley Davidsons sold were fitted with electric lights. Sidecar is fitted with an all weather hood so the rider must have thought a lot of his passengers comfort. The bikes all appear to be single cylinder machines with belt drive, some even appear to be fixed belt drive. Of course motorcycles were, and still today considered by many, inherently dangerous, although probably more so for the bike rather than the rider in the 1930’s, when speeds were slower and the mostly gravel roads less forgiving. Jack was a friend of Bill Stevens, Jims grandfather, and the two of them spent many a happy trip touring the South Island breaking in new tracks in the 1920s. From the innocent life of a 9 month old baby through to people in their 70s the quake was random in its destruction, deadly in its blow. The great grandfather is sitting on a early Indian and sidecar, and the grandfather is on a Reading Standard which would have been quite rare compared to Harley Davidsons and Indians of the time.
Adams’ brother Craig, a crew chief for Northwest, was killed as a passenger in an airplane accident.
When the weekend is free from air shows, Adams is typically flying passengers who’ve been given gift certificates for rides.
Lock brought Sarah Wilson, who flies one of his aircraft at Fantasy of Flight, on board to handle public relations. For the week of AirVenture, the goal is to make the area where the airplanes are parked realistic as to what a barnstormers’ gathering may have looked like, complete with bunting and flags.
The C3 with its a€?Aa€™ frame fuselage construction made for a challenging yet fun modeling subject. Bill then used his computer to produce the custom graphics as well as Yogi himself at the controls. Teams like the Fury are what made the CCB look at ourselves and say we need to get better as a whole organization if we are going to compete with them!
Eubanks was the offensive coordinator of the now defunct Salinas Spartans during their league championship run. According to newspaper reports from that period the trials were run by the New Zealand Motorcycle Club and started from their club’s rooms at 52 Willis St in Wellington. The riders are well dressed and with goggles and flat caps cut dashing figures that are clearly out for a good days ride. If there is one thing that has come out of this disaster is unity, locally from caring neighbours, to those who have no names but are visible by their actions, to the whole of New Zealand, and then the rest of the world. We have left the bottom photgraph in even though it is outside Barnstormers pre 1945 ideals as it is an acknowledgement of the complete 4 family generations. The tour is set to appear at nine airports, culminating with a week on display at EAA AirVenture 2006.
As it turned out, his passenger had been a B-17 pilot, but hadn’t been in an airplane since the end of World War II. The model is covered with transparent blue and red MonoKote and is guided with a Spektrum DX5.
A sound system plays Yogi Beara€™s theme song at the start of each flight, then transitions to play the sound of a Continental engine. We also look forward to teams we have not played like the Bears and Heat as well as the rest of the PCFL teams. It will take a long time for the wounds to heal, and for some this will never happen, but one thing that will remain unchanged is that for the 168 people declared dead (so far), and for the 50 that are still missing and may never be found their families can be rest assured that they will not be forgotten.
The components included with the kit were of a very high quality and all pieces, parts and tissue that came with the kit were used to complete the model.
Once test flown, the turn-key model was then raffled at the cluba€™s annual all electric fun-fly. Should any of our readers recognise the family we would be very interested in contacting them for any additional information that could be added to this page. I used Duco cement throughout the construction of the airframe and floral spray for the final covering coat.
Bill recently won the Pilotsa€™ Choice Award at the Watts Over Owatonna event for his design. The lady rider experienced a mishap negotiating a water-course approaching Waikanae and retired. The brushless motor, battery and servos are Electrifly and the motor controller is made by Flight-Power. Since these pictures were taken the plane now includes a pilot figure that waves via servo power to the airshow spectators below!a€? Other items that can be seen on Mikea€™s Aeronca are the scratchbuilt dummy engine cylinders, exhaust manifolds, flying wires, custom decals and a simulated painted wood prop.

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